Although accompanying the courtesan was just one of the gimmicks for the brothel to attract business, it became the highlight of the night.
What the patrons didn’t expect was for there to be a chance of being robbed by a little-known ‘boy’.
But in the end, this boy’s poem really was ‘wonderful’.
So everyone could only pity their luck and admire the winner.
Many talents from far and wide who had made a special trip for the courtesan, already started to leave the venue.

However, in a certain private room, Fu Yichen remained as still as a mountain with no intention of leaving.
In fact, he wasn’t so sure if the Male Lead had been drugged yet or not.
After all, the plot is just too powerful.
So even if he had the person under his watch, he wasn’t relieved.

What Fu Yichen didn’t know was that the person he was looking at this time was also very alert and thinking about the same problem.
An emperor, the master of the world, secretly went to a brothel in the middle of the night for the sake of a courtesan who can’t be presented to the public.
The courtesan was even robbed by another person.
Right now the emperor wasn’t leaving, he wasn’t even letting him leave and calling him over.
What was he trying to do?

This shows that the emperor wants that courtesan but because of his face he didn’t mention anything.
Does the emperor want him to do something as a minister? Especially when he was called over for no reason.
Just like what the emperor mentioned before, ‘Qian Wang is quite familiar with this place’.
What did that sentence imply? It was obvious.

Su Zhan couldn’t help laughing at the emperor’s lust and hypocrisy.
However, he consciously broke the silence and bowed at the emperor, “Your Majesty, why don’t you let Chen handle this matter?” Of course, Su Zhan had deliberately mentioned it to test the emperor.
After all, as the emperor’s mortal enemy, the emperor might not have such a face to ask him to do such a shameful thing.
Since ancient times, which emperor didn’t love their own face?

However, Su Zhan didn’t know that he was facing a fake emperor, so he had miscalculated from the start.

Fu Yichen, who was in a state of embarrassment, was stunned when he heard this.
But he soon understood what Leng Qianshang meant.
Fu Yichen, who had no legitimate reason to deny, opened his mouth and said, “Then let’s go with Qian Wang’s suggestion.” However, Fu Yichen regretted his words as soon as they were spoken.
As expected, the favorability prompt sounded in his mind once more.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -1]

The real identity of the courtesan is Leng Qianshang’s informant.
The identity of the informant as a courtesan is useful for the cover of the Male Lead pretending to be indulgent.
And his action right now is about to cut off one of the Male Lead’s arms.
It’s no wonder that Leng Qianshang was unhappy.

Unbeknownst to him, Su Zhan’s first thought was that the tyrant’s lust for beauty was beyond his expectations, even beyond the ruthless setting given to him by the author.
The author clearly forgot to add one more label to this fatuous ruler, lust.

“Chen will arrange it now.” Su Zhan slandered the emperor in his heart.
But with a look of understanding on his face, he searched for a way to leave the private room.
After all, the courtesan was originally one of the Male Lead’s underlings.
He even wondered if he could send the emperor someone else if he hadn’t seen the courtesan.

Fu Yichen suddenly thought for a moment, “Wait.” If the so-called medicine started to flare up during the time he was gone, wouldn’t his embarrassment of being caught in a brothel be in vain? “It’s better not to bother Qian Wang with this.” Before Leng Qianshang could react, he winked at the person beside him and told him to do it.

‘What a hypocrite.’ Su Zhan said in his heart.
There was no change on his face that could be seen.
He could see that the emperor had no intentions of letting him leave, so he couldn’t leave even if he wanted to.
So Su Zhan retreated.

“Sit.” Fu Yichen gave him a look and at the same time calmly observed the person in front of him.
The person in front of him was still so calm.
The capable courtesan who was trained with so much hard work was about to be taken away and yet he still didn’t change his face.

So Fu Yichen was unmoving, “Since we are here, Qian Wang might as well accompany me for a drink.” He said, winking to the bodyguard beside him who immediately filled their glasses with wine.

“Thanking Your Majesty.” Su Zhan could only bite the bullet and sit down.
He didn’t dare to touch the wine.
He always felt that the emperor was a bit strange tonight.
At this time, Su Zhan had also started to worry.
If the emperor’s purpose tonight was not his lust for the courtesan, but her real identity, then everything would make sense.

