Xuanyuan Canye was a dignified ruler of a country, the ruler of this world, and the most honorable person in the world.
The two guards that were watching over him never imagined that their cruel and cold-blooded emperor would be so good at this kind of thing.
What’s more, the target of his action was still the thorn in the emperor’s heart, the evil prince Leng Qianshang.
This was an earth-shattering nightmarish knowledge.
However, they couldn’t make any noise or react, no matter how hard this fact shook them.

However, it wasn’t their fault that their hearing was too sharp.
This was one of the most basic skills that a shadow guard should have.
But this was the same skill that was causing them torture right now.
From time to time, there were some blush-inducing sounds coming from the room.
Although the sound was intermittent, they were able to hear it clearly.
It was the voice of that waste prince.
Being someone from the palace, it’s impossible not to have heard these kinds of sounds.
But this sound was coming from the prince who has always been a thorn in the emperor’s heart.

So it was as if a bolt of thunder fell from the sky and hit them straight, they couldn’t move away even if they wanted to.
Even the expressions on their faces couldn’t be shown.
What is this if it’s not torture?

Is this the so-called… love and killing? The Male version… The emperor really wasn’t an ordinary person.
However shocking this fact may be, it was still a secret that should be kept rotten in their own stomachs.
So the two guards stopped anyone who approached the door.

The emperor is doing something.
Isn’t entering the room at this time equal to courting death?

So, when Fu Yichen was nervously waiting for news and spent almost two hours trying to solve the problem until his hands were sore, he still didn’t receive the news of whether the Female Lead was tied up yet or not.
The whole process made him feel as if he was a thief.
If the person on the soft couch made a noise, he immediately broke out in cold sweat.

In fact, Leng Qianshang completely lost consciousness after Fu Yichen helped him solve it, which took him who knows how long.
Anyways, it took about three or four times before it was finally over.
It was also the first time Fu Yichen felt how strong the power of an ancient aphrodisiac could be.
Especially when he saw a certain someone being ravaged to the point of a pitiful appearance.
Fu Yichen felt even more fortunate that the author didn’t arrange for him to go through something like this.

Afterward, Fu Yichen couldn’t bear looking at Leng Qianshang’s soaked clothes.
After all, he was responsible for it.
So he simply helped the unconscious man change his clothes, which could be regarded as expressing his guilt.

Not to mention the embarrassment of changing someone’s clothes for them, the special smell in the air made Fu Yichen unconsciously a little nervous.
Just as he was helping Leng Qianshang put on a robe, the latter suddenly woke up.

At that time, Leng Qianshang had been lying on his back on the soft couch.
Just after Fu Yichen had put on half of his sleeve on him and was just leaning down to lift him up to put on the other sleeve, Leng Qianshang opened his eyes.

The situation at that time turned even more awkward and embarrassing.
Fu Yichen was holding Leng Qianshang’s left shoulder with one hand and the other hand had already been wrapped around Leng Qianshang’s back.
This posture didn’t look like he was trying to help him up, but to hug him.

When Leng Qianshang opened his eyes coldly, Fu Yichen was also stunned and he froze.
At this time, the distance between the two people’s faces was only a few centimeters.
When Fu Yichen was helping him dress up, he moved him a few times and Leng Qianshang’s eyes directly faced his neck when he woke up.
Fu Yichen didn’t know why, but looking at that face at such a close distance made him think of many messy things in his head.
Such as the picture of the other person when he was unconscious just now and the feeling in his hand… He couldn’t control the picture that popped up in his mind.
For a while, he forgot to react and stiffened.

However, Fu Yichen quickly calmed down because he found that the person under him was much less calm than he was.
Fu Yichen saw Leng Qianshang’s eyes gradually change from being slack to clear.
He could see the pair of eyes widen for a bit.
Just when Fu Yichen thought that he would push him away, the man completely froze, staring at him blankly.

A surprisingly familiar scenario flashed in Fu Yichen’s mind.
If it wasn’t for the fact that they were wearing ancient costumes, Fu Yichen almost thought that the person in front of him was Shen Tianyu.
The other person’s whole body was stiff and motionless.
His wide eyes showed that he didn’t know what to think, but his mind was definitely scattered and a little dazed.
Leng Qianshang and Su Zhan had the exact same face as Shen Tianyu.

Fu Yichen’s heart couldn’t help but move and he involuntarily leaned closer.
Inadvertently, the arms that were wrapped around Leng Qianshang’s shoulders moved and he ended up having his hands on either side of the Male Lead’s head.

“Shen Tianyu?” Fu Yichen unconsciously probed, saying a few words.
At this time, he wasn’t Xuanyuan Canye, but Xia Houming.

Fu Yichen’s voice made Su Zhan, who was stiff and cowardly, regain some sense of reason.
Putting aside everything else that happened before, as soon as he opened his eyes, he met such a handsome face just a few inches away from his.
Before reacting, he noticed that their postures were too ambiguous and it was too easy for him to think crookedly.

“Who is he?”, “What is he trying to do?”, “What is he trying to do with this posture?” … Obviously, when he first woke up, his mind was still a little dull.
However, at this moment, his mind was now filled with questions.
So Su Zhan’s mind naturally wandered off.
He didn’t know that he had this problem at all.
The more nervous he was and the more critical the situation was, it was easier for him to get distracted.

Right at this moment, the person on top of him suddenly moved closer without warning.
The closer he got, the more thoughts ran in Su Zhan’s head, ‘What does he want to do? Is he going to kiss me? Is he gay? Wait… I’m not so frivolous enough to kiss a random person.’ A series or random questions similar to those above appeared.

