This is just the prelude to her being cheated.

The sea was colder than imagined.

The moment Xu Youyuan plunged into the sea, she was so stimulated by the cold and biting pain that she could barely control her desire to yell.

The vampire was about five meters away from her and quickly approached.

In the dark blue sea at night, the vampire’s elegant body was taught, her arms facing Xu Youyuan, her waist drove her slender legs to swing up and down in the ice water, and she could swim fast with only a little strength, like an arrow leaving the bow.

The vampire quickly took Xu Youyuan’s hand, pointed in a certain direction, implying to swim there together.

People kept sinking into the sea, struggling frantically, their hideous faces close at hand.
Although Xu Youyuan knew they were NPCs and everything was fictitious, the scene of the disaster was very realistic, and the sense of panic could easily make people confused.

The vampire watched Xu Youyuan silently while swimming.
Xu Youyuan was not disturbed at all, and swam faster and faster.

There was a black hole suspended on the bottom of the sea in front of them.
The vampire motioned to Xu Youyuan to enter.
She didn’t hesitate and quickly entered.

At the moment of entering the black hole, all the sea water was pulled away from her, and the powerful buoyancy of the sea water subsided in a very short period of time.
When her legs stepped on the black and soft ground, her weight seemed to have increased by dozens of pounds.

This was the effect of the somatosensory chip, which can feed all the senses back to the user at once.
In terms of realism and detail, the “Dark Room” was indeed better than “Reshaping the Universe”.

“Follow me.”

The vampire was very close, and her very magnetic voice in the dark was close to Xu Youyuan’s ears, which could be accurately conveyed by the somatosensory chip.

Xu Youyuan couldn’t help sneering in her heart.

Talking quietly in her ears, this kind of plot often appears in movies and novels, and it has been tried and tested.

The little couples who have just fallen in love also seem to like this trick, and they can get closer in just one sentence, as if it is the beginning of all romance.

But for Xu Youyuan, she has experienced this kind of flirting countless times, the trick was not lethal to a middle-aged woman with heart calluses, she just felt like a child.

Xu Youyuan knew her intentions once she opened her mouth and said these words, and Aunty Xu saw every move with her eyes, all of which were routines that she was tired of.

There was no blushing heartbeat, instead the other party’s plan had been laid bare.

Xu Youyuan didn’t point it out either.

Everyone who comes here understands what the “Dark Room” does, so there was no need to pretend to be confused.
So far, Xu Youyuan didn’t hate Plasma Cream Cake with Flowers, she wanted to see how exciting the world based on her interests would be.
If the difficulty of “Fast and Furious 12” is only 2.5, the scene where the difficulty over 5.0 was beyond Xu Youyuan’s imagination.

The vampire took Xu Youyuan’s hand and slowly moved forward in the dark, and a very old-fashioned car without a driverless system appeared in front of them.

There was nothing but the car.
It seemed that if you wanted the plot to continue, you had to drive.

Xu Youyuan, who was very familiar with the game, naturally understood that there was only one solution.
And she did know how to drive.
In the era where taxis were driverless, there were not many people like her.

Xu Youyuan took the lead and sat downfirst, the vampire sat in the passenger seat and fastened her seat belt.

“You’re looking at me evilly.” Xu Youyuan said while starting the car, “Are you waiting to see a joke?”

The vampire leaned on the car chair, holding her face with one hand, with a completely admiring expression: “This is an old movie, a disaster movie, Doomsday Collapse.
Have you seen it?”

Xu Youyuan: “I have heard of it.”

“That’s good, it will be boring if you have watched it.
This is a small test.
If you can’t stand this part, we don’t need to continue.” The vampire said, “This scene was edited by me, and as the initiator, I have the right to control the rhythm.
Set a safe word, if you really can’t stand it, just say it, and I will stop the scene.”

Xu Youyuan didn’t care about her pretense, and grabbed another point: “Edit?”

I forget that you are not familiar with the “Dark Room”.
Movie scenes can be imported, and the initiators are free to edit existing movie materials.
In order to reach the difficulty 5.0, I edited classic shots from dozens of movies together.
Disaster movies, fantasy movies, horror movies…everything.”

Just as the vampire was talking, the window of the car suddenly lit up.
Xu Youyuan’s eyes were pierced by the light, and she found herself driving on a winding road.

A row of words appeared in front of her: San Fernando Valley, 16 kilometers north of Los Angeles.

On the left is the mountain and on the right is the cliff, and the road ahead was a curve.

