Mob Hires

1. Our Parents

After all those years locked in that basement being raped and beaten every second of our lives, we managed to escape from that disgusting place where we had been since we were six and seven years old and our parents sold us for a little money to get cocaine. Everyone who saw us on the street turned away from us, they didn care that we were all beaten up on the street, apparently we were disgusting, but we were very happy, because we had managed to escape from the clutches of those stupid.

All that changed when a lady stopped us on the street and offered to help us. She was a great woman, but what we didn know was that she was married to an Italian drug trafficker, one of the most powerful and that we would end up being in that world no matter how much the man we considered our father tried to keep us away from that world in the that no one should interfere if you wanted to live a quiet life without constant death threats.

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