Mating A Human

00 | Prologue

00 | Prologue

e turning eighteen after midnight, am I right? ” I turned around to face the elderly woman when she asked me from behind. I nodded slowly and nervously.

”Be prepared. The young master will mark you tonight. ”

What she said made me frown. What exactly does she mean?

”What do you mean? ” Instead of responding, she approached me and took off my bathrobe. I could not do anything but let her. Even if I try to stop her, she is much stronger than I am. Im just an ordinary human, unlike them.

I could feel the cold wind blowing from outside as she took off the only one I was wearing. They also bathed me earlier. I have nothing to hide. They saw everything I was hiding.

She grabbed a white dress and hurled it at me. ”Put it on. ”

I stared at the dress. Its a simple white sleeveless silk gown. I will put this on without any undergarments, huh?<

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