Su Zhan had obviously avoided the so-called kiss but he still received a slap on the face.
Su Zhan felt as wronged as a dog this time.
Fortunately, he has always been a dedicated actor and what he needs at this time is to show his anger.
He decisively pinched the heroine’s mouth into the number 8 as described in the original text.

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“Stinking girl1not really stinky, just like a form of like ‘you damn **girl’, are you courting death?” Shen Tianyu gritted his teeth.

The short gourd-like2I’m assuming she’s an airport road on top and a mountain on the bottom like a gourd heroine’s face was deformed by his strong grip on her face, so her ‘petite’ body began to struggle, making it seem like as if she was performing a dance.
A crowd gradually gathered around them. 

“Woo woo~” The heroine vaguely said something but it was incoherent due to her mouth being pinched.
Fu Yichen actually wanted to laugh under his facially paralyzed mask.

The angry Young Master Shen just stared at her with a gloomy look on his face.
Fu Yichen watched them from a distance with a sullen smile, he was a little worried that Young Master Shen would lift the heroine up with a little force.

“Brother3Not really related but we do call people of the same generation as ge哥, di弟, jie姐 or mei妹, my nickname from childhood is xiao mei 小妹 or bao mei宝妹 cuz I’m the youngest girl in the maternal side of the family Tianyu~ ” A soft voice came from behind the crowd.

Fu Yichen looked in the direction where the voice came from and saw a girl with long legs and long wavy princess-styled hair.
It could be seen at first glance that the girl had an extraordinary temperament.
She showed the qualities of a well-educated noble daughter with her gestures.
It was a stark contrast compared to the short gourd heroine.

[Second Female Lead, Qi Ya’er.] The system reminded him at the right time.
However, there was a prolonged space between the words, making it seem to Fu Yichen that the nympho system was gnashing its teeth and trembling in jealousy. 

Even the system didn’t need to inform Fu Yichen that it was Qi Ya’er, the Second Female.
With a solid background, she is second only to Shen Tianyu, the only grandson of the richest man in the world.
In addition to that, she is childhood sweethearts with Shen Tianyu and is a perfect match for the heroes in Mary Sue novels. 

Fu Yichen put his hands in his pockets and stared at Qi Ya’er as she walked past him.
She went directly towards Shen Tianyu.
In the author’s settings, the Second Female had a crush on the Male Protagonist since childhood, the Second Male had a crush on the Second Female and the Second Female is a green tea b*tch. 

“Brother Tianyu, what are…” Qi Ya’er, the school flower, frowned.
There were bursts of gasping sounds from her male suitors all around them.
Fu Yichen thinks that the immature Mary Sue author’s cognition of an average man is that they are animals that could only think with their lower body. 

“Dead4Not really dead.
Still like an insult girl!” Shen Tianyu gritted his teeth again before letting go of his hand, “Do you want to die!?” Shen Tianyu stared at Su Susu who was rubbing her face the whole time, not even looking at the school flower beside him.

The brave girl who was gasping for breath finally raised her head.
Fu Yichen could clearly see that the girl paused for several seconds when she saw Shen Tianyu’s face.
In the original text, the heroine’s brief inner monologue was explained in a long paragraph.
Fu Yichen summed it all up in one sentence, ‘This guy is so handsome.’

But soon the little girl’s face turned angry and she looked completely fearless, “Why are you like this? I didn’t do it on purpose just now! You were the one who came here quietly!” 

In her words, it was more like, ‘Do you blame me for hitting you? It’s obviously your fault for coming over and calling me.’

[Shameless Mary Sue!] The system exploded before Shen Tianyu did.

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She had inexplicably slapped someone and was still so confident.
Moreover, their lips clearly didn’t touch at all but he was unable to escape being slapped.
Su Zhan was a bit depressed.
For a while, he couldn’t understand the author’s childish thoughts.
He unexpectedly was hit by such a person but he was a qualified actor and the emotions that he shows are what the Male Protagonist Shen Tianyu should have. 

The angered demon laughed and sneered at the short gourd, “Say, how did you even get in here? What are you doing in Xingyao?” He looked at her with ‘cannibalistic eyes’ full of condescending contempt.

The brave girl got angry, “You’re sick5Sick as in crazy! Don’t you have any manners? What could I get sneaking in? I’m here to report for my first day!” The crowd was stunned, only the short gourd was still indignant. 

