ed at her and looked over at Kayn.

Jessy still had her heart beating widely because of what he did. This never happened to her. She looked away for a second before looking into his eyes.

Fuck… she thought.

”I am shy at first, but I change when I will become comfortable with you. This is not the real me. ”

Suddenly his expression changed, cold, calm, freezing. His hand was placed on the back of her seat.

”Who is the real you? ” his cold and imposing voice resounded again in her ear.

She was looking away, sometimes meeting his eyes, but couldn maintain eye contact. ”Well, it depends, if its friendship or a relationship. I have a personality for each. Which one are you curious about? ” She asked.

”Don play with me, you tell me. ”

Jessy this time didn leave his eyes. ”I am possessive. ” Her voice suddenly packed weight. ”Obsessive over whats mine. ”

”Oh. ”

”Yeah, I know, I can be controlling too. ”

”Is this what you usually say to guys you are interested in? ”

Her eyebrows twitched. ”Unfortunately, I didn get the chance to show this side of me. ”

”Oh, ” He acted sad. ”No one was worthy enough to obsess over. ”

She met his eyes. ”No one. ”

”What happens when you find the right one? ”

”The right one… I don know… I will be true to myself. ” Her eyes in the end changed. This wasn the Jessy her friends inside knew.

His long moment of silence after her words made her snap out of it, even making her a bit anxious as his eyes didn leave her.

”Good girl, ” he spoke coldly as he leaned back.

She looked away in frustration.

”Don smoke too much when I am not here. I know you only do so when you are stressed. ”

She looked at him.

”You are not the only one who notices stuff. ”

”I guess so, ” Jessys cheeks became red.

His phone suddenly rang. He held it, staring at it for a while.

”It seems like I have to leave early if I want to get back in two days. ”

”Oh, okay. I guess you will leave now? ”

”Yeah, I will. ” He stood up. ”You can join your friends, I will be leaving now. ”

”Okey. ”

His hand was placed around her waist as he helped her mover across him, ”Be safe. ”

”You too. ” Jessy could feel his strong fingers. Her ears had turned red, she clenched her phone tighter without saying a word.

He took off the trash left on his table, threw it away and left, while she just took a seat with her friends.

Jessy was left to deal with their questions.

”He will be leaving for two days, ” she said.

Ashley held her arm chuckling, ”Oh, is something finally happening. ”

”Hmm, I was thinking if he didn today, I would ask him out, you know. But he has to leave so maybe until he gets back. ”

« So bold of you huh, » laughed Emily.

« What do you like about him, actually? Tell us we waited for so long. »

Jessy thought about it deeply. ”Well, I don know. If anything would be how he is as a person. How he carries himself. The way he speaks. The way his words carry weight. And how he doesn care about peoples stares as long as it made his cute niece happy, » she giggled, « He is such a caring man with a cold attitude I guess. ” Her eyes suddenly changed when she finished her sentence, unnoticed by the others, And of course, he is hot as hell, so hot I want him to mess me up. She was fangirling inside.

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