has a strong brain and background.
His force value isn’t low either, which makes Su Zhan feel a little relieved.

However, after Su Zhan sorted it out, he realized that the only person capable of threatening his life is the cruel and suspicious cold-blooded tyrant, who is also a villain and the Second Male in this book, Xuanyuan Canye.
It can be said that from the beginning to the end, this person wanted to kill him.
Either because of suspicions, or later because of the Female Lead.

So almost instantly, Su Zhan listed this person as a high-priority danger.
Although he was acting, he was acting with his brains still inside his head.
He needed to be careful, so he gave this person a full 120% of his alert points.

So… Fu Yichen, who was in the palace and suddenly heard the beeping sound of his favorability decreasing from the system, didn’t even know why or what had happened.

In fact, Fu Yichen was still thinking about how to have a good relationship with the white-haired, blue-eyed7, oriental-faced Male Lead.
After all, the other person has been secretly planning on killing the Second Male from the beginning to the end of the text.
In the end, he joined hands with the Female Lead to kill him.
What he didn’t expect was for his favorability to have dropped to a negative 15 even before they met.

Other than being confused, what else could Fu Yichen do?

After being stunned, Fu Yichen fell into contemplation.
Judging from the Yao Li incident, the plot has only just begun.
That is, the time when the time-traveling Mary Sue had just arrived into this world, so everything else can be considered some other part of the timeline in the long run.

When it comes to the Female Lead, Fu Yichen’s face darkened.
As long as he thought of the description of the Female Lead from the passage in the first chapter, Fu Yichen couldn’t help but stiffen.
Terrifying on the inside, but tender on the outside.

“From the most mysterious assassin organisation in the 21st century.
The top and youngest assassin, and the only female assassin in the organisation.
Standing on top of the world at the age of 16.
Trampling all men under her feet.
Her angelic face is the deadliest poison.
Her devilish figure…”

Fu Yichen: …

Apologies, he couldn’t look at it anymore.
Fu Yichen just feels as if he was made into a piece of charcoal by a thunderbolt.
He could only try his best to go through the plot with a dark face.
But then again, do elementary school students at this age have so little homework?

To sum it up in a few sentences, this 18-year-old world’s top assassin was betrayed by the man she loved the most.
In a fit of rage, she jumped from a 100-storey high-rise building.
As a result, she time-traveled into this ancient world.
Surrounded by wives and concubines of the monstrous and handsome prince Leng Qianshang, she became one of the wives of the prince.
From then on, she started ‘showing mercy8’ to countless beautiful men…

Fu Yichen just thought to himself why didn’t she just kill herself.
In the original novel, which had more than 200 chapters, except for the first chapter mentioning that the Female Lead is a top assassin from the 21st century, the Female Lead didn’t show any ‘assassin’ like behavior when she was in the ancient times.
Most of the time she was like a silly white9 13-year-old idiot.

No wonder there were anti-Mary Sue alliances.
Fu Yichen, as a mature man, couldn’t help but complain about it himself.

Currently, as far as the Yao Li incident is concerned, the Female Lead, Zi Mengyao, has been in Leng Qianshang’s cold palace for a while.
At this time, she is probably figuring out a way to make that husband of hers, who is flirtatious and similar to a brothel owner in her opinion, divorce her.
Then she can walk out of the Wangfu with integrity and continue to do her best.

Fu Yichen roughly scanned the plot.
The first time the Female Lead and Male Lead met was in the brothel.
The Female Lead disguised herself as a man to visit the brothel in the middle of the night.
She surprised the other patrons with a modern poem, and was favored by a highly valued courtesan.
She then talked with the courtesan in the candle-lit night, finally convincing the courtesan to abandon the darkness and live out her life well.
Becoming good sisters with the courtesan…

“B*llsh*t!” Fu Yichen took a deep breath.
‘This is all BS.
The plot is rubbish.
Even more than you!’ Fu Yichen could only take his anger out on tr*sh to relieve himself.

[Ying, ying, ying.] The spicy chicken system was so frightened by the host’s anger that it didn’t dare to speak.

‘Can’t you just pick a world where the setting isn’t so scary?’ Fu Yichen couldn’t wait to strangle this spicy chicken system.

[Ying, ying, ying.
The system can’t control it, it’s all random.
Ying, ying, ying, the host is being unreasonable.

Fu Yichen took a deep breath, and then suddenly said in a deep voice, “Come out.”

As his voice fell, a man in black appeared kneeling on one knee in the room.

“Pay attention to the Qian Wangfu for me.
Immediately inform me once Qian Wangfei10 appears.”

“Understood, this subordinate will do it immediately.” Then there was only Fu Yichen left in the room.

The first real meeting between the Male and Female Leads was in a brothel.
In the original plot, the Second Male Xuanyuan Canye didn’t appear, but since the plot needed to be changed, Fu Yichen naturally wanted to involve himself in the situation.

Moreover, Fu Yichen also wanted to see what the so-called most beautiful man in the world, the monstrous evil prince, looked like, compared to the prosperous and beautiful Su Zhan in reality.

‘This time I mustn’t fail.
I have to leave this place no matter what.
Sooner or later I’ll be murdered by these st*pid Mary Sue settings.’

[Ying, ying, ying.]

Three days later, around ten o’clock in the evening, which should have been the time for people to sleep, Fu Yichen received news that Qian Wangfei had disguised herself and went to a brothel in the capital.

Bringing two skilled servants who personally served him, and after disguising himself, Fu Yichen also quietly went to the legendary brothel.

Almost wrote Emu instead of UME for proofreader.

I remembered the Emu war… dam so scary… imagine losing to a bunch of emus.

Also I got Koga with 1 pull on his rate up banner and now my friend wants to murder me… Like dude get in line.
A lot of people want my life OwO I’m saving for La Morte I want Rei so badly… I also want HiMeru even tho hes FakeMeru ._. 

I hope yall enjoyed this chapter… frankly I don’t see anything wrong with white hair and blue eyes… I actually dyed my hair red back in my uni days… Didn’t really change much since my hair turns brown under bright light… I didn’t bleach it


Estate of a prince


A bunch of women


this prince


Your Highness, Prince


Those male protags with harems


Not really a ghost, more of an expression, like on what grounds.




picks fights with them or saves them




The legal main wife of a prince

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