The Titanic is about to set sail, and the journey of blind date will kick off splendidly.

“Huh? She’s already come out?” Shi Ye could have never guessed.

Xu Youyuan sneered.

To gain account credit points back, Xu Youyuan participated in a large blind date party held in the “Dark Room” every Saturday.
As its name implies, it is not a one-on-one party.
You don’t have to choose your hobbies to match with someone.
As long as you enter the dating scene, you can go on a blind date on the spot.

At first, Xu Youyuan wanted to get dressed up.
A new female vampire outfit looked very good.
The tight-fitting suit with a deep v-neck, blood-red eyes and small fangs, looks painful if bitten, which is what she would’ve liked in her second year of middle school.

But she just lost a sum of money, and she can’t even pay for food, so she can no longer waste her only savings on her appearance.

Now she was not qualified for spending money on games.

Xu Youyuan had to wear the most primitive and simple clothing to go on a blind date, hoping to meet an angel who valued the inner self.

She had to say, the director of the “Dark Room” is quite creative.
Surprisingly, the scene of this large blind date party was “Titanic”.

It’s the most classic romance film, regardless of whether it was last century or fourty years from now.
The majestic Titanic was right in front of her.
Standing on the port and watching the dressed men and women get on the ship one by one, three huge sirens sounded at the same time, Xu Youyuan’s heart was excited.

She seemed to have gradually come to understand the charm of the “Dark Room”.
It was not a third-rate app that could only do hookups.
The entertainment experience it could provide was very comprehensive, high-end or low-end, depending on how users use it.

As she expected, everyone who came to this blind date wore the most expensive and up-to-date look, wanting to stand out.
Looking around, they were all premium users.

Xu Youyuan, a casual player, couldn’t afford any skins or a first-class ticket, so she could only go to the third-class cabin from the bottom passage and rest there.
Fortunately, this cabin did not need to be quarantined as in the movie.
Only a staff member stood at the entrance and checked the ticket with a smile.
Everything else restored the scenes in the movie very realistically.

As soon as Xu Youyuan boarded the ship, she heard a commotion behind her, she looked back and saw the male protagonist boarding the ship.

No matter how excited the people around him were, the male protagonist calmly performed according to the script.

Soon after boarding, the system announced that the Titanic was about to set sail, and everyone’s blind date journey would also start magnificently.

The ship left the port smoothly, Xu Youyuan boarded the deck and looked down.
The blue waves were turbulent, and many dolphins chased the giant ship and jumped out of the sea.
The blowing of the sea breeze made her comfortable and excited.
She closed her eyes, imitated the most classic scene in the movie, opened her arms, and really felt like she was about to fly.

She just felt a little taking off feeling, and suddenly something tightened around her waist and she was grabbed in the middle.

Xu Youyuan was taken aback and immediately looked behind her.
Holding her was a girl wearing a white shirt and brown overalls, her golden hair meticulously combed.
Xu Youyuan recognized it.
This was the classic outfit of the male protagonist of this movie, and it was also a popular appearance on blind dates.

Xu Youyuan glanced at the nickname over her head, “Wizard DL”.
She didn’t know this person.
She wasn’t any of her dates, and wasn’t even on her friends list.

“Let me go!” Xu Youyuan scolded loudly.

The stranger didn’t let go in the face of her angry request, and the hand around her waist got even stronger, as if she didn’t feel anything was wrong.

She was already unhappy to be disturbed, and now it seems that she was not only disturbed but also harassed.
The somatosensory chip made all the touches very sensitive and real.

Xu Youyuan hit the person’s temple with a fierce elbow, which forced her back a little, and the arm holding her loosened a lot.

Xu Youyuan quickly broke free from her arms, did not show any panic, but looked at her vigilantly and asked, “What are you doing!”

Wizard DL looked like she just finished firing a long-awaited beef steak, but dropped the meat on the ground when it was about to come out of the pot.
She showed a very disappointed and helpless expression, spread her hands and said, “Don’t you want to feel the classic scene in the movie? It’s pitiful to stand there alone.
Isn’t it good for me to be your actor? You don’t know my heart, but you still hit me.”

Xu Youyuan almost laughed angrily: “Did I fucking ask you to help? Stay away from me!”

To live longer, after the age of 30, Xu Youyuan had been telling herself not to be angry and not to kill people.
Murder is illegal, and her temper was suppressed a lot.
In other words, if she was still in her twenties, she would’ve been yanking out the other girl’s hair in fistfulls.

Seeing her so fierce, the other girl shook her head, raised her eyebrows, and slowly retreated with the look of “what an antique.” Before disappearing, she put down a very provocative sentence: “Don’t play ‘Dark Room’ if you can’t afford to play.”

Xu Youyuan took a deep breath.
Don’t be angry, who would be happy if I died of anger?

The blind date party would begin soon, and the system announced all users to gather on the deck.

Whether it was 30 years ago or 30 years from now, blind dates were actually not much different.
But 30 years ago, most people were still willing to meet, see each other’s true appearance, and talk about cars and houses.
Now, a pretty virtual body is enough.
No one wanted to be involved in the real world.
They could do everything online.

It was similar to all the blind dates that Xu Youyuan knew about.
The participants were in groups of two and had ten minutes to converse with each other.
It is nothing more than a self-introduction and talking about hobbies.
It’s over in ten minutes, and then everyone had an option.
If both parties chose “have a good impression”, then the two could continue dating, choose a favorite scene and go straight into play.
Others who had not found a suitable person would continue looking for a different one for the next ten minutes.

