Masquerade of Madness

Prologue: A Hell Called Purgatory

People like to say, Hell Hath no Fury like a Woman Scorned.

To those people I ask- did you ever bear witness to the fury of hell? If not, please don go about making irresponsible statements. Keep in mind, that in no way am I underestimating the sheer terror of a scorned woman. I just believe that comparing the wrath of a mortal to the sheer damnation of a place called hell is unfair, to say the least.

I have personally had the opportunity to experience a special kind of hell. A hell called Purgatory.

Some might say that Purgatory is cruel, that hell is a place designed to bring out the worst in the hearts of men and women and then punish them for the same darkness they hide within. That, however, is only those who have just scratched the surface might say. Those like me who have waded deep into these pits will realise, that it is not sadistic pleasure hidden behind our collective damnation. No, it is not even close to some type of malevolent ecstasy. What we get is much, much worse, pure bone-chilling indifference.

It doesn care if you are good or evil, cruel or kind. It doesn care if you are submissive or rebellious, strong or weak, repenting or ecstatic. There are only means and ends. There are only quests to complete and trials to clear. Human life is nothing but experience points and heartfelt emotions but an exploitable mechanic.

It is a place where we are all disposable pieces in a game, we do not know that we are playing.

Purgatory is indeed a horrible place, which raises the question, why does such a place exist, and for what possible reason does one end up there. The purpose of this realm and its rules of operation is still a mystery but there is one thing common between all its inhabitants.

They are all sinners.

By sinners, I am not referring to coveting the wife of thy neighbour, stealing the Queens Royal Jewels or even God forbid – Tax Fraud.

I am talking about… #@!%*$ [ … Data Corrupted … ]

It could be one, it could be many, it could be hot-blooded, it could be cold-blooded, it could be done with full recognition of the act, or it could have been done witho-

No, not those done by accident. The realm only recognises those done with malice aforethought.

Those done with full intent and recognition.

These are the type of sinners I am talking about.

Now, what happens when you throw these sinners into a world without laws, save that of the jungle?

What happens when we give them a bunch of special abilities and let them loose?

Isn it obvious?

We get… pure…


Now, isn that fun.

Too bad Purgatory itself is too indifferent to notice.


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