Chu Nan took a deep breath and vigorously wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth as a bitter smile appeared on his face.

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He was really unlucky today!

Because he had made a passing comment on the latest policy issued by the Federation, it unexpectedly angered Luo Li, the overlord of the academy, who taught him a good lesson.

It was not to the extent that Chu Nan did not even have the courage to resist, but when faced with Luo Li, a martial arts genius who had already cultivated to the fifth-stage Overlord Body, how could he, an ordinary student who had only cultivated to the initial-stage Overlord Body, be a match for him?


“Damn, isn’t it just the new policy issued by the Federation that makes things difficult for you guys who come from aristocratic families? You came to take revenge on ordinary people like us?” Chu Nan cursed Luo Li in his mind.
Then, he sighed and dragged his feet towards the logistics center in the southwest of the academy.


“Student No.
Hello, Student Chu Nan.
Welcome to the rehabilitation data center.
Please choose the service you need.”

“Full body checkup, muscle recovery, data analysis report.
Right, it’s boring to just lie down.
Let’s watch some real-time news.”


“Alright, a full-body checkup, muscle recovery, data analysis report, and live news broadcast.
Academy Student Chu Nan, you’ve chosen these four services.
Please answer after confirming.”

“Confirm,” Chu Nan weakly replied and went to the bed in the middle of the room to lie flat.

He was much more familiar with this place than most students.

As soon as he lay down, the ceiling of the room suddenly opened.
A few devices stretched out from above and stopped above Chu Nan.
A few lights of different colors shot out and swept past him from head to toe.

At the same time, a virtual screen appeared out of thin air about a meter above Chu Nan’s head and started to play some images.

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“Hello, everyone.
It’s currently 16:00 on the 19th of June, Year 2785, Earth Time.
The Galaxy Standard Time is 38,914th Cycle, 472:61:193 Orbit.
Welcome to the news channel.
The main content of this news is…”


After broadcasting a few news related to the federal government, a piece of news attracted Chu Nan’s attention.

“At 09:30 this morning, two Star-Grade Martial Artists came to West Cloud Planet in a group.
One of these two Star-Grade Martial Artists is Norman from the Phezzan Autonomous Region, while the other is Mu Yutong from the Earth Federation.”


“This time, two Star-Grade Martial Artists came at the same time.
It is said that they are invited by the West Cloud Planet’s government to participate in the upcoming martial arts competition.
According to the private information given by Martial Artist Mu Yutong, if a young martial artist is able to perform well in this competition, he will consider absorbing them as his disciples.”


“As soon as this news spread, it immediately caused a commotion on West Cloud Planet.
Martial Artist Mu Yutong is one of the few Star-Grade Martial Artists in our Earth Federation.
To be able to become his disciple…”

“Star-Grade Martial Artist? Mu Yutong?” When he saw this news, Chu Nan’s eyes immediately lit up.

As a student of the West Cloud Academy’s Martial Arts Branch, how could Chu Nan not know the meaning of a Star-Grade Martial Artist?

Not to mention a small country like the Earth Federation, even in a superpower of the Milky Way like the Declan Empire, a Star-Grade Martial Artist would also be respected and admired by everyone.


It was the dream of all martial artists to become a Star-Grade Martial Artist.

Being able to become a disciple of a Star-Grade Martial Artist was the best way to fulfill this dream!

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After a moment of excitement, Chu Nan’s gaze dimmed again.

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“Heh, come on.
I’m only at the initial-stage Overlord Body, so how can Mu Yutong fancy me? I’m afraid even that fellow Luo Li isn’t qualified.”

He and Luo Li were similarly 18 years old this year, but because of

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