Chapter 1.2 – The Devilish School Grass Wants to Chase Me

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Fu Yichen is a calm person and his calmness has been exercised to the greatest extent in the past five years.
But even so, in the face of such a confusing situation, his heart was unable to calm down.
This situation was too strange for him to calm down.

[The Mary Sue Reversal System is not a joke.
The Mary Sue Reversal System is a super-powerful force that is formed by the strong resentment and complaints of those from the Anti-Mary Sue Alliance which causes the Illusory World Reversal System to form.
The System isn’t child’s play1Simple matter.]

Fu Yichen’s heart skipped a beat, ignoring the mechanical voice’s continuous rant.
He was able to immediately grasp the key point, ‘Illusory world?’

[Yes, this is an illusory world derived from a Mary Sue romance novel.
That is, the world of a book, the world of Mary Sue.
Mary Sue should go die!]

The corners of Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched again.
This mechanical voice isn’t suited for roasting2talking shit, not really grilling but he could generally understand what was going on.
That is to say, he is now currently in an illusory world and this world is a world derived from a Mary Sue romance novel.
To put it simply, he has now entered a novel.

‘Is this a dream?’ 

Dreaming is similar to something like the person’s soul leaving their body to go to another unknown world.
In a dream, a person would feel that everything around them was real and that their body was real but when the person wakes up they will only discover that it was all an illusion.
The only difference between the book world and a dream is that he is aware that he is in an illusion.

[What the hell do you mean by dream?]

Fu Yichen closed his eyes when he heard the mechanical voice of the system, he needed to get used to this garbage-like system that’s full of rants as soon as possible.
The mechanical voice continued before Fu Yichen could speak.

[You have been forcibly bound to the Mary Sue Reversal System and will coexist with the system from now on.]

[Then… how do I get out?] Fu Yichen could only feel that the corners of his lips were a little dry.
Not mentioning how he got in, he should be able to get out, right? Although his current situation is something similar to dreaming, it’s a bit scarier than a dream because he was aware.

[Reverse the ending of the Mary Sue Female Protagonist in this article in getting the Male Protagonist, I hate the mentally retarded Mary Sue the most!] This introduction filled with spit shows that the system has a lot of resentment towards Mary Sue.

[What article?] Although Fu Yichen had a general understanding of the situation but he had never read any Mary Sue romance novels and even if he had read novels, at most he would’ve read Tom Sue3Male MC with girls falling left and right for him, basically harem MC but super duper OP.
Besides, there are thousands of Mary Sue novels, how would he know which one was which? Who was the Male Protagonist and Female Protagonist? What was the plot?

But soon the Garbage System answered his question.

[Host, please receive the information.
Host, please receive the information]

Fu Yichen always felt that the tone of this system was a bit rude so he opened his mouth to talk, “Receive.” 

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[You just need to answer in your heart, no need to open your mouth.] That voice sounded a little gloating?

Now Fu Yichen doesn’t want to give it just a little beating but a very bad beating.

Soon, a large amount of information surged into Fu Yichen’s mind.
After quickly clearing and sorting it out, Fu Yichen was stunned for a long time.
It wasn’t because the information was difficult to sort or accept, it was really… it blinded his eyes.
No wonder there was an anti-Mary Sue alliance.

He was currently in a campus Mary Sue romance novel called ‘The Devilish School Grass Wants to Chase Me’.
Fu Yichen didn’t really blame the alliance for the hate anymore.
Wasn’t this the novel that was hung up in the alliance? He had just glanced at it roughly at that time and didn’t pay much attention to it.
He didn’t expect to be trapped by it at this time.

Fu Yichen remembered that when he had first glanced at it, it happened to be the author of this article that was being ridiculed by the group.
It seemed that the author’s application to sign the largest novel reading website in China, Jinjiang literature city4JinJiang WenXue Cheng jjwxc, was rejected.
The author’s little friend5at this point I’m thinking it’s probably not the author’s friend, but their own smurf account ran to the Jinjiang forum to laugh at the editor’s lack-of-eyes and was also spat on by the alliance.

Fu Yichen used his palm to support his forehead, he wasn’t interested in this mess.
How much weight does he carry6what could he do?? Besides, what does their resentment have to do with him? From billions of people in the world, why was he the one being bound?

Fu Yichen took a deep breath.
Now was not the time for him to be complaining.
Complaining can’t solve anything.
The main priority for him now is to find a way to get out.