“Shen what?” Su Zhan blurted out in confusion.
The other person was too close to him.
He had never been in such close contact with another man before.
The other person’s strong masculine breath rushed to his face, and went straight to his heart, spreading towards his whole body in an instant and completely shrouding his whole body.
Su Zhan’s range of sight was also limited to the face of the person on top of him.
That face was so handsome and full of a domineering breath.
Especially when he opened his mouth to talk.
Su Zhan’s eyes couldn’t help falling on the slightly parted lips.
For a natural-born 0, this view was incredibly sexy.

Fu Yichen saw that the other person’s eyes which finally cleared up became blurred once more.
As if the person was out of focus.
It seemed that the other person was staring at his… chin? But Fu Yichen could clearly hear his confused words of, “Shen what?”

But with this sentence, Fu Yichen was certain that the person below him was not Shen Tianyu.
When he had asked about Shen Tianyu before, he couldn’t see any fluctuations in his eyes, not even subtle ones.
So he wasn’t Shen Tianyu.
But when Leng Qianshang was extremely nervous just now, his performance was almost exactly the same as that of Shen Tianyu’s.
How could this be explained? What was the connection between the both of them? Fu Yichen believed that the most real instinct is the reactions that people make unconsciously.

At this moment, the system prompt that had been silent for a long time suddenly rang out again.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +10]

‘What’s going on?’ Fu Yichen immediately became stunned.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -5]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +13]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -8]


Finally, the system concluded the total points, [The total favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male is -15]

Fu Yichen was stunned.
In fact, before Leng Qianshang had completely lost consciousness, the favorability between the Male Lead and the Second Male had dropped to a terrible -35.
This meant that Leng Qianshang hated him, and before that he hated Xuanyuan Canye foremost.
But just now, in the blink of an eye, the favorability level had gone back to -15.

He had to admit that after being bound to the system for a while now, this was the first time that he encountered such a big fluctuation in his favorability.
Fu Yichen slowly moved his gaze to Leng Qianshang’s chest.
This Leng Qianshang… does he have any sort of heart disease?

But at this time, Leng Qianshang suddenly pushed Fu Yichen’s chest away without warning.
At the same time he sat up quickly and before Fu Yichen could speak, Leng Qianshang quickly bent his legs back.
On the soft couch, he knelt in front of Fu Yichen.
It was so fast that Fu Yichen didn’t notice when the man under him had regained his clarity.

“Your Majesty, forgive Chen’s sins.
Chen deserves death.” At this time, Fu Yichen was half seated on the edge of the soft couch.
While Leng Qianshang knelt beside him with his sleeves half hanging.
His long hair spread around with his head lowered.
Showing a look that made it seem that he couldn’t wait to bury his face in his own chest.

When Fu Yichen was distracted, Su Zhan, who was daydreaming, detected an indescribable smell in the air and immediately woke up.
His reason completely returned to his mind and the scene after the drug completely took over his sanity filled his mind in an instant.
Scene after scene made him want to find a crack to crawl into.
This was the emperor in front of him, not to mention why he did those kinds of things to him, his face had completely been thrown up to the sky.
The main thing that he was certain about was that the world is big and the emperor is magnanimous

Fu Yichen restored his expression to Xuanyuan Canye’s gloomy face in a second, got up, and brushed his sleeves.
He then said condescendingly, “Since Qianshang is awake, you can wear it yourself.”

“Many thanks, Your Majesty.” Su Zhan was stunned for a moment and then realized that he had a sleeve on his left arm.
Which means… was the emperor actually trying to dress him just now? When he realized this, Su Zhan lowered his head.
He was so annoyed with himself that he wanted to slap himself to wake himself up.
Why did he think of the messy things that happened just now?

But soon Su Zhan found another terrible problem.
His innerwear and underwear were dry… That is to say, someone changed his clothes while he was asleep.
It was obvious who did it.
Suddenly Su Zhan felt a wave of heat rush towards his head.
At that moment, Su Zhan stared at the figure of the other person in the room.
He had completely collapsed to the point of wanting to pull out a handful of his white hair.
His face hadn’t just been thrown to the sky, it was completely thrown into outer space.
That is to say, he has no face left.

Of course, the most terrible part was that he had lost consciousness.
How embarrassing was that? He only remembered that the emperor acted inappropriately to help him… What did the other person do, he didn’t dare to watch it.
Fortunately, he didn’t remember anything after that.

Fu Yichen saw that the person on the couch quickly dressed and got off with lightning speed.
Carrying out the whole process without raising his head at all.
Thinking about it, what happened just now was embarrassing and strange.
It would be better if they acted as if nothing had ever happened.

Just at this time, the secret guard came back and Fu Yichen finally breathed out a sigh of relief when he learnt that the Female Lead had been tied up in a little black house.
So would he be able to return to the palace now?

“It’s getting late.
I’ll be going back to the palace first.
Qianshang, you should also return early.”

“Chen respectfully sends off the Emperor.” Thank goodness, you’re finally leaving.

However, when he walked to the door, Fu Yichen added, “Qianshang, have a good rest.
In five days, come to the palace and accompany me for a drink.”

According to the development of the plot, on the fifth day after the brothel incident, Xuanyuan Canye held a big banquet in the palace to entertain civil and military officials along with their families.
Then, under the mindless setting of the author, various talent shows were arranged during the banquet.
Such as the wonderful dance competition of the concubines in the harem.
Calligraphy and painting competitions… In short, the guqin, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry and songs, etc.
Everything that the author of Mary Sue could imagine.

Although it was ridiculous, the author could really turn something as solemn as a royal banquet into a talent show for concubines in the harem.

But it was also in this banquet that the Second Male, Xuanyuan Canye, noticed the Female Lead for the first time and was interested.

So in the end, Fu Yichen added another sentence, “Don’t forget to bring Qian Wangfei.” 

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