This is an honored guest!

“We are friends?” Xu Youyuan had an impression of this somewhat joking name.
She seemed to have sent messages to her but never gone on a date.

“You are not very familiar with the ‘Dark Room’.” Plasma Cream Cake with Flowers pointed to the nickname suspended over her head and said, “The one with the blue frame and the white characters is a stranger, and the one with the red frame is a friend.”

“What a coincidence.” How could Xu Youyuan not be familiar with it? Even if she hadn’t played the “Dark Room” intensely, she had been a game designer for over ten years and a producer for nine years.
How could she not know this little detail? But her attention was not on the other party just now.
Whatever she wanted to say, let her say it, Xu Youyuan had no interest in arguing with her.

“Unfortunately.” Plasma Cream Cake with Flowers said, “I have requested dates with you several times, as soon as you sent out the invitation, but none of them were confirmed.
I was holding my breath, wanting to see who in the world is Nothing.”

Xu Youyuan did remember that this person has always been very active: “How did you respond immediately every time? Do you ever go offline?”

“I saw your date request by coincidence the first time.
I didn’t expect that you wouldn’t reply to my confirmation.
Then I remembered you and added you to my notifications.
If you have an activity, my phone will prompt.”

“So you are here to retaliate against me.”

“Not really, I’m just curious.
I calculated that you have sent out 18 date invitations in total in the past two weeks, which means you have been going on dates every day, and sometimes even more than once a day.”

“Is it strange?”

“I guessed you still haven’t found a satisfying date and are still looking for her—the one who is bold enough to suit your heart.
I have also been looking for a dating partner, not to talk about other things, but to experience more exciting scenes together.
I only have a difficult two-player mission in the adventure theme that has not been unlocked left.
I can build a matching difficulty factor scene by myself, but I can’t find a suitable partner.”

“So you just irritated me so that I could agree to your bet angrily?”

“I was a little rude just now because I finally had the opportunity to meet you face to face, but your mind is elsewhere.
I’m afraid I finally caught you and you ran away again.
So far, there are no users who can complete the adventure theme with a difficulty factor of 5.0.
Either the imported movie plot is not difficult enough, or the self-created scene is still not difficult enough.
Don’t you want to be the first one?”

“What have you been looking for? Maybe we want the same thing.” It was a very rare picture for a vampire to be so sincere.
“The difficulty factor of the world I built can definitely exceed 5.0.
You can have fun in it, and I unlock achievements.
Don’t think I’m a scammer, if you can successfully help me accomplish my achievements in the end, I am willing to pay you a reward.”

Hearing the word “reward”, Xu Youyuan immediately perked up.
She kept a calm posture to maintain her last shred of dignity, and asked casually: “Reward?”


Based on Xu Youyan’s experience, it was time for the other party to say the specific price at this time.

“Fifty thousand RMB.” she said.

Xu Youyuan’s heart instantly exploded with fireworks all over the sky – What shit luck, this was an honored guest!

That’s right, the vampire suit she was wearing today was expensive, 3999 RMB in the game store, which was the appearance a whale should have.

While lamenting that she had fallen to the point of selling herself for 50,000 yuan, Xu Youyuan spurned why she stuck to being self-righteous.
Self-righteous couldn’t pay the rent.
She also quickly made the expression, “I’m not moved by money, I still need to think.” on her face at the same time.

The round of blind dates entered the final countdown, and the system prompted that there were only ten seconds left.

Some people had left their places and were looking for the next blind date in the crowd.
Some people matched immediately, planning to choose each other and enter the next date together.

Xu Youyuan hadn’t answered yet.
The vampire’s pink tongue licked her fangs.
When this blind date was about to end in tragedy, she had already chosen to continue dating with Nothing.
She crossed her hands together, and her fingertips tapped the beautiful joints on the back of her hand with some uncertainty.

Just at the last second, the vampire said, “One hundred thousand!”

“Tick – time is up, the guests who have chosen ‘have a good impression’ please take each other’s hands and enter your private date together!” The host NPC is the fiance of the heroine in the Titanic.
He took the microphone and announced loudly, and began to organize the next ten-minute blind date.

The vampire stared across at Xu Youyuan, as if she would step forward and bite her neck in the next second.

“You really scare people.” The vampire slowly showed a gloomy smile, “Is this a small surprise to prove that you are indeed worth 100,000 yuan before entering the game?”

Xu Youyuan threw the selector she was holding on the desktop.
The flat round metal rolled on the desktop twice, and finally faced up and spread out in front of the vampire.

The words “have a good impression” were clear, and they were still surrounded by hearts that kept coming out one by one.

Of course Xu Youyuan would agree, that would cover her rent and living expenses for the next year.

It’s just that she found that there was still room for price increases, and the old shopping fox would not let go of such a good opportunity, so she was clever enough to force her hand.

