In the capital, the Qian Wangfu1.
Facing a group of flamboyant yingyingyanyan2 in front of him, Su Zhan tried his best to keep his composure.
He suppressed his anger and hypnotized himself, trying hard to calm down.
He used up almost all of his cells to maintain the expression on his face.
But in the end he couldn’t hold back his temper when a group of heavily dressed up women rushed towards him with faces full of heavy makeup.

“Roll, roll out for benwang3.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that his current situation didn’t allow him to mess around, Su Zhan really wanted to get rid of these women.
Not only these women but also the hundreds of women in his wangfu, he wanted to send them all far away.

The anger that he had been suppressing for a long time couldn’t be held back.
There was no choice in this situation.
Some things people are born with, for him it was the disgust that came from the depth of his soul.
He couldn’t accept it, couldn’t compromise and couldn’t bear it.

However, there were always some blind people who wanted to climb up against him, “Wangye4~ Is there anything wrong? Why are you yelling at us like this~”

With a delicate voice and feigned anger, the woman spoke.
Su Zhan shivered seeing her twist her waist, trying to seduce him.
Immediately, goosebumps uncontrollably covered his body, “Roll!”

Su Zhan wished he could kill her with just an eye knife.
Although he was born a pure zero, he didn’t hate women, let alone see them as beasts.
Apart from being in a relationship with a woman, there was no problem in communicating normally with them as friends or playmates.
But like the women in front of him, who were rushing to climb on his bed, he felt that they were…unbearable.

Fortunately, this was fake ‘stud horse’5 Male Lead.
So when he woke up, there was no woman in his bed.
He really wanted to burn incense to thank the settings.

It wasn’t until the room became quiet and after he filled himself a cup of tea that Su Zhan’s mood eased up a little.
Although it was incredible, almost like a dream, he had no choice but to ease up with his new reality.

Even if the fatigue built up from a day’s journey and two hours of being blocked in the airport got to him, Su Zhan could still reluctantly accept it and not complain about it.
After all, this was the price of fame.
But what he couldn’t understand was, how could he wake up in such a ‘ghost’6 place after falling asleep?

Afterwards, the influx of information that came into his mind completely woke him up.
Su Zhan, who thought that he was in a dream, had to accept his new reality after arduously digesting the information for over an hour.

He had transmigrated, and somehow entered a brain-dead Mary Sue time-travelling novel called ‘Calamitous Beauty: Evil Prince Please Spare Me’.

Something at the back of his mind told him that after he completes the plot as the Male Lead, he can return to the real world after achieving the perfect ending.
He didn’t know where this fact came from, but he was strangely trusting of the authenticity of this idea.
This was the only way that he knew of in order for him to break free from the world of fiction and return to reality.
By coincidence, in order to understand the role of one of the adapted novels, he had read this kind of unrestrained novel before.

Since there was no other way, Su Zhan could only accept that he had become the Male Lead of this Mary Sue novel and had to finish the plot to be with the Female Lead.
After all, panicking, fear or ranting angrily couldn’t change anything.

However, as a professional actor who is picky about his director, production and script, Su Zhan couldn’t stand acting in such a rubbish script.

The more one sees the vast world and acts, the more critical and stricter one is on their works.
Of course, the premise is that Su Zhan does have the ability to be critical.
It is precisely because of how strict he is with his work that he is unable to stand for this kind of garbage setting.

Truthfully, Su Zhan’s first reaction to this time-travelling Mary Sue was that he has always been well-educated and never swore.
He silently gritted his teeth in his heart.
He felt that what this brain-dead author wrote was just ‘a piece of sh*t’.

If he was offered such a script in reality, even if he was begged to do it for a high price, he wouldn’t act in it.
No, he would even cut off the other person’s dream of being a screenwriter at all costs.
Such type of people staying would be the scourge and cancer of the entertainment industry.

