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The brothel of ancient times was really lively.
More specifically, the ancient brothel in the mind of the author.
It was as if all the men in the capital went there at night without needing any sleep.
The people who went there were all either dignitaries, nobles and masters from all walks of life.
Don’t any of them want their faces?

It was really difficult for Fu Yichen to understand the mind of that modern woman.
To have the perspective of a woman and yet still having a yearning to visit a place similar to hell for women like a brothel.
Sure enough, elementary school students don’t have much insight of the world these days1 In addition, the inappropriate s*x scene with the Male Lead in the next chapter? And about the tyrant, the Second Male, who almost… wiped… his gun2 with the Female Lead?

Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched, what happened to the innocence of children these days? Are all their thoughts so impure? He swore to himself that even if the task required him to do so, he wouldn’t allow himself to do such beastly things.
The person he is currently facing now is the silly Female Lead whose IQ stayed at the age of eleven or twelve.

Fu Yichen didn’t enter the brothel from the main entrance.
There should be another entrance for nobles and princes that don’t want to be seen in such a derogatory place.
To run a brothel, the owner must also understand the rules of the capital.

So, after a bit of work, Fu Yichen led his two followers into a private room on the second floor.
The private room was facing the lobby and the curtains were drawn closed.
The people outside can hardly see who or what was inside the room.
Clearly those entertainers that were for singing, were singing, and those for hugging were for hugging.
There were no scenes of being forced, which made Fu Yichen unexpectedly satisfied with this setting.
The author’s ancient brothel was well managed.

Not long after sitting down, Fu Yichen quickly saw the figure of the Female Lead in the lobby.
There was no need for a system reminder as Fu Yichen could recognize her without a single shred of doubt.

She probably didn’t know how nondescript she looked.
Slim, petite, white and tender.
This figure is vastly different, even from the shortest and fairest man here, similar to a child.
But what’s such a mentally retarded thing is that, even with such a tender face, the Female Lead actually wore a fake beard.

There was also another terrible thing, the Female Lead’s chest.
The author had set how the Mary Sue looked like, ‘Every man that glanced at her will go blank in the head and have a nosebleed’.
So no matter how much the Female Lead wrapped it, her chest will not be flat.
In addition, there is no Adam’s apple.
It can be said that the ancient people in this world have no common sense.

So how the Female Lead looked, it can be said to be very difficult to describe.
In addition to the disguise that could be seen through at a glance, there is also the ‘deep voice’ of a man that can tell others just what gender the person who is speaking is, without having to look at them.
Facing the Female Lead who disguised as a man like this, the Male Lead with a ‘black-belly and high IQ’ was unable to recognize that she was a woman, and that she was his wife.
Fu Yichen guessed with a dark face that the Male Lead was also someone who was as mentally r*tarded as everyone else.

Of course, in this brothel, there are so many men that are mingling with women and women with men, yet no one could recognize such a mentally r*tarded disguise.

Fu Yichen took a deep breath and drank another cup of tea leisurely.
At this moment, the curtain for the private room opposite to him was suddenly lifted.
Fu Yichen saw the long silver-white hair that he recognized at a glance, was that the ‘Evil Prince’?

[Host, that’s the Male Lead, Leng Qianshang.] The system prompt sounded out.

In fact, in order to highlight how special the Male Lead is, the author completely violated the scientific study of genes.
The Male Lead isn’t the only person born with white hair and blue eyes in his entire 18 generations of ancestors, but also the only white-haired and blue-eyed person in the entire Mary Sue world.
Therefore, white hair and blue eyes are synonymous to Leng Qianshang, so there is no case of mistaken identity.

Fu Yichen felt that it was a little funny in his heart.
In the ancient times of feudalism, a baby with white hair and blue eyes was suddenly born.
If it was in real life, such a child would probably be mistaken as a demon and offered as a sacrifice to the heavens.

Similar to that, the golden eyes of the Second Male Xuanyuan Canye are also unique in this world.
Was it a genetic mutation? Or a chromosomal mutation? In short, as the supreme ruler of the country, Xuanyuan Canye’s eye colour is also well known.
Fortunately, the ancients respected those that are superior to them, in addition, there were two powerful bodyguards in front of him.
The people in the brothel basically didn’t dare to look at him.

Fu Yichen saw Leng Qianshang’s back disappear into the room in a flash.
There were also several beautiful women beside him.
In the original text, in order to dispel the suspicions of the tyrant, Leng Qianshang always pretended to be a manwh*re who only indulged in beauty and didn’t care about worldly affairs.
So he should be a frequent visitor to the brothel.
As he had hoped, the world saw him as someone addicted to beauty and his reputation was discredited, so the tyrant turned a blind eye to him sometimes.