Su Zhan’s heart suddenly sank.
If this was the case, then it’s going to be troublesome.
But currently, he couldn’t leave the room without the emperor’s permission.

Fu Yichen drank two glasses of wine and didn’t urge the Male Lead to drink.
The whole private room was gradually enveloped by an awkward atmosphere.
At first, Fu Yichen deliberately started conversations to look for something to talk about.
But he soon found that with their current relationship, he couldn’t find a suitable topic.
What was even more embarrassing was that they were two men sitting together in a private room of a brothel late at night.
The fact that the both of them weren’t leaving was extremely strange and mortifying.

“Your Majesty,” Su Zhan finally couldn’t sit still anymore, “If it’s alright with you, Chen is going to retire first.” At this time, the emperor might be purposely keeping him here and doing things behind his back.
Arranging for people to infiltrate his strongholds and that’s why he wanted to take away the courtesan.

Su Zhan had to admit that he had underestimated the enemy.
Because of how childish and ignorant the work of the author was, he unconsciously thought that the characters in the novel were all equally mentally retarded.
He didn’t expect that this wasn’t the case.
Not only that, but this was extremely dangerous.
For example, the person in front of him did too many things outside the plot and in ancient times, every action could affect a person’s life and death.

Another reason why Su Zhan wanted to leave was also what he was most worried about.
He felt a little uncomfortable.
Although it was just a slight feeling, he could feel his body heating up.

This is what Su Zhan was most worried about.
In the original plot, the Male Lead was unexpectedly drugged in his own territory, and then inexplicably went to the Female Lead’s courtyard to have a relationship with the Female Lead.
This matter was completely unacceptable for him.
Even if he was a straight guy, he wouldn’t want to do it.
So, for almost the whole day, he didn’t dare to eat anything that others had handed to him.
He even avoided the approach of the people around him, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
He didn’t let anyone get close to him when he entered the brothel.
Whether it was wine or tea, he didn’t even touch a single drop.

But even in such a situation, there was still something wrong with his body, which made Su Zhan extremely worried.
Especially when he’s sitting in front of the big boss of this novel.

“You see, it’s not early now.” The implication is, you should leave now.

Originally, it was only a temporary decision of Fu Yichen to forcibly keep Leng Qianshang near him, admittedly it wasn’t a wise move to do so.
But he could only delay time to face the problem that was about to come.
Moreover, what if after he let Leng Qianshang go back, he would get drugged in his own Wangfu? It seems more likely to be drugged there than to be drugged in a brothel.

This is what Fu Yichen was currently worried about.
The main purpose for all the actions he did tonight was to keep the Male Lead from having a physical relationship with the Female Lead, which was the main trigger of the relationship between the Male and Female Leads.

Fu Yichen felt at a loss.
He was even thinking of some powerful and domineering method to force the person to stay behind.
After all, the Second Male was unreasonable.

Just at this moment, a secret guard walked inside in a hurry, walking to Fu Yichen’s side without looking elsewhere.
He then lowered his head and whispered in Fu Yichen’s ears.

Fu Yichen raised his brows.
This person was one of the two secret guards he sent to monitor the Female Lead from the start of the novel until now.
Currently, he’s here to report to him, “Qian Wangfei has left the brothel.”

Fu Yichen suddenly thought of something.
Since his fundamental purpose is to prevent the Male and Female Leads from having a physical relationship, if he directly kidnaps the Female Lead for one night then even if Leng Qianshang goes back and is drugged, they won’t be able to do anything.
After all, it takes two to tango.

Thinking of this, Fu Yichen unconsciously curled his lips and then whispered to the secret guard.
He asked the two of them to tie the Female Lead inside a dark room for one night and release her the day after.
Once they were done, they were to come back and report to him.
After all, a Mary Sue Female Lead’s golden finger is in a class of its own.
He must make sure that nothing goes wrong before he can return the Male Lead.

After the secret guard left, Fu Yichen leisurely turned his head to look at Leng Qianshang.
There was even a calm smile on the corner of his mouth, “Is Qian Wang not drinking?”