Xu Youyuan thought she could adapt to the blind date, at least she could improve the credit points after a few perfunctory dates.
There was a sexy, beautiful blind date sitting opposite her, but she was frequently distracted, absent-minded with every sentence she answered, and she didn’t even know what she was talking about.

This was wrong, she knew.

She liked to explore all the mechanisms in this app, liked to feel the reality of the virtual world, liked sensory stimulation, and liked the adventure of acting.
Not sitting here, being tested like a machine that was about to leave the factory, with a stranger trying to get to know her inside out.

Wizard DL was sitting diagonally across from her, and the face of her blind date was blurred, but the Wizard DL’s mocking smile was unmistakable.

Even this pervert could see that she was troubled and didn’t like it here.

Perhaps to find the feeling of being in love in the “Dark Room”, this decision itself was wrong.

“So, what do you like?”

The blind date suddenly raised her voice and pulled Xu Youyuan’s attention back.

Her heart jumped, and finally saw the other person’s face clearly.

This person was a hundred times better-looking than she saw in a rough glance.

The heavy, smokey makeup wrapped a pair of bright, red and turquoise eyes, and the shoulder-length hair was all combed up, confidently showing her perfect facial features.

Even if it is a virtual body, the face and the dress can undoubtedly show the person’s true taste.
She was wearing the female vampire suit that Xu Youyuan wanted to buy but couldn’t really buy! When she spoke, a pair of fangs could be vaguely seen from her slightly opened blood-red lips, which was very consistent with her flirtatious, sexy, and somewhat gloomy appearance.

Even the low, magnetic voice and the way of talking slowly are what Xu Youyuan liked.

At Xu Youyuan’s age, whether being caught in a trance or having a crush, it was impossible to expose and let others easily capture it.
Xu Youyuan’s gaze went around the opponent’s face, she quickly took it back and responded.

“I like a lot of things, but my favorite is games.”

“Games? Online games?” The other party picked up a glass of red wine at hand, just like drinking blood, and drank it all in one sip.


“What is your favorite game?” Before Xu Youyuan could reply, the other party answered for her on her own, “‘Reshaping the Universe’?”

As the mother of “Reshaping the Universe”, Xu Youyuan was still very confident in her best work.
She likes to be mentioned by others and admits quite generously: “No one doesn’t like ‘Reshaping the Universe’.
After all, it is the most successful holographic game.”

“You are right.
I am also an old player, and in the Hall of Fame.” The other party said, “So are you, right?”

How could Xu Youyuan not hear that this person was digging a trap? Sure enough, she continued to ask in the next second.

“What is your nickname in the game? I know all the well-known old players in this game.”

Xu Youyuan smiled: “How is that possible? This game has more than one billion active users worldwide.”

“I know, but there are always those people in the Hall of Fame from the past five years.”

Of course, Xu Youyuan was also a member of the Hall of Fame.
Her personal account ranks in the top three these years.
If this person was really a member of the Hall of Fame, Xu Youyuan should know her.

“I don’t recharge in the game, I don’t have money, I just like to play, and I haven’t been in the Hall of Fame.” Xu Youyuan smiled.

The other party didn’t bother with this topic and said something else at random: “So you actually like exciting things.”

“Hmm? Like what?”

“Even if you know it’s a virtual game, no one really dares to stand there and spread their arms.” The girl pointed to the railing where Xu Youyuan and Wizard DL had a conflict just now.

Xu Youyuan had to admit: “Sort of.”

“What a coincidence, I like it too.”

Okay, Xu Youyuan thought, I know you are all bold and like exciting things.
It’s just that if it bumps a little bit, you will go offline on the spot, or throw up in my car, and give me a bad review after it’s over.

Xu Youyuan lowered her head and smiled.
The girl said, “Have you seen this movie?”

“Which one? Titanic?”

Are you familiar with it? I was not born yet when this movie was released.
It seems that you are much older than me and are an elder.
Hello auntie.”

Xu Youyuan: “Huh? What the hell, I was not born when this movie was released, okay?”

“I was just teasing you just now.
Seeing that you are so easy to expose, you shouldn’t be an aunt, maybe a loli.
Did you go to junior high this year?”

Xu Youyuan thought this person was a bit naive and funny, and didn’t take her word for it.

The ten minutes would be up soon, and the system started to remind everyone that there were two minutes remaining.

Xu Youyuan planned to take a look at the scenery and waste the two minutes.

“Do you want to make a bet?” The person on the opposite side leisurely threw out a sentence.

Xu Youyuan didn’t ask anything in return, but looked at her politely and patiently.

“After ten minutes, you will choose me and follow me into my dating scene.
The exciting adventures are randomly generated according to my hobbies and will make you stay a while.”

Xu Youyuan smiled: “Really?”


Xu Youyuan said, “Tell me which movie you chose as a dating scene first.”

The girl said, “It will be boring if you know in advance.
Of course I will choose exciting scenes that you will remember for a lifetime.
I’m just afraid you won’t dare.”

When Xu Youyuan still used to goad and provoke people, the girl probably hadn’t even been born yet, but her proposal did interest her a little bit, and she felt some freshness and expectation in this proposal.

At that time, Xu Youyuan looked at the nickname of the vampire.

Plasma Cream Cake with Flowers.

Why did this name sound a little bit familiar?

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