‘The Devilish School Grass Wants to Chase Me’ is a typical campus youth romance novel.
The plot starts with the Mary Sue Female Protagonist’s point of view and it’s in this view for the entire novel.
This novel article was very long.
Although the plot was filled with dogblood and lightning7guys, not literal lightning.
Just that it’s so dramatic you can see sparks of lightning flying left to right, the plot’s ups and downs appeared left and right on a magnified scale8feeling a lot like those y/n stories now.
Fu Yichen summarized the plot in general.

The Female Protagonist Su Susu9Ugh so much su.
Definitely Mary sue was originally a seventeen-year-old girl from an ordinary working-class family.
She lived an ordinary life but because she accidentally saved the wife of the principal of Xingyao Aristocratic Middle School, she accidentally got the opportunity to enter Xingyao Middle School and was sorted into the famous third-year class of the school. 

Xingyao Aristocratic Middle School was the most authoritative and prestigious aristocratic middle school in the country.
Almost everyone wants to be admitted into this school but not everyone can enter.
Either those with strong economic strength, those with absolute political power, or those with a strong familial background.
In short, this is a school filled with children from wealthy and powerful families. 

It was amazing that the Female Protagonist did a good deed and was admitted in because of it. 

Along with that, the first class of the third year of the school is well known in the school to have students with a big background.
It’s a class where students such as the child of the richest man in the world would be in.
It’s a problem class that even the principal doesn’t dare to manage. 

Coincidentally, this article’s Male Protagonist who is crazy, cool, and dazzling, the ‘as handsome as a god and as unruly as a devil’, the eldest young master of the Shen family, Shen Tianyu was also in this class.

And so the dogblood filled story began.
The Female Protagonist who was poor, upright, and bold but with a good figure, was so different from the others that she attracted the attention of the devilish school grass.
Since then, the two started a period of love and killing10Guys not literal killing.
Basically torturing one another with jealousy and shit decisions.
During this period, there were also others involved.
The eldest grandson of a family with a military background, Xia Houming.
The loyal dog second male and of course the mayor’s son, the third cannon fodder male.

In the end, Su Susu’s unknown and mysterious background was revealed in various twists and turns.
In short, it’s a story about a group of noble sons with eyes above everything who all fell in love with a grass-roots princess11basically someone poor not really grass.
Finally, in the end, the Male Protagonist, the devilish school grass, crushed the competition and got the hand of the grass-roots princess.

As expected of a Mary Sue novel.
Fu Yichen who had finished sorting out the plot, didn’t recover after a long time.
He was out of focus.

‘Can I choose to die?’ 

How to stop the Protagonist’s gold finger12strong luck from being too thick? Moreover, Fu Yichen raised his hand and looked at his slender fingers and long slender legs.
This was obviously not his body.

‘If this is an illusory world then, that is to say, what exists in this book world is only my consciousness.
My body is still in the real world.
If I choose to die, will my consciousness be able to go back to my original body?’ Fu Yichen asked the system calmly.

[Isn’t the host thinking too much?] 

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Fu Yichen’s veins jumped, was this really a system with no consciousness?

[This is an illusory book world, everything is an illusion.
However, for the host this is all real.]

‘Can you explain?’ Fu Yichen’s heart skipped a beat and he had a bad premonition.

[Speak proper human words, okay?] The system was inexplicably arrogant.

The corners of Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched once more and he thought to himself, after he figures out the situation, the first thing he would do is to clean up this trash system.

‘What do you mean?’ 

[The consciousness of the host is real.
The host has been bound to the Mary Sue Reversal System so the consciousness of the host and the system coexists and dies together.
If the system dies so does the host.
But if the host dies, the system will have to look for a replacement.] 

Wasn’t it ‘If you13Fu Yichen die, I14the system will die.
But if I die then nothing happens to you’? Fu Yichen stroked his forehead, he could feel a headache coming.
He had probably bumped into a dirty thing15evil spirit last night, which is why he encountered such an unfortunate incident.

[So once the host’s consciousness dies, the host will really die.]

Fu Yichen took a deep breath, ‘What if I live16survive live, not stay live in this world?’ 

A person’s consciousness dominates their body and a person’s life and death are judged by the existence of their consciousness.
Since his consciousness was in this world and stuck in this current situation, the identity of this body is unique.
It can be presumed that this body’s living conditions are good in all aspects.
Then is he going to be forced to live and die in this world with this body?