He ignored the brain-dead transmigrated girl for the time being and just focused on his own role, the Male Lead.
In fact, his setting wasn’t bad.
His father was one of the founding heroes of the country and was made side-king by the emperor at that time.
However, the aging emperor found an excuse to get rid of his father on the battlefield.
His two older brothers and his mother who heard of the news were also not spared.
He, the Male Lead, became the only person left to inherit his father’s legacy.
Fortunately, the Male Lead is smart and pretended to be a fool from when he was a child.
When he grew up, he acted spoiled and performed as a waste prince to the fullest.
He kept a low profile and quietly dealt with the current emperor by killing him, establishing himself as the new emperor and ruling the world.

Although truthfully, he should have been an outrageous traitor.
In the author’s pen, he turned into the ‘Eternal Emperor’.
These settings are a bit acceptable for Su Zhan.
But he doesn’t want to talk about the various childish actions of the Male Lead that occurred in order to entangle himself with the time-traveling woman.
For her the Male Lead got very desperate.
He disbands the harem, goes through several dangerous situations, lives and dies for her… anyways those were the usual mentally ret*rded neuropathic actions.

But what made Su Zhan’s mind collapse the most was his silver-white hip-length hair, and his… blue eyes, which are very inconsistent with his own aesthetic.
When he saw his blue eyes for the first time in the washbasin, Su Zhan’s heart almost bled.
He even thought that he had missed something when he accepted the plot.
For example, that the Male Protagonist was actually a monster, etc…

In fact, with his status in the entertainment industry, Su Zhan had extremely high requirements for his wardrobe and styling.
But now…his looks… and ‘enchanting’? The setting that says the Female Lead will drool over and nosebleed over the Male Lead has subverted Su Zhan’s three views.

Su Zhan took a deep breath and continued to rebuild his shattered mind.
Wasn’t it just acting? As a professional actor who loves acting, this wasn’t a problem for him at all.
So now, the most important thing for him is to carefully sort out the plot, study the script and figure out the character he’s playing.
After all, it’s very likely that he would be doing impromptu acting 80% of the time.

Moreover, this place isn’t as good as the peaceful and advanced real life.
It’s an ancient time where there were different ranks and positions.
If he didn’t handle it well, he might lose his life.

But fortunately for him, the setting of the Male Lead is that he is a person who has a good head and face.
Although he might look like a waste prince who is idle and addicted to playing, he actually has a strong brain and background.
His force value isn’t low either, which makes Su Zhan feel a little relieved.

However, after Su Zhan sorted it out, he realized that the only person capable of threatening his life is the cruel and suspicious cold-blooded tyrant, who is also a villain and the Second Male in this book, Xuanyuan Canye.
It can be said that from the beginning to the end, this person wanted to kill him.
Either because of suspicions, or later because of the Female Lead.

So almost instantly, Su Zhan listed this person as a high-priority danger.
Although he was acting, he was acting with his brains still inside his head.
He needed to be careful, so he gave this person a full 120% of his alert points.

So… Fu Yichen, who was in the palace and suddenly heard the beeping sound of his favorability decreasing from the system, didn’t even know why or what had happened.

In fact, Fu Yichen was still thinking about how to have a good relationship with the white-haired, blue-eyed7, oriental-faced Male Lead.
After all, the other person has been secretly planning on killing the Second Male from the beginning to the end of the text.
In the end, he joined hands with the Female Lead to kill him.
What he didn’t expect was for his favorability to have dropped to a negative 15 even before they met.

Other than being confused, what else could Fu Yichen do?

After being stunned, Fu Yichen fell into contemplation.
Judging from the Yao Li incident, the plot has only just begun.
That is, the time when the time-traveling Mary Sue had just arrived into this world, so everything else can be considered some other part of the timeline in the long run.

When it comes to the Female Lead, Fu Yichen’s face darkened.
As long as he thought of the description of the Female Lead from the passage in the first chapter, Fu Yichen couldn’t help but stiffen.
Terrifying on the inside, but tender on the outside.

“From the most mysterious assassin organisation in the 21st century.
The top and youngest assassin, and the only female assassin in the organisation.
Standing on top of the world at the age of 16.
Trampling all men under her feet.
Her angelic face is the deadliest poison.
Her devilish figure…”

Fu Yichen: …

Apologies, he couldn’t look at it anymore.
Fu Yichen just feels as if he was made into a piece of charcoal by a thunderbolt.
He could only try his best to go through the plot with a dark face.
But then again, do elementary school students at this age have so little homework?

