Jiang Yun continued: “Later, I figured it out.
My dad's life is more important.
If you don't have money, you still can earn.
I'm still young, and I have plenty of opportunities, but my dad has only one life.
Five years is enough, and just in case maybe it won't deteriorate? Besides, now that technology and medicine are developing so fast, people can live on Mars.
In five years, maybe we will work out special therapies and my dad will be saved? I came back two days ago and planned to sell my house through an agent and sell it quickly at a cheaper price.”


“What did Wu Zhuo say? Didn't she buy a house yet? If the house is sold, will you two rent a house together? Isn't the rent just skyrocketing now?”


“I was about to discuss this with her.
I found something wrong when I got home.”


Everyone quickly smelled that the key point of the matter had arrived.


“Isn't it just catching sex in bed?”


Jiang Yun smiled and said, “How can it be? Wu Zhuo is not a fool, she picked me up personally.”




 “The problem is with the garbage bag.”


Everyone teased: “You won't go to the trash to find evidence!”


“I really can't do it.
I didn't turn it over.
Even if I didn't turn it over, I found evidence of her cheating.” Jiang Yun said a sentence that made everyone unresponsive for a long time, “The garbage bag has a cross buckle.”


Everyone: “What the hell?”


“Wu Zhuo may not have found out herself.
Isn't she a flower shop owner? She helps people wrap flowers all year round and is used to tie bow knots.
Our garbage bags are all drawn with a drawstring.
Every time she ties a bag, it was tied into a bow.
But this time I came back and found that the drawstring was tied into a cross buckle.”




“Obviously someone else did it.” Jiang Yun pinched the bridge of his nose at this point, and her voice weakened.
“Later, I went to Wu Zhuo and asked her directly.
At first, she didn't admit it.
Then I told her that we are not young, we are both thirty-fourth or five-year-old people.
If you really like others, just break up.
Why do you continue to delay? It will take only a few years to get old and it’s hard to start again.
Not to mention you don’t love me anymore, so why do you insist reluctantly? I'm tired.”


“and then?”


“Then Wu Zhuo admitted.
I didn't ask anymore, and didn't want to know at all.
I asked her to move, move right now.” Jiang Yun said.


“I remember when we were able to marry as both females, we didn't sleep all night.
I will always remember that it was near dawn that day.
She and I drove all the way from the rented house in the suburbs to the city.
The sun hadn't come out yet, and we were playing songs we love, I sang with sweat, my voice was dumb, and I was really happy.


“At that time, what I thought was that we could finally be together in a fair and honest manner, and finally we could spend a lifetime together legally, no one had an excuse to break us up.
Unexpectedly, after the first ten years, she fell in love with others.
We are not dismantled by others but separated by ourselves.”


Xu Youyuan looked at Jiang Yun and found that she was not crying.


All six or seven people present found it.


“Is it weird, I thought I should be sad.” Jiang Yun said, “I am really sad, but when Wu Zhuo was packing up and leaving last night, I answered the phone call from the agent.
The agent told me that the house is not easy to sell right now.
The policies to control housing prices come out one after another, the market is in a wait-and-see attitude, and the transaction volume is pitiful.
The price of my house drops another 500,000 to be competitive.
I talked to the agent for a long time, and when I hung up, Wu Zhuo left already.


“I came here today, didn't I be late for a while? I just met with the agent and talked for a long time.
I was thinking about how to sell the house and how to save my dad from the gate of hell.
I didn't have any other thoughts at all.” Jiang Yun suddenly said, “Ten years of love, gone in a moment, but I don't even have time to be sad.
I only care about the more important things in my immediate life…not to say that they are more important, they should be more practical things.
People who can't be saved are not worth being restored, I only do useful work.
I don’t know how you feel, anyway, I’m very realistic now.”


Someone whispered: “It's very similar to the situation of Youyuan some time ago…”


Jiang Yun and Xu Youyuan, who had never spoken, looked at each other, and Xu Youyuan smiled:


“No, she is not as miserable as me.
I was hit by a meteorite, I'm the chosen one.”



Jiang Yun's eyes were already a little red, and Xu Youyuan's words made her laugh out.


“Look, Sister Niao is still alive, you have nothing to fear.” Shi Ye used Xu Youyuan to comfort Jiang Yun-Sister Niao is Xu Youyuan's nickname in the circle of friends.[1]


Xu Youyuan: “Hey, hey! Why did you start gloating? One by one, take me to comfort yourself, do you have a conscience?”



The originally sluggish atmosphere eased a bit with Xu Youyuan's joking.


The legendary crises of people in middle age have gradually probed.
This may be just the tip of the iceberg.
The ultimate fears and sufferings of real difficulties and birth, aging, sickness and death are yet to come.


Someone wants to change the subject and say something light-hearted, avoid pouring a table of bitterness every time when they have a party, and make the room dejected and breathless.


But she still feels awkward when she starts to talk.

I didn't feel anything when I was just 30 years old, and I once felt that the crisis of the first and middle-aged people was nothing more than mediocrity.


