In addition to one’s own talent and ability to perform, adaptability is the most basic quality an actor has.
Obviously, Fu Yichen who has been in major crews for five years has this quality.

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Being inexplicably bound to the Mary Sue Reversal System, he came into a strange world of fantasy novels that might endanger his life.
Fu Yichen went from being shocked and flustered to understanding the ins and outs along with accepting his new reality in a few minutes.
But at that moment, he suddenly saw a familiar face.

It was no wonder that Fu Yichen was so shocked.
Anyone else in his situation would’ve also been the same if they had seen a familiar face under such circumstances.
In fact, they would have been ecstatic to the point of losing their mind.
In comparison, Fu Yichen’s reaction was subtle.

After the flash of shock that appeared on his face, having an actor’s adaptability, Fu Yichen took on Xia Houming’s unique high-cold attitude almost instantly and swept his indifferent eyes to the tall boy walking side by side with him.

Although he was familiar with that face, even if it was a face with youthful vigor, it was still as charming as the person he knows in reality.
Furthermore, he might know that person but that person might not necessarily be aware of his supporting-role existence.

Su Zhan, a well-deserved leader in the entertainment industry, is only two or three years older than Fu Yichen.
Speaking of which, Fu Yichen was blocked in the airport for more than two hours because of his fans.

Not to mention his prosperous beauty that fans often talk about, just the inexplicable temperament of the Male lead of idol dramas on this person is enough to make people take more looks at him.
He was not just a vase that was famous because of his appearance but he had real acting skills.
Especially in the past two years, he had become more and more proficient in his acting skills so it was natural for him to be prosperous for more than ten years, from his debut to the present time.

Su Zhan had debuted relatively early.
At the age of 19, he was already the target of thousands of girls.
Fu Yichen first knew of this person in the acting class of drama school.
The teacher had used Su Zhan as a positive example to motivate students.
To be honest, Fu Yichen at that time was arrogant and attributed Su Zhan’s success to his face.

Fu Yichen always believed that actors should depend on their strength.
However, after years of tempering and knowledge, Fu Yichen had to admit that his success is inseparable from his own ability and his appearance.
After all, the entertainment industry is unable to tolerate people who pretend to be fake for too long.

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Different from Fu Yichen’s masculine silhouette, Su Zhan is the kind that was delicate but not feminine.
Especially with his face that makes him look abstinent, it inexplicably moves people’s hearts.

Su Zhan who has been in idol dramas for a long time has gradually become introverted in the past two years.
At the same time, he had also started to move to the big screen.
His current dramas were carefully selected, all of which were big productions or masterpieces of famous directors.
Minor actors who are severely under-resourced are very different.
So although he had participated in no less than 100 works, Fu Yichen never met this person.

Fu Yichen doesn’t really know him well, nor does he care to.
After all, Su Zhan was just a benchmark figure and Fu Yichen just observed him to improve his own shortcomings.

But this face suddenly appeared in front of him as the Male Protagonist of a brainless Mary Sue romance novel.
Fu Yichen was genuinely surprised, he really wasn’t calm.
But then an exciting idea couldn’t help but pop up in his mind.
The person next to him might have the same experience as himself.
He was forcibly bound to the Mary Sue Reversal System and asked to reverse the ending of the Mary Sue in obtaining the Male Protagonist.

But soon Fu Yichen realized that if this was the case, wouldn’t it make his job easier if the male lead was in the same situation as he was? Then what was the point of the existence of the Mary Sue Reversal System?

Furthermore, although the face and figure of the man in front of him are indeed exactly the same as Su Zhan, the indomitable look in his eyes and the noble temperament in his gestures are completely different from Su Zhan’s introverted aloofness in reality.

So before determining whether the other party was the same as himself, Fu Yichen decided to wait and see for the time being.
After all, the other party was Shen Tianyu.
If there was a misunderstanding, it wouldn’t be worth the gain if it affects his future behavior.

In a few breaths, a few scenarios had already turned in Fu Yichen’s head.
While striding with his long legs, he spat out a few words in the voice that Xia Houming should have, “It’s a bother.” This was the usual way how the original Xia Houming got along with Shen Tianyu.
After all, the two were family friends and have known each other since childhood.

