Friends were still chatting, Xu Youyuan touched the game access crystal and listened without a word.


“Dull, boring, all the same thing.
I can't do anything.
I'm tired from getting off work and I'm empty after work.
I just don't want to move.
I eat junk food all day on weekends.
I feel sick when I eat, but I just can't stop.
I'm full of garbage and want to live a healthier life, but I'm so tired to change.
I think of green organic foods, calorie control, coarse grains…
I feel tired from inside my bone marrow, and I can't afford to handle these.”


“Then find someone to take care of you.”


“Who? I don't want to.
It hurts my brain to think of getting accustomed to a new person again.
And to be honest, it's no exaggeration to say that I have lost the feeling of like for a long time.
I'm not targeting anyone, I mean everyone.
I don't know if it's my heart numb when I get older, and now I only think about work and only about making money.
If one asks me to choose one between girlfriend and getting rich overnight, I will definitely choose to get rich overnight!”


Everyone collectively agreed: “It is everyone's dream to become rich overnight.”


“Really, I used to be young with hormones all over my body.
I acted solely on the basis of feelings.
Dating and be in a relationship is like political correctness.
Everyone worked hard for it.
Although we did it, after living together if I found that we were not appropriate for each other, I can barely continue to make a living.”


Agan warned: “Your behavior is very dangerous.
If you make trouble, you will meet a middle-aged dismantlement.”

Jiang Yun said indifferently: “Too many middle-aged people broke up.
Our circle of people is almost finished, only Shi Ye and Agan are still coupled.”


“Don't say appropriate people, it's very difficult to find someone who will not make me upset when living together.
I think it's good to live alone now.
Why I bother to find someone to supervise me.
It's really good to be single, believe me.
I can play games all day, and I can eat whenever I want.
No one is wordy.”


“You will get older without sex.”


“Being single doesn't mean that you can't have sex.
If I really feel uncomfortable without sex, I can go to the game to find a wife and then go to the AnXiang to have virtual sex, everything is solved.”


“Wow, you are not afraid of getting the disease.
Only young people will go to AnXiang.” Everyone resented and started to talk about various interesting things about the phenomenon-level app “AnXiang”.


Shi Ye discovered that Xu Youyuan was extremely quiet today.
She is usually the absolute central figure in the circle of friends.
As long as Sister Niao arrives, she will not stop talking at all, laughing and cursing until late at night.



Today, Xu Youyuan seemed a little absent-minded since she sat down.
Seeing her touching the black “R” mark on the game access crystals from time to time, it was obviously an access device to “Reshape the universe”.

It seems that the hurdle this time is a bit difficult to pass for her.


Xu Youyuan and Shi Ye are the same age, thirty-four years old this year, and the two of them who have been classmates since elementary school have known each other the longest among girlfriends, and their relationship is also the best.


Shi Ye witnessed how Xu Youyuan, who had just graduated from university, was favored by SQUALL and was directly hired by a high salary.
Watching her drank tons of coffee, spent countless nights, and moved forward without a look at countless people's doubts, and finally made her creation “Reshape the universe” the world's most well-known and popular game, the game even led to a complete revolution in the game industry.


She showed in the newspapers and magazines and on TV.
The youngest woman in the history of the Fortune rich list is still vividly remembered by Shi Ye.


Similarly, when Xu Youyuan fell, she also saw it clearly.


Until now, only Shi Ye knew about Xu Youyuan's resignation from SQUALL.
She specifically confessed not to tell others.



What happened one after another to Xu Youyuan over the past year made Shi Ye unbelievable, and at the same time, she worried about the state of her friends.


Shi Ye couldn't find her some time ago, neither by WeChat or video, all were offline, she even couldn't be found in games, and the offline time was up to 12 days.


After finally seeing a living person, Shi Ye was able to breathe a sigh of relief, but she found that Xu Youyuan's condition was still not quite right.


“What's the matter?” Shi Ye leaned back, next to Xu Youyu, and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “Don't block everything in your heart, let alone play a missing game.”


