Chapter 1.3 – The Devilish School Grass Wants to Chase Me

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“Young Master?” Uncle Qi looked at Fu Yichen with a puzzled look on his face.

“You go out first.” Fu Yichen suppressed the stormy waves in his heart and spat out a few words calmly.
The voice that came out was a bit cold but was full of charm which was in line with the temperament of the second male lead.

“Understood Young Master.
I’ll be at the door, please call me at any time if you need anything.” Uncle Qi didn’t suspect him and was as respectful as always, closing the door on his way out.

Fu Yichen took a deep breath and looked at the face in the mirror that was himself, that was four to five years younger.
In fact, apart from the fact that his outline was slightly more immature than in reality, his 18-year old self was already over 1.8 meters tall and handsome.
His face was well-defined and even his eyes showed a coldness that didn’t match his age, showing the uprightness of a soldier.

‘So I am now the Second male Xia Houming?’ Fu Yichen wanted to confirm it.

[Yes, the host is the Second male Xia Houming.] The mechanical sound of the system answered him.

Fu Yichen slapped cold water on his face in a daze and soon the stimulation of the water was able to calm him down.
His current identity was actually a good thing for his current situation.
As the second male lead, he has enough opportunities to get in touch with the Male and Female Protagonists which is the most favorable condition to prevent them from developing feelings or breaking them up. 

On the other hand, as one of the protagonists of the novel ‘The Devilish School Grass Wants to Chase Me’, his unique golden finger gives him an absolute advantage and convenience.

Of course, for an actor who had been playing a supporting role for five years, this was definitely a great opportunity to improve his acting skills or to say, an opportunity to show his acting skills.
Fu Yichen could only think this way optimistically.

Before sitting at the dining table, Fu Yichen quickly sorted out the information about the Second male Xia Houming in his mind.
He had to admit that the character of the Male Protagonist in this Mary Sue romance novel was completely better than the male lead in most idol dramas that he knew.
He could only sum up a few points.

The relationship between the Second male and the Male Protagonist is very close (as close as brothers).
He is handsome but not as handsome as the Male Protagonist and is often reduced into the foil of the Male Protagonist.

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The biggest villain has more money and power than the Male Protagonist but he isn’t able to win against him or get the Female Protagonist. Most of them have superior backgrounds, outstanding abilities, successful careers, handsome and compelling but no matter how much they do for the Female Protagonist, they will always be rejected by the Female Protagonist in the end. Handsome, extraordinary, and even flirtatious, but all infatuated with the Female Protagonist and dedicating everything for her.
They will not hesitate to do everything for her but no matter what, they aren’t able to obtain the Female Protagonist’s heart. In the end, all of them choose to let go because of their love for the Female Protagonist, fulfilling the ending of the Male and Female Protagonist.
They either leave sadly or pair up with the Second female.

In short, it’s similar to a table of cups.
As the Second male, Xia Houming obviously couldn’t get rid of this routine.
Born in a military family, he has a distinguished status, outstanding ability, and intelligence.

He has been favored by his grandfather who is a senior military officer since he was a child.
He is cold on the outside and hot on the inside.
Especially, after falling in love with the Female Protagonist there were only two words to describe him, total infatuation. 

Except for not obtaining the love of the Female Protagonist, the setting of the Second male Xia Houming is almost the same as that of the Male Protagonist who is amazing, cool and dazzling.

But even so, he wasn’t able to escape the fate of the Second male.
After falling in love with the grassroots Female Protagonist, he was completely infatuated with her.
However, the Female Protagonist chose the Male Protagonist, so the Second male could only look at the two showing love to each other with a smile on his depressed self.

Of course, although the Second male chose to give up the Female Protagonist, in the end, he must be sad and definitely not live a good life.
Otherwise, it would appear that he didn’t love the Female Protagonist enough, which was not in line with the Mary Sue’s settings of ‘Everyone loves me and they can’t extricate themselves’.
With the professional settings of a qualified actor, Fu Yichen quickly sorted out his role.
Whether it’s role analysis, character speculation, or behavioral expressions… he had made professional judgments to all segments.
Then he took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom. 