Fu Yichen didn’t know that his series of actions and calm smile seemed to have confirmed Su Zhan’s previous thoughts and instantly made alarm bells ring in his mind.

While his task is to correct the plot, if he was killed off before it even starts, how is he going to be able to correct it? Getting a ‘boxed lunch’1 before the show even starts.

This was not just about the dignity of an actor, this matter was also about his life and death.
But there were no clear instructions on how to handle things if they go wrong.
Like for example, if he fails the task of correcting the plot, will he die? Su Zhan didn’t want to joke about his own life.

Especially when the situation seems to be getting worse for him.
His body seems to be getting hotter and hotter.
If he stays any longer, there’s a huge possibility that something big will happen.

“Your Majesty,” Su Zhan suddenly stood up.
The sudden weakness of his body almost made him fall back down again.
While secretly being anxious in his heart, his face inadvertently showed a bit of urgency, “Today seems to be a bit late.
Why don’t Chen accompany Your Majesty some other day?”

The secret guard had just left and the Female Lead hasn’t been tied up yet.
So how could Fu Yichen let him leave? Especially the eager look between his eyebrows.
The more eager he was to leave, the more Fu Yichen didn’t want to let him go.

Fu Yichen frowned lightly, “Why? It’s rare for Zhen to finally come out.
Is Qian Wang really that reluctant to accompany Zhen for a while?” Fu Yichen made it clear that he was using his authority to suppress the Male Lead.

“Your Majesty!”

Su Zhan was already gnashing his teeth.
His body felt very hot and his face had already started to burn.
He originally thought that this kind of trivial thing was not worth mentioning in front of his own self-control, but he underestimated it.
Why did he forget that this was a brain-dead novel?

“Chen feels a little unwell.
Why not another day?” As a pure zero and in front of a man who completely meets his standards, he doesn’t know what he will do once he loses his senses.

Hearing that Leng Qianshang was unwell, Fu Yichen’s heart skipped a beat.
He had originally thought that the other person wouldn’t get drugged if he kept him under his nose.
Fu Yichen unconsciously reduced the possibility of Leng Qianshang getting drugged in the brothel.
Unexpectedly, there was something wrong with Leng Qianshang.

Since it happened, then all the more reason to not let him leave.

Fu Yichen looked at him in concern, “Is Qian Wang uncomfortable anywhere? Does Zhen need to call an imperial physician to come and take a look?”

“Many thanks for your kindness, Your Majesty.
However, Chen would just like to return to the manor.” Su Zhan felt that the emperor was doing it on purpose.
Not to mention, was this medicine given to him by the emperor? What do you mean by the Male Lead is black-bellied? It’s clear that the Second Male is the real black-bellied person.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -1]

Fu Yichen could see that Leng Qianshang’s face was getting redder and redder.
Originally the Male Lead had Su Zhan’s face and Su Zhan was born with a fair-looking face, but now it looks like he’s blushing.
With those clothes, silver-white hair, and blue eyes that are a little blurred at this moment…

A goblin! Fu Yichen couldn’t help but sigh.
It was pretty clear that Leng Qianshang was forbearing and enduring a lot of pain, but he still tried his best to control the expression on his face, which shows that this person is a man with powerful self-control.

As a man, Fu Yichen could understand his pain very well at this time.
However, he still couldn’t let him leave.

“Chen is going to retire.” Su Zhan gritted his teeth and turned around without waiting for Fu Yichen’s answer.
It was obvious that he wanted to leave, but this guy didn’t want to let him go.
He couldn’t handle it any longer.

Fu Yichen saw Leng Qianshang turning his head and walking away.
Accompanied by the system’s prompts of the reduction of favorability points.
However, just as the other person took two steps away, his body softened and he fell forward.

Fu Yichen calmly raised his eyebrows, rushing up and grabbing the other person in a worried stride.
“Be careful, Qian Wang.” Sure enough, this drug was so potent that it can’t be dispersed.

“Hmm~” Su Zhan groaned the moment his body was touched.
He couldn’t help but wail in his heart.
It’s all over.

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