When you open the appearance panel and select “free” on the top tab, several more tabs will appear on the left side, such as body, face, hair, and facial features.
Each tab lists a full range of options, most of them are exquisite and meet aesthetic standards.
The Dark Room team is considerate, although the product is somewhat different from the norm.

It turns out that there’s a “full body scan” one-click setting, which can be used to transfer the real world self into the app.
It couldn’t be better for Xu Youyuan, a player who prefers realism and is afraid of inconvenience.

She chose “full body scan”, and soon a very similar image of herself appeared in the full body mirror, except that the skin texture and hair were slightly distorted, and the rendering was slightly inferior to “Reshaping the Universe”.

This look largely restored Xu Youyuan’s figure, from her 168cm height, shoulder-length hair, to the mole on the tip of her ear …… it was all her own.
As for hobby and voice, Xu Youyuan tried her best to recreate herself.

Since she was looking for the feeling of love, it only made sense to present a more realistic version of herself.

Just as Xu Youyuan was sure that this is what she wanted, she suddenly found some problems.

Wait a minute …… the chest is too flat, right? Xu Youyuan stared at herself in the mirror, felt around, and there were absolutely no curves at all! She lifted the collar and looked down.
It really was as flat as a pasture.

The clothes were also empty, how could she be so flat-chested? What’s with this rude “full body scan”? The function hasn’t been developed and tested enough yet, so don’t make it live, okay?!

Xu Youyuan was a little pissed and manually adjusted the bust.

After adjusting the bust, she found that the face was a little fat, there were heavy bags under the eyes, and the neck was not tight enough …… She adjusted all these details in one breath, and the whole person looked younger by ten years.

In front of the mirror, looking left and right, Xu Youyuan was finally sure that this was her.

Oh well, this is her, at least the twenty-five-year-old her.

Isn’t it a little different?…… But it’s not bad.
She had been working for so many years and used to appear in public.
She really was a public figure, and if she had a face that’s too realistic, then won’t someone recognize her?

No one knew she was experiencing new things for her new game.
Even if she explained patiently, no one would believe her.
They would only associate her appearance in the Dark Room with “degeneracy”.

She could imagine how the media, who do anything for clicks, would write about her.
She didn’t want to see headlines like “Mother of ‘Reshaping the Universe’ was kicked, and was so devastated that she sought a night of passion in the Dark Room” floating around the web.
It’s crucial to make a face that looks like your own but isn’t too recognizable.


She finally felt a little bit satisfied with the body in the mirror, just a bit like herself but unable to be recognized at a glance.

She recorded her introduction video with no dancing, no singing, no cross-dressing, just standing quietly and talking about her hobbies.
After recording, Xu Youyuan went back and watched it again.
Even though her face now looked like a young woman of twenty-five, her demeanor and rhythm of speech were still middle-aged.

Xu Youyuan couldn’t stand herself.
She was afraid that she wouldn’t find anyone willing to date her like this, in the app where the average user age is 26.5 years, even if she stayed for a year and a half.

She wanted to copy the lively speech pattern young people were using.
After pretending to be cute with a thin voice, she almost made herself nauseous.
It’s not for her.

Fine, middle-aged is middle-aged, and she didn’t want to experience a relationship with a little kid.
It’s better to wait a year and a half in vain than to be with a random person who fools around.
Less is more.
She was willing to wait.

After adding her personal information, the tab became a filter for “Matches”.

She selected women aged 30 to 39.
She doesn’t mind older sisters who are 20 years older than her: older people have experienced more things and most of them have a clear head, so they’re not difficult to get along with.
That was what she thought , but those sisters may think she is childish.
Come on, better set it in a reasonable range.

As for height and weight, she pulled the range particularly wide.
These didn’t really matter as she didn’t mind too much about appearance.
She also chose games, movies, and travel as her hobbies.
After checking the boxes and submitting, the system started matching.

The results of the match startled her, there were actually more than 30,000 people who met the criteria.

The introduction videos of more than 30,000 people formed a huge ring-shaped dome that wrapped around her, making her dizzy and rush to close them all.

Were there really so many? There were this many women between the ages of 30 and 39 with the same sexual orientation and dating profile? Is she underestimating the dating passion of middle-aged lesbians, or underestimating the number of Dark Room users?

Xu Youyuan sat on the floor and staring at the dating tab, she thought the problem wasn’t age or orientation, but that the hobbies she had checked were too common.
Xu Youyuan thought about it and added another item, “thrill-seeking”.

She had liked to do exciting things since childhood.
At twelve, she began to do parkour, and after growing up she started rock climbing.
She had been on snowy mountain peaks and in submarines.
Before the lumbar surgery, she always enjoyed outdoor sports because of her boldness.
It is this pure heart that loved nature which gave birth to the popular first-generation holographic game.


After adding “thrill-seeking”, the number of eligible people dropped sharply, leaving only a hundred or so.

But a hundred people was still much more than she had expected.
She was still watching the videos one by one when a link to a video call jumped out, occupying a large part of the room.
The beeping made Xu Youyuan reflexively click “no” and decline the call .

The other party quickly took back her information after hanging up.
She seemed to have deleted Xu Youyuan.

It seemed to be a long-time user, the operation was really skilled …… Are people so anxious nowadays? Even with a virtual veneer, she didn’t want to immediately video chat with a stranger.

