Looking at his hair now, it was black, and silky, falling on his dark eyebrows that gave the impression they were drawn.

He always wore comfy and oversized clothes, this time he was wearing a black shirt with three buttons open, showcasing his necklace, his defined chest, and his broad shoulders, there were also lines of tattoos that reached there from his shoulders, and a sign of one in his back, reaching a bit of his neck. His sleeves were rolled, and his forearms were massive, filled with scars and tattoos up to his wrists.

Jessy and her friends couldn believe he was hiding all of that behind those big clothes.

And of course, his rings filled his hand. But a new one got their attention. A black gem ring on his index.

Not to mention the massive veins on his hand reaching his fingers, as if they were alive.

He was looking around for a place to sit, while in his hand, was a young girl holding him tightly, her hands wrapped around his neck.

« Bet you jealous of that little girl now, » teased Ashley.

Aiden looked at Ashely weirdly, « A daughter at that age huh? »

At this point, everyone seemed mad at him.

« And? » Jumped Jessy.

« Don ask me where her mother is, » responded again Aiden.

Jessy turned her head away furious but suddenly noticed something that made her laugh uncomfortably.

The young man had pink cat ears on his head, whilst the girl played with them giggling. Everyone who noticed followed her laughing madly.

The man and the young girl walked up to the counter.

The kid thought a moment before choosing while everyone waited patiently. Rather her cuteness already stole the workers hearts, adding free snacks on top of what she already ordered.

She smiled warmly, « Thank you, beautiful lady. » The lady at the counter almost had a heart attack of cuteness.

The kid held her food, and turned her head to the man as he put her down. « Thank you again, uncle.»

The man smiled and patted her while he ordered for himself.

Everyone in the place focused on the two, overheard the conversation. And of all of them, Jessy seemed relieved, especially noticing the little smile on this man. This smirk… ugh…

She stared at him for a moment, looking again at the fluffy pink cat ears. She giggled warmly.

What a weird man, he was.

Now she was left thinking, noticing her feelings already reached such a stage, if she would wait until he ask her out, or just go for it.

In the middle of her thoughts, the man and the young girl took a seat a few meters away from Jessys group.

That made her think, ** it.

She stood up and decided to walk towards them without talking with her friends. But all of a sudden she met the mans cold eyes, moving his hand signaling to her to sit down.

Jessy looked blank for a moment then sat down.

He signaled to her that they would talk after. She nodded and he turned to eat with the young girl.

Jessy thought about this for a while. Whether it was her, or this mans composure, cold attitude, and demeanor that were such a scary thing.

Not scary as in terrifying but weirdly enough that people listened to him unconsciously. His presence was always heavy.

It wasn something surprising to her. As for her, the madder she got the quieter she was, the more she didn want to talk and the more one stare and a few words were enough to speak to her friends.

And they, the people who knew her the most knew she got this from her father.

In that particular moment, they both seem like calm predators, and their aura becomes imposing which leads to people unconsciously following their lead.

But in front of this man, she felt like a little kid.

The same with her father when she was young, but now she can go head to head with him.

But nevertheless, she was still like a kid in front of this man.

What was even more surprising he didn have to be mad. If she and her father were different from normal people, this man was leagues above, born with charisma leagues apart from others.

At this moment, Jessy seemed to figure out once again, why her crush on this man started.

« Whats wrong? » Asked Ashley confused by her friends actions.

« Oh nothing, don worry about it, » answered Jessy with a smile.

She got back to studying. Stealing a few glances here and there, watching the cute interactions between the two, last where he spoke a few words to the girl as he helped wipe her mouth.

The coffee shop suddenly shook at the sounds of a monstrous engine, a supercar that just parked outside, turning the heads of many. A bulky man, wearing a nice white shirt showcasing his huge back and muscles, got out, going the other side to open the door, handing his hand to help a woman get out of the car. They walked together holding hands inside the coffee place. Both of them looked like a pair of super models, their beauty, style, and curves were out of the norm. They entered, silencing the place, and walked directly towards the middle. What people didn notice, was the man and the young girl who got out of their seats to stand in the middle of the shop, until the couple stood in front of them. The young girl walked towards them happily.

« Mom, dad, I mished you, » she said with a smile as she held her mothers hand.

« We missed you too. Have you been a good girl to uncle? » Asked her mother.

« Yesh, » she said nodding leaving everyone with a smile.

Her father patted her, « Did you have fun today? »

« Yesh, » she nodded again happily, « I ate a looot hehe. »

Her father turned to the young man.

They looked at each other calmly with a smile, then hugged each other.

« Its been a while, big brother, » spoke the father.

Everyone seemed confused, as he looked in his mid-30s, but still called the young man big brother.

« Yes. And it seems like you all are doing well. »

« All thanks to you, big brother, » spoke the woman bowing her head a bit with her daughter in her hand.

The young man bowed back respectfully.

« I will stay here, you guys can enjoy the city. »

« Yes, » left the woman with her daughter to the car first.

The father stood with him for a moment.

« Don worry, Rio. I am doing well, » spoke the young man as he patted his shoulder.

Rio nodded without saying a word, handed the young man a black pack of cigarettes, and walked slowly back to his car.

The young man was left looking at their car, taking a moment to look at the black pack, then walked to get a seat outside.

He didn spare a look at Jessy, nor did she feel bad about that, because she saw his tired eyes. She understood and left him to smoke alone.

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