app, many movies are full of sexy vibes when you look at the cover.
Xu Youyuan, an old auntie, didn’t want to date in bed.
Fortunately, the Dark Room was considerate enough to import movies and automatically generate dating scenes.
Xu Youyuan imported “Love Before Dawn”.
The system’s progress bar slowly moved forward, and the scene was being generated.
There is also a reason why Xu Youyuan chose this old movie.
This time, she would remind the other party what the movie date is about before the date.
The 1995 film was able to filter the teenagers who entered the Dark Room.
Being hugged and called “mom” as soon as she was in danger — she didn’t want to experience this kind of thing again.

After sending out the date plan, three people responded to her.
The first person responded almost within three seconds after she posted the plan, and the name was “Plasma cream cake with flowers.” The virtual image looked a bit familiar, with a quality that made her reluctant to touch it.
And the response was too fast, as if waiting for an opportunity.
It was too frivolous, Xu Youyuan pushed her aside and didn’t think about it.
Among the remaining two people, Xu Youyuan chose the one who hadn’t made a virtual image and just used a sunset picture as her avatar.
She was nicknamed “Sunset Boulevard”, and looked like a person with a very old-fashioned temperament.
Since she wanted to be artistic, she didn’t just like adventure.
Meeting unexpectedly on a train, falling in love at first sight, and then walking, sitting and laying down and talking about life for a whole day.
She also liked this movie that the artsy youth liked very much.
This date would definitely succeed.

After confirming that the time was 7:30 pm the next day, a prompt popped up in the system:
“Dear date promoter Nothing, would you like to make some interesting events happen during the date? This may enhance your relationship with the person you are dating, help you get to know each other better, and at the same time, you can also obtain surprise rewards.

Interesting event? It sounded like a very good suggestion, so Xu Youyuan clicked “yes”.

[System reminder: You are about to enter the love theme dating scene
Sponsor: Nothing

Import movie: Love Before Sunrise
Difficulty: 1.6]

This was a love story of an American young man and a French girl who met on the train and then fell in love.
The two met and got off the train at first sight, visited Vienna together, and spent a whole day getting to know each other.
They changed each other’s outlook on life, views on the world, and agreed to meet again in half a year.
There are three movies in this series, and this is the first one full of youthful hormones and romance.
Few people are resistant to the four words “love at first sight”, especially when they meet unexpectedly while traveling alone.
When Xu Youyuan was young, she had longed for such an adventure, but it had never happened in reality.

At 7:30, the sunset covered the entire city, and Xu Youyuan entered the world of the Dark Room and made the date on time.
She had a hunch that she would start a wonderful trip to Vienna with “Sunset Boulevard”.

“My sister is Sunset Boulevard?” Shi Ye couldn’t help interjecting.
Xu Youyuan: “Guess.”

Entering the dating scene, Xu Youyuan opened her eyes on the train.
She quickly found the date, because the other party was sitting where the male protagonist should sit.
She was a very quiet girl, with big, red, wavy hair pouring from the classical white brimmed hat and resting on her shoulders.
Her flaming lips were raising quietly, and she also recognized Xu Youyuan.

Everything was very soothing and wonderful, and some sweet feelings climbed into Xu Youyuan’s heart.
The scenery outside the train was beautiful, and amid the noise of a couple in the carriage, this love movie was about to unfold slowly.
She was very fortunate that she finally chose the right movie this time.

Sunset Boulevard was a very classy and thoughtful lady.
It could be seen from her dress that she had extraordinary taste.

Xu Youyuan was still sitting on the spot, waiting for the plot to unfold, but Sunset Boulevard stood up and walked towards her.
When she raised her head, a pair of blue eyes flickered in the sun, and her thick and slender eyelashes followed her slightly squinting movements, and Xu Youyuan even heard the sound of her heart beating.

Just when they were only one step away, there was a sudden “bang”, and the body of the train shook violently, causing Sunset Boulevard to stagger and almost fall to the side.
Xu Youyuan and her were very puzzled.
When they looked out of the car window, they saw a Tyrannosaurus staring at them, roaring.

“Huh?” Shi Ye raised her eyebrows high, thinking she had heard wrong, “What the hell? Tyrannosaurus? Is it the kind I think? “
“Yes,” Xu Youyuan was also very helpless, “it’s just the kind you think.
It turns out the interesting events mentioned by this cheating dating system are randomly generated based on my own hobbies.
It scanned my brain and randomly generated this big surprise after extracting hobbies.
Admittedly, I like the Jurassic series very much.
I went to see the giant screen version as soon as every movie was released.
Later, when the holographic version came out, I invited you to see it, remember? “
Shi Ye opened her mouth, not knowing what to say.
Making a T-rex appear in a literary romance film, Xu Youyuan should be the first person in the world.
When Shi Ye heard it all the way, she didn’t have any other thoughts, just wanted to give her old friend the words “doomed to a lonely life”.

Sunset Boulevard was taken out by the Tyrannosaurus rex that broke in through the window.
It is estimated that the literary girl had already been swallowed by the dinosaur before she could understand why the T-rex was on a date.
Later, Xu Youyuan received another bad review, and Sunset Boulevard complained that Nothing was deliberately tricky, so it was hard to avoid.
She played a game that almost made her piss herself, caused serious mental damage, and she even considered suing Xu Youyuan for compensation.
Xu Youyuan was very embarrassed, and took the initiative to buy a bunch of expensive skins for Sunset Boulevard and send them in the app, and reluctantly stopped pursuing her.
Even so, Xu Youyuan’s merit points could not be saved.
Her merit score fell from 5.0 out of 10 to 4.2, which was lower than the average score of 4.6, and she changed from red to an unpleasant green.
When she submitted her date application again, few people responded to her, and most were spam messages.
There is no way.
Xu Youyuan’s merit is too low now.
Individual dates cannot be carried out smoothly.
She can only participate in group blind dates, have a good date, and get the merit points back.

Shi Ye said, “Well, now I just want to know when Shi Yue will come out.

Xu Youyuan: “You said you wanted me to tell you all the details.
Okay, in fact, your baby sister has already appeared.
Can you guess who she is? “

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