Fine, there are still more than a hundred people.
She slowly looked through them one by one.
Twelve people sent her voice or text messages while she was looking.
Six of them asked, “Are you there?” Xu Youyuan directly excluded those who started a conversation with those three words.
There were also two people who immediately sent nudes and Xu Youyuan rolled her eyes.
One of the four people came up and talked about her first hobby—games, but the topic made her heart bleed.

“Like games? I have Xu Youyuan’s previous account in ‘Reshaping the Universe’, 500,000 RMB.
If you need it, contact me.”

“Shit, is my account worth that much? How come I didn’t know?” Xu Youyuan replied quickly, “Xu Youyuan’s main and three sub-accounts, with private photos, 600,000 RMB.
No haggling.”

The other party blocked her.

Of the two remaining one messaged and asked her about her fetishes, and the other message: A slut M looking for a master.


Xu Youyuan, an old auntie, now understood what kind of dangerous place she was in.
She often listened to her friends talking about the strange things that happened in the Dark Room.
She used to just listen, but now that she was in it, she found that it is even more terrible than she thought.

The five dates were carefully chosen and were relatively normal, at least in the introduction videos they just spoke to introduce themselves, and one of them even didn’t show her face, the video was taken against the room light and the voice was quite good.

Xu Youyuan decided to go on a date with these five people first.


After submitting the time slot and the other party confirming the time, as the initiator Xu Youyuan needed to choose the dating scene next.

The Dark Room offers eight themes of dating scenes.
Xu Youyuan looked around and finally chose the “adventure” theme.

The Adventure theme had the least scenes of all eight dating themes.
She previewed them and felt they were all quite meaningless and rather pretentious.

There was a “Movie Experience” button in the bottom right corner, so she pressed it with some curiosity.

Back when she was worried about the fifth anniversary of “Reshaping the Universe”, she seemed to have heard that the latest version of the Dark Room had introduced a movie experience feature, which was very popular.
At that time she was interested, but didn’t have time to check it out.

When she entered the movie experience, there were 12 movies corresponding to the theme of Adventure, of which only half were old ones she had seen.
The others were new movies that came out within the past two or three years and she didn’t know much about them.

But six or seven of them is good enough.

She chose “Fast and Furious 12” as the scene of her first date in the Dark Room.


The next day at eight o’clock in the evening, Xu Youyuan laid on the sofa at home after taking a bath, and then put on the access device, entered the world of the Dark Room, and started the first date.

She actually expected that the process of dating would not be too smooth.

As Xiao An said, she had been focusing on her career for so many years that she had forgotten what falling in love was all about, and even when she arrived in the Dark Room, wearing a false veneer, she would not fall in love if she didn’t know how to.


[System Alert: You are about to enter the adventure-themed dating scene.

Initiator: Nothing

Importing movie: Fast and Furious 12

Difficulty: 2.5]


Xu Youyuan went on a date in the “Fast and Furious 12” movie scene with a girl who is similar to her in height and age.
The difference is that the girl’s appearance is quite unique, and her head is shiny bald.
The opening scene of the movie is in a land of snow and ice, frozen as far as the eye could see.
The girl came wearing a black tank top and red shorts.
You know the somatosensory chip of Dark Room can fully recreate the scene to the touch, so the cold is also real.

The girl sat on the passenger side of Xu Youyuan’s car.
Greeting her, she wasn’t not too frivolous and the atmosphere was not bad.

The movie was about to stage a life-threatening chase, which Xu Youyuan loved.
She even remembered the path of the flying car.

Xu Youyuan asked her: “Have you seen this movie?”

Bald girl: “Of course.”

“I will drive very fast, you have to sit tight.”

The bald girl smiled particularly confidently: “Drive, drive as fast as you can, floor the throttle and don’t be gentle.”

With her words, Xu Youyuan had no worries.


The car battle began with an explosion, the villains chasing after them, the constant sound of bombardment, and the shaking of the car body.

The orange sports car slid on the ice in a smooth S to dodge the attacks.
Xu Youyuan’s body felt hot, and she was getting more and more excited, while the bald girl’s confidence had been swept away.
She gripped the armrest firmly and her face was like the color of sauce.

“Sh …… shit, this extreme?” The bald girl was not able to speak well.
In the violent swaying left and right, she looked at Xu Youyuan like she had seen a ghost.
Xu Youyuan bit her lip and smiled.

Xu Youyuan made a beautiful drift to avoid the oncoming motorcade (that was about to converge on them) and then finally found an opportunity to respond to her: “Didn’t you say you had seen it?! The movie is extreme, ah!”

The bald girl just wanted to speak, only to hear Xu Youyuan call out, “sit tight”.
The helicopter that had been chasing them through the sky shot down a line of red light.
Xu Youyuan was familiar with the plot and already knew this play, but the bald girl was completely unprepared.

After watching the thick ice they were on be cut in half and overturn with a loud rumble, the bald girl’s face was whiter than the ice.
“Scared” couldn’t even begin to describe it.

With the deep, dark sea of ice right in front of her, the bald girl screamed and quit the game.
When Xu Youyuan drove against the sinking ice and flew to the wider ground with her life hanging in the balance, there was no one on the passenger side.

Her partner had gone offline at light speed.

Xu Youyuan: “……”

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