Xu Youyuan's eyes rounded: “Don't be funny, do you think I'm the one who keeps things in my heart?”


“You really are.
Your self-esteem is too strong and you don't want to show weakness in front of others.”


Xu Youyuan smiled and said, “It's just still that nonsense.
Everyone has an upset time.
I just don't have a job now, I don't have to worry about anything, so I took a big vacation and went to Iceland to play around…”


“I didn't see you posting any photos in Moments.”


“The matter of resignation still needs to be kept secret after all…
I didn't tell my dad, I don't want him to know it.
My mother's death hit him too hard, don't bother him anymore.” Xu Youyuan pressed her elbow against Shi Ye.
, “Don't worry, I…”


Xu Youyuan said halfway, and heard Jiang Yun raise her voice:


“If I find a girlfriend again, I will find a younger one.”


Everyone laughed: “The old cow wants to eat tender grass? How young is young?”

Jiang Yun said: “At least seven or eight years younger.
Young and passionate, the little dragon on the bed, the little puppies out of bed, has various and popular poses, innocent and simple, and she doesn't believe in anything except love and me.”


Everyone can't listen anymore, even Shi Ye can't stand it: “Do you still want your old face? You can do it with an age gap of seven or eight? Use your extra seven or eight years of social experience to deceive an ignorant girl? Don't say I know you when you go out.”


Jiang Yun was immersed in the fantasy of finding a young girlfriend, no matter how despised or teased by her friends, she did not admit her fault: “What's the matter, I have just been cheated, and I'm going to bankrupt soon.
Can't I imagine it?”


“Okay, fantasy is fantasy, don't commit crimes.”


“It's a crime to dating young people?!”


“Isn't it a crime to deceive people's feelings and delay people's youth? What else can there be other than a moment of passion, is it really possible to live with a child?”



The ridicule finally made the atmosphere really alive.
Shi Ye and Jiang Yun rebutted each other, and the phone rang when they were overjoyed.


“Hey? Shi Yue, are you here?” When Shi Ye answered the phone, everyone looked at her.


“Shi Yue is back?” Agan asked Xu Youyuan.

Xu Youyuan: “How do I know, I am not familiar with her younger sister.”


Shi Ye hung up, and Agan turned to ask her.


Shi Ye said: “She came back in the summer and found a domestic company.
Now that the global environment is so bad, it still has a future to return to our country to find a job.
And my family all worry about her being alone in a foreign country.”


“What did Shi Yue learn?”


Jiang Yun remembered: “The little sister learned what you hate most.”




“Artificial intelligence.”




Shi Ye watched the entire yard and the French windows of the gate behind her: “The full name is Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System, which is still a bit different from artificial intelligence.”


“So cutting-edge.
Is she here? Let us old aunts learn from her.”



Xu Youyuan turned her face slightly and glanced at the door, Shi Ye squinted and beckoned to someone: “Here.”


Shi Yue opened the door of the coffee shop and walked to her, smiling sweetly at everyone, “It's been a long time since I saw you all.”


Shi Yue is tall and has long legs, and her waist is almost as high as her sister's chest.
She has medium-length hair and slightly curled ends.
The makeup is very light, the lips are pink with big eyes, and the smile is very sweet.


She is wearing a fruit-green jacket.
The edge of a white T-shirt is exposed from the zipper of the jacket.
The lower part of her body is in ordinary jeans, but the hole on her knees are more exaggerated than ordinary people.
Her shoes are clover with white stripes on a dark blue background.
It is indeed the dress that young people like, very simple, everything is comfortable, and the whole is youthful.
She carried the strap of the backpack on her right shoulder, and in the left hand, she held a book that was as thick as a brick and affixed with the city library logo.
Xu Youyuan didn't look at Shi Yue's face, but from the height of her sitting, she saw the eye-catching title on the cover of the book: “Holographic Online Games and Immersive Entertainment Development Process”.



Jiang Yun: “Huh? You are little Shi Yue? You've grown up so much?”


Friends were all dumbfounded.
In their memory, Shi Yue was a primary school student, who is 11 years younger than Shi Ye, just a little girl.