To sum it up in a few sentences, this 18-year-old world’s top assassin was betrayed by the man she loved the most.
In a fit of rage, she jumped from a 100-storey high-rise building.
As a result, she time-traveled into this ancient world.
Surrounded by wives and concubines of the monstrous and handsome prince Leng Qianshang, she became one of the wives of the prince.
From then on, she started ‘showing mercy8’ to countless beautiful men…

Fu Yichen just thought to himself why didn’t she just kill herself.
In the original novel, which had more than 200 chapters, except for the first chapter mentioning that the Female Lead is a top assassin from the 21st century, the Female Lead didn’t show any ‘assassin’ like behavior when she was in the ancient times.
Most of the time she was like a silly white9 13-year-old idiot.

No wonder there were anti-Mary Sue alliances.
Fu Yichen, as a mature man, couldn’t help but complain about it himself.

Currently, as far as the Yao Li incident is concerned, the Female Lead, Zi Mengyao, has been in Leng Qianshang’s cold palace for a while.
At this time, she is probably figuring out a way to make that husband of hers, who is flirtatious and similar to a brothel owner in her opinion, divorce her.
Then she can walk out of the Wangfu with integrity and continue to do her best.

Fu Yichen roughly scanned the plot.
The first time the Female Lead and Male Lead met was in the brothel.
The Female Lead disguised herself as a man to visit the brothel in the middle of the night.
She surprised the other patrons with a modern poem, and was favored by a highly valued courtesan.
She then talked with the courtesan in the candle-lit night, finally convincing the courtesan to abandon the darkness and live out her life well.
Becoming good sisters with the courtesan…

“B*llsh*t!” Fu Yichen took a deep breath.
‘This is all BS.
The plot is rubbish.
Even more than you!’ Fu Yichen could only take his anger out on tr*sh to relieve himself.

[Ying, ying, ying.] The spicy chicken system was so frightened by the host’s anger that it didn’t dare to speak.

‘Can’t you just pick a world where the setting isn’t so scary?’ Fu Yichen couldn’t wait to strangle this spicy chicken system.

[Ying, ying, ying.
The system can’t control it, it’s all random.
Ying, ying, ying, the host is being unreasonable.

Fu Yichen took a deep breath, and then suddenly said in a deep voice, “Come out.”

As his voice fell, a man in black appeared kneeling on one knee in the room.

“Pay attention to the Qian Wangfu for me.
Immediately inform me once Qian Wangfei10 appears.”

“Understood, this subordinate will do it immediately.” Then there was only Fu Yichen left in the room.

The first real meeting between the Male and Female Leads was in a brothel.
In the original plot, the Second Male Xuanyuan Canye didn’t appear, but since the plot needed to be changed, Fu Yichen naturally wanted to involve himself in the situation.

Moreover, Fu Yichen also wanted to see what the so-called most beautiful man in the world, the monstrous evil prince, looked like, compared to the prosperous and beautiful Su Zhan in reality.

‘This time I mustn’t fail.
I have to leave this place no matter what.
Sooner or later I’ll be murdered by these st*pid Mary Sue settings.’

[Ying, ying, ying.]

Three days later, around ten o’clock in the evening, which should have been the time for people to sleep, Fu Yichen received news that Qian Wangfei had disguised herself and went to a brothel in the capital.

Bringing two skilled servants who personally served him, and after disguising himself, Fu Yichen also quietly went to the legendary brothel.

Almost wrote Emu instead of UME for proofreader.

I remembered the Emu war… dam so scary… imagine losing to a bunch of emus.

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I hope yall enjoyed this chapter… frankly I don’t see anything wrong with white hair and blue eyes… I actually dyed my hair red back in my uni days… Didn’t really change much since my hair turns brown under bright light… I didn’t bleach it


Estate of a prince


A bunch of women


this prince


Your Highness, Prince


Those male protags with harems


Not really a ghost, more of an expression, like on what grounds.




picks fights with them or saves them




The legal main wife of a prince

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