Fu Yichen secretly thought about the author’s description of the male protagonist’s thoughts at their current situation, ‘Faced with such a different stinking girl, Shen Tianyu’s heart skipped a beat.’ Regarding this, Fu Yichen, one of the onlookers, just wanted to say that Shen Tianyu’s heart didn’t skip a beat but it’s more like he lost a piece of his brain. 

It was probably him losing a piece of his brain.
He was slapped inexplicably but his heart still missed a beat. 

“Who asked you to report? Do you think that Xingyao is a shelter?” After he had been slapped, Shen Tianyu immediately said viciously.
At the same time, the contempt and disgust in his eyes became more obvious, “Where do you think you are? Is this a place where a beggar like you can stay?”

Young Master Shen’s tone was so bad and the brave girl was completely infuriated by such contempt from the rich man that she immediately responded with a series of loud comparisons. 

“Are the rich that amazing?” 

“Do the rich don’t eat?”

“Aren’t your money earned by your parents?”

“What else do you have besides money?” 

Such righteous questions were asked.

Immediately, the Male Protagonist Shen Tianyu ‘was shocked for the first time in his life’, ‘as if his soul was tugged on, he could only feel that the person in front of him has such a petite body but a strong soul.
He had never seen such a person’. 

But even so, he wanted to fight back because of his pride.
So after Su Susu’s ‘shattering’ remarks, Shen Tianyu interrupted irritably, “Shut up! Who do you think you are? Get out! Get out of Xingyao! Don’t ever let me catch sight of you again!” 

“Do you still take the law into your eyes, you wicked bastard?” The heroine was instantly furious when she encountered such an unreasonable demon on the first day of school.

“I am the law!” Young Master Shen raised his chin slightly and then said lightly to the nymphomaniac group that was watching him, “Drag her out!”

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After the Young Master’s sentence dropped, he added two more words, “Feed her to the dogs!” 

[The Male God is amazing! The most handsome person! That Mary Sue is going to die…] To Fu Yichen, it seemed like the system had gone crazy.

Although the lines that should be said are embarrassing and shocking, their performances are still worthy of praise.
Especially after watching them with the attitude of watching a play.
Fu Yichen found these two children to be very funny.

But at this time, it was his turn to play.
Seeing that several members of the nympho group volunteered to lift up the petite Su Susu and were about to drag her out, Xia Houming stood up.

“Let go of her.” His cold eyes swept to the group of nymphos.
His tone was light but there was no way to disobey him.
His eyes swept lightly to the onlookers, “Aren’t you going to class?”

The nympho group was startled and immediately dropped Su Susu, causing her butt to bloom6like when you get hurt, your skin turns red, like a blooming flower and the onlookers dispersed.

“Xiahou?” Shen Tianyu looked at Xia Houming with a puzzled look on his face and Qi Ya’er was equally puzzled.

Fu Yichen didn’t care about helping the heroine get up from the ground and ignored her grateful look.
He just responded lightly to Shen Tianyu, “Why are you embarrassing a little girl?” 

Fu Yichen was an adult who didn’t have the hobby of bullying little girls.
The question felt shameful and Shen Tianyu’s face changed, Qi Ya’er was a little disapproving and said, “Brother Xiahou~” 

Fu Yichen didn’t care about the two of them after he finished speaking.
He turned around and walked to the classroom.
Previously when the crowd dispersed, Fu Yichen paid special attention to the fat girl who was the most conspicuous in the nympho group.
It was mentioned in the original article that she was in the same class as them.

But at this moment, Su Susu, who was full of gratitude, chased after him.
“Previously… thank you.
My name is Su Susu, I’m very grateful.” The little girl obviously had the look of finally meeting a good person.

There was no need to look back, Fu Yichen is sure that the heroine at this time had glowing eyes. 

In the original text where the hero and the heroine met, Xia Houming, the Second Male Lead, stopped the heroine from being thrown out at the right time, causing the heroine’s favorability to the Second Male Lead to soar.
Even to the point of being the first crush of the Female Lead. 

Considering Xia Houming’s character, when the heroine stopped him to express her thanks, he didn’t even look back.
He didn’t even have any intention of stopping in his footsteps and walking away.
But for Fu Yichen at this time, he must try to do something to deepen his first impression in her heart.

So, Xia Houming turned his head slightly and spat out three words, “No need for thanks.” Although his voice was cold, it was completely different from the vile and domineering Shen Tianyu just now.
He was unspeakably cool and handsome, even if he wasn’t as handsome as Shen Tianyu.
Su Susu had pink bubbles in her heart almost instantly. 