When she was young, Shi Yue always followed her sister's ass.
She was a small man with a simple ponytail and always carried a big schoolbag with her special children's laptop in it.
Children like to eat cones, use a cone to cheat them will always work.
She sings very well and was picked up by parents to perform during the New Year and New Year holidays.
Later, when she was older, she wouldn't like to sing.
They rarely saw Shi Yue after she entered junior high school, and even had no chance to meet after she was admitted to the university and went abroad to study.


Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, the little girl turned into a light mature woman.
If she walked across the street alone, they definitely can't recognize her.



Shi Yue smiled at Jiang Yun: “How are you doing recently?” The tone was casual, like saying hello to an old friend.


Shi Ye frowned slightly: “What's the matter with you, call her sister.”


Shi Yue kept smiling and did not call “Sister” according to Shi Ye's words.
She carried her backpack and unzipped the zipper of the backpack while sitting between her sister and Xu Youyuan: “I wanted to get together with you when I returned back, but I was too busy just starting a job that The back of my head was about to be kicked and cracked.
I finally found the opportunity, but Shi Ye didn't let me come.”


Shi Ye glanced at her with a little doubt, and said as she pondered, “I can't think out what you can talk with us elderly people.”


Shi Yue did not refute, opened the backpack, took out the same wrapped presents, and delivered them one by one: “Preparation is a little rush, don't mind.”


A group of old aunts took the gift with enthusiasm and opened it on the spot.
They sighed how long they had not received any gifts, and they all forgot what it was like to tear the wrapping paper with expectation.

“It's yours.” Shi Yue gave out all gifts, and finally handed a small square box wrapped in navy blue wrapping paper to Xu Youyu.


Xu Youyuan did not take it immediately, nor did Shi Yue put it down.
The two looked at each other face to face, and the atmosphere was a little embarrassing for a while.



“Thank you.”


After a stalemate for about five seconds, Xu Youyuan finally took the gift.


Shi Yue's smile is sweeter: “I don't know if you will like it.”


Xu Youyuan did not respond to her, nor did she disassemble it on the spot like the other sisters, but put it in her bag casually.



Jiang Yun received a watch that can measure body fat.
Agan received a pair of contact lenses with a navigation function.
And the others all got popular smart products purchased overseas.


Everyone rushed to Shi Yue with countless questions, asking her how to ask her work, Shi Yue answered one by one with a good temper.
For a while, the party of these old aunts finally filled some vitality.


Xu Youyuan did not join the chat but went to the bathroom.


Shi Ye saw her leaving, and asked her sister, “What did you give you Sister Yuyuan?”




“What's the gift? Huh?” Shi Ye was actually getting serious.


Shi Yue: “……”



Xu Youyuan weakly got up from the warm toilet mat, feeling a little annoyed.
She didn’t know if it's because this month's menstrual period has been late for more than a week again, and there is still no sign.
What kind of temper is the aunt?


She came out of the cubicle, felt her waist and legs were still aching, Xu Youyu was ashamed and annoyed, and she cursed secretly.


She went to the mirror and took a close look at her face.


It is still familiar, but the skin condition has become a little strange.


She was very willing to spend money on this face, even if she covered it with a lady's foundation, she could still see signs of slack.
The menstrual period did not come as scheduled, but the acne was very active and never went down, the one on the chin was still painful, and there were signs of them appearing on the forehead.
Xu Youyuan touched it lightly and it hurt.


She was considering whether to go out and reintegrate into the sisters' gathering or stay here by herself.
She was a little annoyed that she didn't bring the game access crystal in, otherwise, she can enter the game and consume some time.


Shi Ye appeared behind her without notice, she didn't go to the cubicle, just stared at her.


“What are you doing?” Xu Youyuan was a little annoyed, reaching under the faucet, the sensor sensitively sensed it, and the warm water slowly flowed out.
The water volume and speed are very comfortable, and it doesn't splash on Xu Youyu's clothes at all.


Shi Ye asked something that Xu Youyuan didn't expect.


“Did something happen to you and my sister?”

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