The speed of the car itself was not fast, but it was definitely not cautiously slow.
Xu Youyuan visually measured the depth of the cliff, at least one hundred meters, and she intended to lower the speed.

But the speed could not be reduced.
No matter how she slammed on the brakes, the speed remained at the initial 40.

“This is the setting in the movie, and it can’t be changed.” The vampire said, “Don’t waste your energy.”

Xu Youyuan concentrated and planned to drive smoothly through the corner.

The mobile phone next to the handbrake rang when she was about to turn the corner, and Xu Youyuan stared forwards intently: “How could I answer it?”

Sure enough, a car came oncoming, and the speed was not slow, and the two cars were about to meet.

Xu Youyan subconsciously clenched the steering wheel, she knew something would happen when the two cars meet at the most stressful moment.
For example, scraping, knocking her car off a cliff, or someone suddenly appearing in the opposite car to shoot at them.

To her surprise, the car on the opposite side passed her with a “Swoosh”.


Xu Youyuan frowned slightly.

The vampire saw through her mind: “It seems you are disappointed.
Think about it again, this movie is called Doomsday Collapse.”

Doomsday Collapse.
Yes, collapse.

With a “bang”, a stone hit the front windshield, smashing a spider web-like crack.
Xu Youyuan looked up, and the mountain on the left side was shaking and a large number of rocks were falling, frantically smashing into the roof of the car.

Xu Youyuan held her breath and quickly hit the steering wheel to avoid most of the small rocks, and the last giant rock hit the side of the car and pushed the car directly off the cliff.

The car body jolted violently, and if it hadn’t been for the seat belt to protect her tightly in the seat, she would have been thrown out a hundred times over.
The front of the car suddenly hit the protruding rock, and the entire body turned around and smashed down with its undercarriage facing the sky.

In the continuous tumbling and violent shaking, Xu Youyuan’s mind was stunned, and she couldn’t tell where the sky was and the earth was.

After a moment she opened her eyes laboriously, and what appeared in front of her was a bottomless canyon.

When facing the abyss vertically, it was impossible for Xu Youyuan to be unafraid at that moment.
Her hands had already left the steering wheel because of the huge inertia, her buttocks were hanging in the air, and her whole body was completely out of control.
Her skin was cut by the broken glass and she had several blood gashes, and more than a few bones should have been broken between the collisions.
At this moment, if it weren’t for the virtual scene lowering the pain values, normal people would already be dead from the pain if they were not scared to death.
The pain was only at the initial experience level.

Her heart was suspended in the air like this car.
Xu Youyuan gritted her teeth and endured the pain and discomfort.
As she continued to fall, the surrounding scenery was torn apart.
In a blink of an eye, the deep canyon turned into a track.
Xu Youyuan was sitting on a roller coaster that was rushing down at a violent speed!

It has become another movie!

This connection was perfect.
Both the speed and the feeling of the roller coaster are very close to the feeling of the car falling off the cliff, so that Xu Youyuan failed to come back to her senses in the first place when the scene changed.

“Crazy Roller Coaster!” The vampire sitting next to her yelled against the whirring wind, “2034, the movie released last year! When the holographic version was screened, only three people didn’t vomit!”

The roller coaster swooped down from an altitude of 100 meters, rotated quickly along the track, and took off again when it passed the lowest point.
Xu Youyuan’s stomach had already begun to turn upside down.
The vampire had obviously played many times.
She took out an item from her pocket and opened it.
It was a round helmet that could cover her entire face.

“Vomit…vomit!” The NPCs in the front row had already rolled their eyes back and wanted to vomit.

When the raging vomit flew frantically to the back row, Xu Youyuan was almost desperate.

How could it be so disgusting besides stimulating the senses?!

Xu Youyuan raised her arm to make a useless last resistance.
After a “hum”, her head was covered in the same vampire helmet, and the vomit “smacked” smashed, and pasted all over the helmet.

Xu Youyuan was frightened, and the roller coaster stopped after making a few “chk chk” sounds.

It stopped when a car of people was hanging upside down in the air.

Xu Youyuan: “…What? We will be hung here?”

“It’s not that easy.” The vampire undid the button under the helmet, and the helmet fell immediately from a height of 80 meters, a clean sound couldn’t be heard.

After undoing the helmet she began to undo the safety buckle.
The upside down vampire said, “The roller coaster won’t move anymore.
We have to find a way to climb back to the ground from here.”

Xu Youyuan: “……”

At this time, Xu Youyuan already felt a little bit that she had been cheated.
Her feelings were right, but not totally right.

This is just the prelude to her being cheated.


Translator: zhufree

Editor: AlphaLesbian

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