[Female lead favorability to Second Male +1]

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[Female lead favorability to Second Male +10]

The mechanical sound of the system suddenly sounded.
Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows and realized that this was the progress prompt that the system had mentioned about a while ago.
Fu Yichen was satisfied with this kind of prompting but he wanted to have a more detailed understanding of the favorability of the characters when he gets free later.

Fu Yichen had an intuition that this scene would last a while without a director’s call card7Meaning it’s going to be a while before he could be free since there is no scene cut from a director.

It wasn’t that Fu Yichen didn’t think about clearing his mission in a more simple method, such as killing the protagonists directly.
This was not only simple and rude but also directly completing his mission.
Not to mention the ending, even the time taken for the process could be saved. 

Of course, before Fu Yichen could propose this idea, he had already known from the system that all the life in the novel world is derived from the characters of the Mary Sue novel.
They are virtual characters attached to the entire Mary Sue world.
When the Mary Sue world collapses, these people will disappear along with it.

To put it simply, if Fu Yichen is able to leave this world, the characters here are all virtual to Fu Yichen.
Similar to the existence of NPCs in games.
However, if Fu Yichen is trapped here, the characters here are considered to be real people to him.
But no matter what, in the real world, these people are all virtual characters.
Therefore, Fu Yichen would propose such an idea under such circumstances without any guilt. 

Obviously, things couldn’t be that simple.
The nymphomaniac system quickly broke his delusions, [The Mary Sue is the core of this world.
The world will collapse if the protagonist dies.]

Fu Yichen: …

[The plot and protagonist are the core of the entire Mary Sue world.
If the plot is broken or seriously distorted or if any of the protagonists die, the Mary Sue world will collapse and you, the host, will die.]

‘Then how do you want me to reverse the plot?’ Not waiting for the system to reply, Fu Yichen said gloomily, ‘Don’t you feel that you are a bit contradictory?’

On one hand, the plot wasn’t allowed to be modified and on the other hand, he had to reverse the ending.
Wasn’t that changing the plot? Such a contradiction, Fu Yichen almost suspected that he was bound to a defective system.

The system seemed to be shaken by Fu Yichen’s words and after a brief pause, it said, [The plot is the core of the Mary Sue world.
The plot is very powerful.
However, if the host is able to reverse the ending of the Mary Sue, the system can guarantee the host’s life.
Please don’t question the system, okay!]

Fu Yichen felt an oncoming headache.
It wasn’t as bad as he had expected, the scene didn’t take too long.
All he could do was to follow the development of the plot and then make some slight changes to it in order to achieve the purpose of reversing the ending.
He couldn’t force a dramatic change in the plot, otherwise, the world would collapse.

‘You are really annoying.
You don’t feel that your existence is troublesome and you still cause trouble.
Simply sick in the head.’ Fu Yichen was made speechless by the system.

[Host, please don’t question the system.
The host and the system coexist and die together!] 

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Fu Yichen sneered at the system.
A machine with no life, did it really try to play an emotional card on him? ‘By the way, how can I block you?’

It’s not like he needed the system most of the time, the key is that the system would always go ‘alright?’ and ‘okay?’ which made Fu Yichen a bit irritated.
The system would also become an idiot whenever it saw Shen Tianyu, which was very annoying.

[Shield!] There were some mechanical sounds, [Shi…]

Before its words could finish, there was no more sound.
Fu Yichen was stunned, it took him two seconds to react.
He had wanted to block it and he did! So the system was pretending to be mighty all this time?

Fu Yichen held back the twitching corners of his mouth and calmly pretended to be cool.
Fu Yichen never imagined how many misunderstandings he had brought Su Zhan by the three additional words he had just added to the plot.

TN: Sorry guys, late for a few hours.
I didn’t look at the time….
might have gotten distracted by other things…

Thank you for the support everyone~ Please forgive this potato-head for procrastinating


not really stinky, just like a form of like ‘you damn **girl’


I’m assuming she’s an airport road on top and a mountain on the bottom like a gourd


Not really related but we do call people of the same generation as ge哥, di弟, jie姐 or mei妹, my nickname from childhood is xiao mei 小妹 or bao mei宝妹 cuz I’m the youngest girl in the maternal side of the family


Not really dead.
Still like an insult


Sick as in crazy


like when you get hurt, your skin turns red, like a blooming flower


Meaning it’s going to be a while before he could be free since there is no scene cut from a director

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