“Everyone, please quiet down.” At this moment, an old lady stood on the high platform with the attitude of a host of a party.
“Ning Guniang3 has something to say.”

Fu Yichen raised his brows, and there begins the plot.
To summarize, the courtesan wants to meet a man that can accompany and chat with her for the night.
But how can the nightly choice be so casual? Not to mention that the courtesan is someone that is proficient in painting, chess and calligraphy.
So using poetry making as a way to compare, the courtesan asked everyone to write a couplet.
Whoever’s poem that gains the favor of the courtesan will get the courtesan for the night.

“To all our distinguished guests, please listen carefully.
The topic for today is the moon4 and half a stick of incense is the time limit.
If any of you want to impress Ning Guniang, you have to do your best.” The crossdressing Female Lead looked eager to try.

Fu Yichen glanced at the opposite room and vaguely saw a figure reclining lazily while being surrounded by a few women.
The disguised Female Lead has probably already caught the attention of the Male Lead, but he didn’t recognize that the person was his wife.

Fu Yichen was thinking of such a thing with certainty, until a system prompt sounded in his mind that made him freeze on the spot.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Female Lead -1]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Female Lead -2]


[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Female Lead -15]

The corners of Fu Yichen’s mouth unconsciously twitched, so he actually guessed wrong? ‘Trash are you trying to hit me in the face?’

According to the original settings, the body the Female Lead transmigrated into was the Prime Minister’s daughter, who was originally unruly and willful and was forced to marry Leng Qianshang by the emperor.
The person that Leng Qianshang originally liked was the younger sister of the Second Male Xuanyuan Canye, the third princess.
Therefore, Leng Qianshang was very unhappy with the marriage to his Wangfei, especially because she was arrogant and willful.
So he deliberately left her in his cold palace and ignored her.

Under such premises, it’s normal for a man to have a negative impression of a woman.
However, in the original text, it was clearly stated that the Male Lead had noticed the ‘different’ Female Lead standing in the lobby of the brothel and ‘He felt a little moved, even though the other party was a man.
He seems to have never seen such a delicate looking man.’ Fu Yichen just wanted to complain about this passage in the original text, the Male Lead had probably never seen his own reflection.

So what happened to the favorability points of the Male Lead that dropped five times in a row?

[Ying, ying, ying.
The host is being unreasonable again.
The system has no hands to slap the host, nor does the system have an entity.]
 The spicy chicken5 system felt wronged by his accusations.

Fu Yichen was too lazy to pay attention to the system’s defense.
Just when the group of men on the first floor were arguing or racking their brains to write a poem, Fu Yichen sorted out the plot again to see what he had missed.

The so-called courtesan was actually an eyeliner6 of the black-bellied prince Leng Qianshang.
Her purpose is to attract talented people and collect information.
Therefore, after the Female Lead had successfully won the favor of the courtesan, all the contents of the conversation between her and the courtesan was passed on to the Male Lead’s ears.
It’s also because of this that made the Male Lead look at the Female Lead with admiration, especially because of her speech on ‘women can’t rely on men, they can only rely on themselves’ and ‘the equality between men and women’.
Such types of topics were shocking to those from ancient times.

Not mentioning this part for the time being.
Let’s look at what will happen to the Male Lead for tonight.
He, who was inexplicably drugged on his own turf, by aphrodisiacs.
However, the Male Lead who had been pretending to be lustful was actually still a virgin.
So he rushed back to his Wangfu and lost his mind due to lust.

It was so miraculous.
The Male Lead, who had been guarding his body for more than 20 years in the palace full of beauties, went to the courtyard where the Female Lead was, then he rudely treated his Wangfei whose core had already been changed.

The contents of the next paragraph was quite unsightly, so Fu Yichen had skipped it directly.
Afterwards, the Male Lead didn’t remember what he did and the Female Lead was so generous as to treat it like ‘Bah, it’s just like getting bit by a dog’.
So after the Female Lead successfully left the wangfu, the process of Leng Qianshang chasing after his wife turned into his ‘wife running away with the ball7’.

When this god-knows-what scene was described, Fu Yichen shivered and got goosebumps all over his body.
So what was going to unfold tonight will be where it all started.
This was the reason why Fu Yichen had to go to the brothel tonight.
If he wanted to stop it, he must be there himself to stop it.
So, Fu Yichen waved to the bodyguard beside him and then whispered a few words to him.

At this moment, in the private room opposite to his, Su Zhan was lying lazily on the couch with an unruly smile hanging on his face.
With one hand supporting his head and the other holding a wine glass looking completely drunk.
There were two beautiful girls kneeling on the ground and beating his legs.