“Young Master, the breakfast has been changed into an English breakfast.”

As soon as Fu Yichen opened the door, Uncle Qi greeted him respectfully.
At this time, Fu Yichen remembered that he had inadvertently rejected the steak that was specially prepared.
He is now Xia Houming, not Fu Yichen.

Fu Yichen hummed neither lightly nor heavily as a response and then based on the description of Xia Houming’s mansion that he searched for in his mind, he calmly walked to their super-long dining table which was quite large and luxurious and also had a royal VIP-level lineup.
This setting of a soldier’s home is unreasonable and the scene blinded Fu Yichen’s eyes. 

Fu Yichen sat down expressionlessly on the dining table that could accommodate eleven to twelve people.
The reason why he could accurately find his place on the dining table was that his breakfast had already been placed where it should be.
There was no one else to serve but him at this time. 

Knives, forks,, and chopsticks were placed on both sides of the plate in an orderly manner.
Fu Yichen glanced at the rich breakfast on his plate.
Sausage, bacon, tomato, toast, omelet… Everything was placed in the best position to ensure that the plate looked gourmet. 

Fu Yichen calmly picked up the glass of milk beside the plate and took a sip- overwhelmed with shock. 

Standing beside him, in addition to Uncle Qi, who has always been standing beside him respectfully, there were two maids and a fat uncle wearing a chef’s uniform.
They all looked at Fu Yichen with a respectful and expectant attitude. 

[Maid Xiao An, Maid Xiao Li, Chef Zhong Shu.]

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The mechanical voice rang in Fu Yichen’s mind at the right time. 

Fu Yichen calmly ate a sausage, chewed slowly, and raised his eyebrows, “It’s not salty.” 

The expressions of the onlookers changed, especially Uncle Zhong who quickly bowed and said, “Apologies Young Master, I will pay attention next time.” 

Fu Yichen didn’t even answer, but continued to eat expressionlessly. 

In fact, Fu Yichen had to admit in his heart that he was a salt-lover.
He also always only liked Chinese food.
“In addition, I will only have Chinese food in the future.” 

The four other people present were surprised.
But it was fleeting, Uncle Zhong hurriedly agreed.
After all, their purpose was to provide the best service for their master. 

Fu Yichen’s face was calm, but an inexplicable flash of relief flashed in his heart, not because of the pleasure of being above others, but because as an actor who had no chance to act but loved acting.
He was able to perform on the spot.
He could also add plays at any time.
After all, except for the fragments in the book, the rest of the performance belonged to his own free-to-play plot, and there is no script to play on the spot, which is very fun.

After breakfast, Fu Yichen raised his hand and looked at the expensive watch on his wrist.
It happened to be 7:35.
It has been mentioned many times in the original work that Xia Houming was deeply influenced by his family’s strict military discipline and style, so he had a strong sense of time.
Not only that, he has a regular schedule for his life, work, and rest.
He was definitely not an arbitrary person.

Fu Yichen put on his school uniform jacket and Uncle Qi personally carried his school bag to the car for him.
At this time, the driver had already respectfully opened the car door for him.

“Young Master, please1Please enter the car.”

[Private driver, A-Yuan.]

Although the sound made by the system was a bit unpleasant, but its reminder function is really worthy of praise.
Fu Yichen looked at the low-key and luxury car in front of him and was calm, but some words such as ‘corruption’ and ‘violation of discipline and law’ flashed in his mind.

Leaving from home at 7:30, arriving at the gate of Xingyao in 20 minutes, and then walking into Class 1 of Year 3 within 10 minutes, half an hour just before Xingyao students finished their early morning reading.
He is able to avoid the useless and morning reading time.
This is the author’s description of the Second male Xia Houming’s schedule when going to school in the original work. 

Of course, these understandings are extracted by Fu Yichen from the original author’s exaggerated and naïve long speeches without any meaning at all.
Unfortunately, Fu Yichen who had just arrived, took a few minutes to get used to the role, so he was about five minutes late. 