[The Mary Sue Reversal System is designed to reverse the ending of the Mary Sue obtaining the Male Protagonist.
The Male Protagonist cannot be with the Mary Sue Female Protagonist, even if he has to end up with the second Female.
The plot has already begun.
And if it doesn’t turn around, the day the Mary Sue gets the Male Protagonist is the day the system collapses.
Once the system dies, the host dies and the world in the book will collapse.]

Fu Yichen took a deep breath.
He could only use two words to describe his situation, impossible17Raws used bu xing.
It’s two words.
The only way to leave this world is to reverse the ending of the novel.
The final ending of the book is that the Female Protagonist Su Susu and the Male Protagonist Shen Tianyu get together and have a grand engagement banquet.
So what he had to do was to reverse the plot, prevent the two from getting together and ensure that the Male Protagonist and the Second Female get together.

‘Then how am I able to know the progress?’ 

As a bystander, how is he able to know the thoughts of the two parties involved? What if he succeeds in separating the two but they secretly fell in love with each other in their hearts?

[The system will automatically sense it and prompt the host.]

“*Knock**Knock*” At this moment, there was a soft knock at the door and a familiar voice came into Fu Yichen’s ears.

“Young Master, how are you?” 

“*Cough*” Fu Yichen cleared his throat and turned to look at the neatly folded clothes that were on his bed closely.
It was a white shirt, a school uniform with black embroidered edges.
It’s made of high-end and luxurious fabrics.
The small words ‘Xingyao Middle School’ are embroidered on the corner of the collar as well as the cuffs and the school emblem.
Every part of the clothing was delicately designed.

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It seems that he was also a member of Xingyao Middle School which made his situation much easier to handle.
It’s always better to be closer to the Protagonists.

Fu Yichen quickly put on his clothes and stood up.
Although he hadn’t seen what the face of his current body looked like, as far as the height of the body was concerned, it wasn’t any different from his own body.
He was still tall.
In terms of muscles, this body is firmer and more stylish than his own body.
It can be seen that this body used to exercise frequently.
Fu Yichen was very satisfied with this. 

When he opened the door, Fu Yichen was once again shocked by the magnificent hall that was revealed.
Everything he saw was lavish and corrupt.
He lived on the second floor and when he opened the door, he was able to see the luxurious hall downstairs.
There were several people in uniforms and when they saw him come out, they all stood at attention and said respectfully in unison.

“Morning, Young Master.”

Fu Yichen held back the twitching corners of his mouth.
He had never seen such a scene, even in the several popular idol dramas that he had acted in.

“Young Master, let’s go and wash up first.” The old man in the suit bowed with a smile.

[Uncle Qi, the housekeeper.] At this moment, the mechanical voice of the system suddenly sounded in Fu Yichen’s mind and Fu Yichen almost stopped in his tracks.

Fu Yichen didn’t answer but followed Uncle Qi towards the bathroom.
But the moment he stepped into the bathroom, Fu Yichen suddenly thought of a question.

‘Who am I?’ This was the key issue.
Only by knowing his identity would he be able to know what role he was playing and how to react to whoever he was facing.
As an actor, playing roles is not a problem as he has a script.
However, he still didn’t know what role he was playing. 

[Xia Houming.]

“F*ck.” Fu Yichen accidentally blurted out.

No wonder he felt something was off.
When the system had said the name of the grandson of the military family that is the second male, Fu Yichen saw himself in the mirror. 

Damn, wasn’t that his own face? 


[ ] is used for system talking, ‘ ‘ is used for Fu Yichen when he’s talking with the system in his mind and “” is used for everything else.

I’m sorry today’s update was a bit late… was busy yesterday preparing food for cny dinner… and I got up late today


Simple matter


talking shit, not really grilling


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Male MC with girls falling left and right for him, basically harem MC but super duper OP


JinJiang WenXue Cheng jjwxc


at this point I’m thinking it’s probably not the author’s friend, but their own smurf account


what could he do?


guys, not literal lightning.
Just that it’s so dramatic you can see sparks of lightning flying left to right


feeling a lot like those y/n stories now


Ugh so much su.
Definitely Mary sue


Guys not literal killing.
Basically torturing one another with jealousy and shit decisions


basically someone poor not really grass


strong luck


Fu Yichen


the system


evil spirit


survive live, not stay live


Raws used bu xing.
It’s two words

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