Compared with the previous date, Plasma Cream Cake with Flowers, although the name of this girl is greasy and sweet, judging from her words and deeds she shouldn’t be too young, maybe around the same age as Xu Youyuan, in her early thirties with a certain social status.
At least not a 14-year-old girl.
The reward of 50,000 yuan is not random.
Judging by her paid appearance, she can afford it.

No matter what she does in reality, whether she is rich herself or is second gen money, she should be the best date partner so far.
Unlocking achievements with her and getting rich rewards.
If she can find the feeling of love again, it couldn’t get better.

The two stood up holding hands together, and Xu Youyuan found that the vampire was really tall, half a head taller than herself.
A faint smell of blood lingered all over her body.
With some rusty notes and more sweetness mixed with blood, it was very special and smelled good, like a perfume that had just been launched.

“Give me the account number for the transfer.” The vampire said.

Xu Youyan immediately sent her the account number.

The vampire’s whole body, even the nickname on the top of her head, turned gray.
After about a minute, the color turned bright again.

“I transferred 50,000 to you just now, as a deposit.” The vampire said, “Help me unlock the double achievement and I’ll transfer the rest.
Can you accept?”


“What if you are afraid and back out halfway?” The vampire glanced at her from the corner of her eyes.

“You said it was a deposit, non-refundable.” Xu Youxuan didn’t go offline.
She directly checked through the KEY account management system that there was indeed 50,000 yuan more in her account, but the transfer information was confidential.
It didn’t matter, anyway, Xu Youyuan didn’t care who was under the vampire skin.

The vampire didn’t care either: “You are not the first partner, I just hope you are the last.”

Xu Youyuan asked, “Shall we quit the blind date scene and then enter your dating scene together?”

“No, you can directly enter the scene from here.” The vampire said, “You really are not familiar with the ‘Dark Room’.”

Xu Youyuan was very happy to be a rookie, which meant she could better hide herself: “Do I need any preparations?”

“Just be ready to have a lot of guts.” The vampire took her to the edge of the deck, and she didn’t let go of Xu Youyuan’s hand from start to end.

The peaceful sea breeze gradually became colder, blowing a layer of goosebumps on the skin.

The originally blue and boundless sky also began to become gloomy, and Xu Youyuan vaguely saw a sharp iceberg standing directly in front of the Titanic.

In the blink of an eye, the night was coming, the Titanic was hitting the iceberg head-on at an alarming speed.

“Then what do you need me to prepare for you?” The vampire’s long white hair was blown by the wind, and she was no longer as meticulous as she had just been, even her pupils turned blood red at some point.

This was the wildness born in the storm.

A system announcement came from the sky:

[System reminder: You are about to enter the adventure-themed dating scene

Sponsor: Plasma Cream Cake with Flowers

Imported movie: Not obtained

Difficulty: Not obtained]

The behemoth iceberg was already in front of them, and every hair on Xu Youyuan stood on end excitedly.
Through the rumbling noise, she raised her voice and said:

“You don’t need to prepare anything! Just don’t change your appearance!”

In the devastating impact, the ice smashed down on the deck like meteorites.
Xu Youyuan and the vampire yelled and ran away.

Xu Youyuan was hit and broken bits of ice covered her head.
Tears of pain fell, but she still ran quickly.

Suddenly, a sense of weightlessness and dizziness made Xu Youyuan’s heart miss a beat.
She didn’t know when the Titanic had been dragged to the bottom of the sea by the heavy seawater that had poured into its lower half, and it gradually became perpendicular to the sea level.
The passengers who appeared like ghosts around them screamed and fell, and Xu Youyuan was hugged by the vampire the moment she was about to fall.

The vampire tightly wrapped Xu Youyuan’s waist with one hand and grasped the railing with the other.
At this time, the entire hull was completely perpendicular to the sea.

“How are you so energetic?” Xu Youyuan had no other way, she could only clasp the vampire’s shoulders and hug her tightly.

“Why does this appearance set sell for 3999? In addition to looking good, it should also have a bit of a BUFF, right?” A few strands of the vampire’s white hair hung in her face, and the calmness of the two of them was out of place in the screams that resounded through the sky.

“This is the scene you designed?”

“Not yet, it’s just that part of the plot of the Titanic has been introduced, and it’s not yet based on interest, that is, the part built by bad taste.” The vampire said, “I just want to make the plot transition more natural.”

Xu Youyuan couldn’t help laughing: “You are quite particular.”

“Of course I have to pay more attention to dating you.
As an adventure lover, what do you think we should do next?” The vampire said, “You definitely don’t like the mediocre plot of going with the ship into the deep sea together.”

This sentence was indeed right in the heart of Xu Youyuan’s commotion: “That’s right.
I have already thought about it.”

The vampire smiled: “It’s time to test our connection.”

Xu Youyuan took a deep breath.
As she released the vampire, she saw that the vampire also released the railing.

The two fell freely in the cold wind and jumped into the deep sea that froze the hero to death……

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