al human body as the maternal-fetal body.
The maternal-fetal body violates human rights without one’s consent or giving people any choice.
The image in APP was the spiritual body, which in the “Dark Room” was the most real and fair image – after all, the free appearance of the “Dark Room” was very rich and beautiful, enough for players to dress up a satisfactory appearance and sprinkle aesthetic interest – so people took the image in the “Dark Room” as the standard.
This view was naturally absurd to middle-aged and elderly people born in 2000 and the last century, but it was deeply supported by young people.
For many young people, the “Dark Room” was their happy paradise.
In society, this app has different praise and criticism.
It also seems to have become a symbol of corruption, only frivolous people will look for passion in the app.
Most people will not admit that they have a “Dark Room” account, although they may spend a lot of money to have the latest appearance in the “Dark Room” and have already gone on countless dates.
“I didn’t start out looking for a one-night stand.
The relationship game I planned with Sister Lu was a simulation game that focused on character development and didn’t involve adult content.” Xu Youyuan said, “I just want to find that ‘feeling of love’ in the Dark Room, and my name won’t be in other people’s mouths.”
“At first… It will be better if you don’t emphasize at first’.” Shi Ye was unsteady, “so, what happened next? I really didn’t expect Xiao Yue to have a ‘Dark Room’ account”

“Why? Don’t you have it too?”
“I’m different.”
“What’s the difference?”
Shi ye thought about it and felt a little ridiculous: “Maybe it’s because she’s my little sister.
I watched her grow up little by little.
Suddenly, it involves the topic of adults.
It’s a little embarrassing and I don’t want to accept it.”
Xu Youyuan knew that Shi Ye had been in the ivory tower for a long time and was devoted to learning.
Relatively speaking, her mind was simple.
Xu Youyuan could understand her.
In that case, there was no need to say more about the future.
Xu Youyuan was a little tired: “Forget it, I don’t have to say what happened later.
You can guess eighty or ninety percent yourself.
I’m going to head back, my legs are sore.”
Xu Youyuan was about to leave when Shi Ye grabbed her.
“What do you mean guess eighty or ninety percent! No one is allowed to leave today if you don’t explain everything clearly! “
Xu Youyuan couldn’t laugh or cry and was tied in place.
Shi Ye demanded that she be thorough, not to miss any details, and tell her everything.
A month ago, in the “Dark Room”.
Xu Youyuan applied for an account long ago in order to learn about the industry news.
After a rough experience, she didn’t log in again.
As a middle-aged person with a stable life, Xu Youyuan basically hadn’t changed her phone number over the years.
It’s easy to find the account she originally created.

She inserted the somatosensory chip into the access device and closed her eyes.
Xu Youyuan saw a large blue ocean.
The soles of her feet had a cold touch soaked by seawater.
The sound of the wind with the rippling seawater was very realistic, even the smell of sea salt was in the air.
There was a small spot on the sea level.
The small spot becomes larger at an amazing speed in her field of vision.
It explodes into the sky with a “bang”.
It was a brand-new airship produced by the CLEAN company, Deep Space 3X.
The huge black body of Deep Space 3X was suspended in the sky, covering more than half of the blue sky.
Xu Youyuan, splashed with seawater, looked at several rows of golden characters in front of her.
“The first batch registration for a deep tour around Venus has begun! The preferential social feedback price is 39,999 USD per person.
Log in to the official website for a 10% discount.
The fourth person of the whole family is free.
Click to enter and witness the true face of Venus.

Xu Youyuan waved to the advertising screen, and the golden font approached her.
She raised her hand and clicked “details”.
After reading it for a while, she was really touched.
She was one of the first tourists to Mars.
It was a honeymoon trip with Xiao An, although Xiao An wanted to go to the Maldives more to bask in the sun and seawater at that time.
In a twinkling of an eye, mankind had conquered another planet in the solar system.
Xu Youyuan was still very interested in interstellar travel.
Unfortunately, the price of Venus exploration discouraged her now.
The 30 second advertisement soon ended, and the surrounding scene darkened.
When she could see it again, she stood at the door of a room.
The room was like any ordinary hotel room.
The door was inlaid with a string of numbers, “12312312”, which was her room name.
Many young people spend a lot of time on room names and nicknames in order to make themselves different from others.
Xu Youyuan didn’t have this idea at all.
It’s just a code.
Now the name of the room was typed on the keyboard with her eyes closed.
Xu Youyuan’s nickname – “Nothing”, with a white background and a blue edge floating on her head.
She entered the room with the password that had not been changed in forever.
Standing in front of the full-length mirror, looking at her beautiful, 20-year old face and wearing a simple white camisole and underwear, Xu Youyuan wanted to order a few appearance features at random.
But thinking about why she came to the Dark Room, she hesitated again.
If you want to make a good game, it was definitely not just to induce consumption.
If you want others to immerse themselves in the game experience, you should first do it yourself and believe it.
Does she still believe in love? Not sure.
But she wanted to try, just like when she was in her teens and 20s when she was full of desire and curiosity about the world.

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