In order to avoid eye contact with anyone, Fu Yichen didn’t look sideways and directly regarded the most popular person in this school, no, this world, as air.
Stepping up his pace quietly, he needed a little time to think about countermeasures.

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However, what Fu Yichen never expected was that at this moment, the system that had been quiet suddenly issued an ear-shattering scream.

‘What!?’ The abrupt scream made Fu Yichen’s scalp numb.

If it wasn’t for Fu Yichen’s steadiness and the person beside him enjoying the attention he was getting, Fu Yichen would have stumbled.
As if the robotic system was caught in a loop of madness, it kept on screaming.
Fu Yichen thought that the system was malfunctioning.

[Male God! God! God!] The system’s excited tone could be heard even with it’s mechanical voice.

Fu Yichen: ??

[AH! The Male God is so handsome! Ah! The Male God is so handsome! AH!…]

‘Shut up!’ Fu Yichen couldn’t bear it anymore.
He felt that his ears were polluted but he still had to maintain a cold and arrogant look on his face.
The most important thing was that the system was full of disgust for him but when it saw Su Zhan it was different?

[Ah! What a good-looking man! Ah! Male…] The system obviously couldn’t control its excitement of seeing its Male God.

‘Say it again and I will kill myself.’ Fu Yichen frowned.

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[If the host dies, the system can replace the host.] The same mechanical voice sounded but its tone was completely different from the system just now.

‘If you call out again, I will kill your Male God.’ Fu Yichen said lightly.

[ ! ]

He finally had his long-awaited silence.
Fu Yichen took off his school uniform jacket casually and threw it on his shoulders.
The screams around him became inexplicably louder but Fu Yichen seemed to have opened an automatic noise canceling function.

“Let’s go now.” After dropping these three words, Fu Yichen walked straight without waiting for Shen Tianyu to answer.

Fu Yichen didn’t know that the sight of Shen Tianyu who he had left behind, had stayed on him for a few seconds longer.

The corners of Shen Tianyu’s mouth moved and a trace of the campus bully’s signature evil smile immediately hung on his face.
A few moments later, Shen Tianyu’s eardrums were painfully pierced by the screams around him but the smile on his face remained sinister and charming.

“Oh my God.
I’m going to faint! Ah, ah.
I can’t stand it anymore.”

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“The male God smiled at me and I… ah, I’m going to die of happiness…”

“Shut up for me.” Shen Tianyu raised his chin slightly, his voice filled with impatience.
His voice full of magnetism and indomitable arrogance, made the two people standing closest to him almost faint.

The effect was almost immediate.
No matter how loud the decibels of nearly a thousand people screaming at the same time around him were, the sounds around him immediately quieted down.
The power of the Male Protagonist of a Mary Sue novel was so magical.
The crowd around him was so quiet he could hear the sound of nature.
Even though the people around him were so excited that they wanted to shout and roar to the sky, they immediately covered their uncontrollable mouths.

Shen Tianyu or Su Zhan to be exact, tried hard to hold back the twitching corners of his mouth.
He had acted in various types of idol dramas including school idol dramas but the exaggerated reactions of these people opened his eyes.
Even compared to his die-hard fans, they are worse.

Su Zhan has finally completely accepted the fact that he travelled through and entered a Mary Sue campus romance novel called ‘The Devilish Scholl Grass Wants to Chase Me’ and the person who flung his clothes and left just now was one of the main characters of this Mary Sue novel, the Second Male, Xia Houming.

Su Zhan who was at first shocked, flustered, and then at a loss when he first arrived, is now trying to accept that this was his new reality.
He has already conjectured and sorted out the information in his brain and everything around him.

At this moment, Su Zhan was a little puzzled.
As a good actor, one must not only have absolute control over their own emotions but must also have absolute sensitivity to observe the emotions of the actors who are playing against him.
So the shock that flashed in Xia Houming’s eyes just now didn’t escape Su Zhan’s eyes which made him a little puzzled.
He really didn’t understand where such emotions came from.

But he was only slightly confused.
Su Zhan quickly entered his best state, put on a stinky face that Shen Tianyu should have, and said extremely impatiently to the group of people blocking his way, “Go away!” Truthfully, it feels really cool to be a young master who can do anything he wants.

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