After two years, the situation quickly became serious.


I don’t dare to stay up all night or drink, for fear that I have no energy to handle the next day’s horrible work.
The boss is annoying and the colleagues are difficult to deal with and must be vigorous to handle.


I used to think it was difficult to quit smoking.
After coughing half my life out for the entire night, I quit very smoothly.
It's not uncomfortable, and wanting to smoke is also a very occasional thought, and forbearance passed.
The most obvious thing is just the floating height of the numbers on the scale.


In fact, even if I don’t quit smoking, my weight is increasing year by year, and it's hard to lose.


Except for Agan, everyone else is lamenting that the metabolism has slowed down.
In the past, no matter how dark the skin was shined by the sun, I could cover it back, and no matter how late I slept, I could adjust to normal.
It doesn't work now, it keeps dark once it gets dark, and it won't turn white for even three winters.


Stay up all night, the soul flies away.


Eat a meal to gain a pound, and even get fat without eating.


The hair fell off a lot, the clothes got bigger size by size, and new fine lines were found on the face every day.
The hard-earned money was spent on skincare products, and the heart was dripping blood, and there was no better idea.


I have to worry about my aunt every month.
Some people say that she hasn't been here for three months, and their faces get big for the suppress.
Some people say that when she came and stayed for three months, the blood ran into rivers.[2]


Work never finished, and overtime is a normal condition.
I didn't have any rest or overtime pay.
I wanted to apply for annual leave and had to give some favors.
I was afraid of the supercilious look of my boss and of being insulted by my colleagues secretly.


New problems appear every month, either this is twisted or that is stretched.
After sleeping, I got a stiff neck and couldn't lift my head for a week.
After a long time, I was relieved, and my knee was another tormenting synovitis when I came back from a business trip.


These allergies and those allergies, I can not live in the spring.
I went to see the Chinese medicine doctor after the western doctor, I was wondering, and asked the doctor why there are these problems? There is nothing special about the diet, and it has never been like this before.


Doctor smiled and said: “As your age grows, your body will naturally change.
The disease you didn't get before doesn't mean you won't get it now, your immunity is different.



After thirty years old, the word “anxiety” is on the head or in the heart, and I can't help but face it.


A lot of troubles have appeared and will never disappear any more.
It can't be solved by sleeping and “restarting” the body.


What’s even more terrifying is that when physical strength is exhausted, health is worrying, or emotional crisis, everyone around me is still climbing desperately, social structure and economic structure are also changing rapidly, and I dare not stop at all.



Thirty years old is a watershed, and it has another meaning.


I must accumulate, must make small achievements.
I can't rest assured and continue to mess around, because there is not so much time to try, no time to make mistakes, and no time to correct.


At this age in life, you have to understand where you are going.
After all, other people of the same age have already run a long way in their own way.


If you don’t run, don’t run as hard as you can.
The back wave is just behind your butt, and you will fall apart in minutes.


Being replaced by someone may happen in a moment of relaxation.


Women and men no longer compete with each other for “equal rights” because they have new competitors.


AI, which was popularized five years ago, is rapidly replacing humans.


Many simple and repetitive jobs in government agencies and institutions were first replaced.
After that, it only took a very short time for artificial intelligence to penetrate into most industries and classes of society, much faster than the speed of the Internet at the beginning of this century.


Large-scale unemployment naturally caused many financial and even social problems.
Unemployment, needless to say, and marriage rate decline, divorce rate exploded, small and medium-sized enterprises' living space has become narrower, homeless people have appeared in droves, and crimes such as arson and robbery have never stopped.


Prisons are full and lack police forces.
Every day I turn on the TV to see the turmoil everywhere, and the broadcasts at the subway station are frightening.


The government has taken many measures to remedy the situation, with little success.


Some people say that this is a brand-new stage of human civilization, and it is a re-emergence of the survival of the fittest.
Weed out those “lower people” who are gluttonous and lazy with no special skills and no more contributions to mankind, so as to make more space for the overcrowded earth and give valuable “new humans”.
The current chaos is just an inevitable pain, and it will pass soon.


Many people agree with this statement, and naturally, countless people oppose it.


However, the sudden increase in pressure to survive is a matter of sight.
It makes the middle-aged crisis even more terrifying.
As long as you don't pay attention, you may fall into the dirty and chaotic sinking area and become a “lower person.”



The idea of avoiding the world under tremendous pressure has once again exploded the game entertainment industry, especially after the first generation of holographic immersive games went online, the developers made a fortune.


Xu Youyuan’s best youth years have contributed to the leader of the game industry today-SQUALL.
She is a well-known producer in the industry.
She personally created the miraculous sandbox game “Reshaping the Universe”.
This game has been the number one in the largest professional gaming platform GMS in terms of revenue and active users for 21 consecutive months.
No one can surpass it so far.


The explosive success of “Reshaping the Universe” made the young Xu Youyuan famous, and this was once her proudest thing.

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