In fact, being massaged by these two women was already touching Su Zhan’s bottom-line.
God knows how much effort he spent to suppress his disgust for the women around him.
Although he wasn’t discriminatory against women from the brothel, it was more of an instinctive reaction from his body.
However, in comparison to the feeling of being surrounded by women, the clown-like Female Lead downstairs made him feel even more pain.
Especially when the person with a five-feet short stature pretended to be a man and went around hugging girls.
It was disgusting to look at.
What kind of man would have feelings for such a person?

At this moment, a facially-paralyzed person entered his private room, Su Zhan’s eyebrows jumped and his eyes darkened.

No matter how Leng Qianshang acted like he had no power in his hands, he was still a prince.
Doesn’t he have the pride of being a noble? Before he could get angry and take the posture of a prince, the other person took something from his sleeves and handed it to him.

Su Zhan first maintained Leng Qianshang’s unique ‘charming, lazy and enchanting’ attitude, as described by the author.
Anyways, Su Zhan acted according to his own bottomline.
In his mind, he quickly searched for the plot in the brothel, but soon found that there was no such thing as being called by someone.
The point was he didn’t know what the item was in front of him, but the bright golden color made Su Zhan’s heart almost burst with anxiety.

Sure enough, the next second he heard the man with the paralyzed face speak, “Our Master has a request.”

Su Zhan was immediately on guard, there was no such thing that happened in the original plot.
But from the current situation in front of him, the other party must be aware of his identity.
After all, the color of his hair was really flamboyant.
Since the other party is aware of his identity and still shows this kind of attitude, this means that the other party’s status is even more terrifying.

So Su Zhan stared at the badge in front of him and suddenly widened his eyes in the blink of an eye.
He looked panicked and stood up from his couch.

On the other side, Fu Yichen leisurely drank tea.
The power of the emperor really was convenient.
It’s very crucial that he stop the interactions between the Male and Female Lead tonight.
Now he must find a way to prevent Leng Qianshang from being drugged unreasonably.
So now the most direct and effective way is to call him and watch over him.

But inexplicably, Fu Yichen had a three-point expectation in his heart for this so-called ‘most beautiful man in the world’.
But Fu Yichen didn’t expect that when he saw that familiar face, he almost bit his tongue.
That face was too familiar for him.

“Shen Tianyu?” The moment he saw Su Zhan’s face, Fu Yichen blurted that name out uncontrollably.
He even forgot to put on the air of being the tyrant emperor.
It can be said that he was extremely surprised.

[Ah! Male God! Zhanzhan Male God! Zhanzhan!]


The system was obviously more excited than Fu Yichen.
It was the voice of the system that made Fu Yichen recover from his shock.
If he looks closely, he couldn’t really see any bit of Shen Tianyu’s expression from the eyes of the person in front of him.

“Your… Your Majesty the Emperor?” Leng Qianshang looked surprised, as if he didn’t hear Fu Yichen’s voice calling out the words ‘Shen Tianyu’.
The face of the other person was completely at a loss, so he acted scared.
“Chen8… Chen doesn’t know, Your Majesty…” He acted as if his fear made him incoherent.

“Okay.” Fu Yichen suppressed the many doubts in his heart.
Trying to maintain the image of a cruel and suspicious tyrant.
“Zhen9 doesn’t want others to know I am here.” This sentence stopped Leng Qianshang who was about to kneel.

Fu Yichen suppressed his doubts, gave Leng Qianshang a look and asked him to sit.
His face might look as steady as a mountain, but on the inside, all kinds of guesses were forming in his heart.
Su Zhan? Shen Tianyu? What was going on?

‘Laji, tell me.
What the hell is going on?’ Fu Yichen gritted his teeth.

[Ah ah ah the Male God is so handsome, Male God Zhanzhan is so good-looking.
The Male God in ancient garb…]

‘Shield.’ Fu Yichen took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.
At the very least, he can’t show any mistakes until he figures out what was going on.
In case this is just a Leng Qianshang with Su Zhan’s face that still was after his life.

However, at this moment, the system’s favorability prompt sounded in his mind.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +1]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +1]

Fu Yichen: ??? What? This is all a mess.
Why aren’t the Male Leads playing the correct cards? What’s wrong with the plot in this world?


He’s implying that the author is an elementary school student that had too much free time and no common sense.


his pp


Miss/Young Lady Ning


frankly idk if its moon or month cuz raws says yue月


I feel calling the system spicy chicken is much better than calling it tr*sh or g*rbage… It’s a homonym for it làjī 辣鸡 and lājī 垃圾 but it’s much better than having to press shift to censor the word tr*sh every time I want to refer to the system


undercover spy


Well for those who don’t know, it means she ran away with the baby


humble way of officials referring to themselves when talking to people that have more power or authority than them


the way emperors refer to themselves as

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