But in these five minutes, the gates of the majestic Xingyao Middle School was blocked.
It was 8:03, only three minutes after the end of morning reading. 

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“Ah ah ah!” Screams sounded around the gates.

“It’s Senior Xiahou!” 

“My God, it’s Senior Xiahou!” The student was so excited that they were about to faint.

“So handsome, male god.
Ah ah ah male god!” That student probably had epilepsy? 

The moment Fu Yichen stepped out of the car door, he was faced with such a scene.
He glanced blankly at the scene that looked like a fan meeting.
Fu Yichen’s face was calm, with a small hint of impatience.
He couldn’t help but mention in his heart, ‘They are very dedicated in their group performance, but their acting is a little bit too exaggerated.’

The moment Fu Yichen praised that sentence in his heart, perhaps his cold eyes stayed in a certain direction for a few tenths of a second. 

“Ah, Senior Xiahou… he he he… He looked at me2Multiple he.

“Oh, she fainted!”

Fu Yichen felt that they weren’t acting a little excessive, but too excessive.

Reaching out to take the schoolbag that A-Yuan respectfully handed over, Fu Yichen walked straight towards the school.
Even though the main gate was surrounded, Fu Yichen seemed to have his own aura.
Wherever he passed, the onlookers retreated one after another.
The crowd, while obsessed with fanaticism, didn’t forget to follow his figure with their phones.

However, just when Fu Yichen was about to reach the end of the crowd, there was a piercing scream of ‘ah’ behind him.
At the same time, the piercing sights and mobile phones that were facing him all turned 180 degrees into another direction. 

Fu Yichen turned his head and saw an unknown luxury car driving slowly outside the school gate.
The students who were chasing him previously, rushed up like a swarm of bees, as if they smelt something sweet.
Pushing each other as if they are afraid of being unable to grab food.
Their performance was more dedicated and exaggerated than before.
They were lucky enough to meet Senior Xiahou who never entered the school after the end of the morning reading.
However this was a whole different person that made them sprint 100 meters within two minutes.
The real reason that caused them to rush to the school gates at the speed of flight had arrived.

“Ahhhhh~ Senior Shen is so handsome!” 

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“Male god ah ah ah, the male god is so handsome, his hairstyle is so cool!”

“Sure enough, there is no one more handsome than Senior Shen.” 

“Senior Shen, this is the love letter I wrote to you… Ah!” The student was slapped away by others. 

“Go away.
Senior, please look at my… ah!” Similar to the student above.

What sh*tty settings.

Fu Yichen’s mind automatically flashed the scene of the Male Protagonist Shen Tianyu’s first appearance in the original novel.
The author of this Mary Sue novel used a full chapter to describe the appearance of the Male Protagonist.
Wasn’t it the current scene? Radiant and domineering, like a king who rules the entire school – this was the Male Protagonist Shen Tianyu.

Fu Yichen raised his brows, then turned around and left.
However, before he was able to take a few steps, the screams behind him suddenly reached an indescribable height.
He was wondering why when he suddenly felt a strong gaze behind him that couldn’t be ignored, like the aura of the Protagonist that is equipped with a halo.
Bright and impossible to ignore.

When he turned his head, he saw a boy behind him who was about the same height as him. 

“*Bang* *Bang*” Fu Yichen seemed to hear something in him getting hit repeatedly in his mind until his mind went blank.
Fu Yichen completely crashed.

About two seconds later, Fu Yichen resurrected with half of his blood back, and he heard the person net to him jokingly said in a very magnetic voice, “It’s amazing Xiahou, you’re five minutes late today.” 

Fu Yichen crashed again, and about two seconds later, Fu Yichen tried his best to hide the twitching corners of his mouth, but his heart was in disarray.

So, could anyone tell him why, the handsome, cool and dazzling Male Protagonist Shen Tianyu, looks exactly the same as Su Zhan, who is at the top of the entertainment industry?


Please enter the car


Multiple he.

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