“Your Majesty, are you up? Your Majesty.”

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Fu Yichen failed to do what he wanted.
It was probably because he had too many things in his heart and had also just recently faced a life-threatening situation.
He wasn’t a heartless person.
He did have some things on his mind that prevented him from getting the sleep he wanted.
So, he decided to get up.
In any case, he should try to understand his current situation before making any plans for the future with peace of mind.

What he didn’t expect was that when he was going to ask G*rbage about his situation, an elderly eunuch came close to the bed.
Visually, this was the so-called ‘well-known’ person around the emperor.
Every emperor seems to have such a loyal servant, the old eunuch of the emperor.

As expected of the ‘well-known’ person from a palace Mary Sue novel, another aspect of them was that they are only able to speak in a vernacular1 manner.

[Chief Eunuch, De Fu.] The system’s prompt appeared in Fu Yichen’s mind in a timely manner.

Fu Yichen raised his brows and opened the bright yellow bed curtain.
Sure enough, he saw an old eunuch with a smooth chin and feminine-looking face, standing hunched over next to the bed.
Was it really true that every emperor had a chief eunuch next to them?

Fu Yichen stood up from the bed as if he didn’t see the person standing next to his bed.
Instead, he talked to the system in his mind, ‘Tr*sh, plot information.

In the next second, a lot of information poured into his mind and Fu Yichen could only temporarily skim through it to get a general idea.
The rough outline of the plot had already made his pupils shrink in shock, but he had to pretend to have a cold and cruel look on his face.

“Your Majesty, this slave will help you change your clothes.” De Fu bowed and smiled like a blooming flower.
Fu Yichen raised his arms slightly to let the other person service him, completely looking like those ancient emperors that were used to being served.

Taking advantage of the gap when De Fu was dressing him, Fu Yichen finally had the time to have a rough understanding of the plot.
The title of the book he was in made him stunned, ‘Calamitous Beauty: Evil Prince Please Spare Me’.
If Fu Yichen was that prince, he would probably reply with, “Go away, the further the better.”

In a nutshell, it’s a dog-blood story of a time-travelling woman who transmigrated into ancient times and entangle herself with all kind of beautiful men.
The Male Lead of this book is the so-called evil prince, Leng Qianshang.
The Second Male is the tyrant Xuanyuan Canye.
It’s a very bloody story.
The transmigrated Mary Sue and the Evil Prince joined forces to kill the brutal Second Male.
Like that, the Evil Prince became the ‘Eternal Emperor’ with the help of the Female Lead, and the Mary Sue Female Lead became the only favorite in the harem.
She became the Queen of the World and the Emperor had the fate of only ‘Taking a scoop of water to drink from a stream of three thousand2’.
Fu Yichen had to admit, this is very Mary Sue.

Fu Yichen didn’t even want to bother and complain about the names of the two Male Leads, a prince and an emperor.
Either a person who is in mourning, disabled, or probably neurotic would use such a name.
However, Fu Yichen is more concerned about the ending of this article.
The Mary Sue and the Evil Prince kill the tyrant.
That is to say, does he really have to play it to the end?

Then, Fu Yichen really had to plan carefully now.
How is he going to manage slightly changing the plot and the ending? At the same time he also has to ensure that he wouldn’t get killed by this pair of dog-blooded couple.
It’s really a nerve-racking job.
Not only does he have to be an impromptu actor, he also has to be the screenwriter.

As Fu Yichen was going to carefully analyze the ending, a group of little eunuchs and palace maids walked in a row.
Bringing with them salt for brushing teeth, golden cups for rinsing, mouth wipes, facial cloths, face wash… The division of labor is clear and one-stop service is provided.

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Fu Yichen held back the twitching corners of his mouth and when the little eunuch handed over a mouth wipe to him, he couldn’t hold back his twitching.
Yellow bed gauzes, yellow quilts, yellow underwear, yellow mouth wipes, yellow washcloths… Wouldn’t the emperor get tired of the color yellow and vomit?

Does this author think that the emperor is an adjective for the color yellow? No matter how noble the color yellow is, it’s not like everything should be yellow right? Doesn’t this limit the emperor’s choices and preference for color?

Just when Fu Yichen was washing his face, the reflection in the washbasin made his heart skip a beat and he was stunned.
The face reflected in the water is still his own face.
His age is not much different from his real age in real life.
But the edges and corners of his face are more clear, gloomy and cold.
There is even a strange aura of brutality that makes people dare not look directly at his face.
This natural imposing manner, coupled with Fu Yichen’s interpretation of what an emperor should be, made him seem like a real cold-blooded and brutal emperor.

But what made Fu Yichen’s eyes jump wildly was that, his eye color…gold…. 

At that moment, Fu Yichen really wished he saw wrongly or it was reflected wrongly because of the golden washbasin.
But he quickly found the relevant description in his mind, ‘Xuanyuan Canye’s golden eyes are like the sun, looking down on everything.’ Although this description sounds good, but gold…? Doesn’t anyone find that scary?

Soon Fu Yichen felt lucky, because he suddenly remembered the author’s description of the male protagonist.
The enchanting prince, ‘He was like a bewitching enchanting person lingering in this world, with silver-white hip-length hair, like an immortal.
His haunting blue eyes…’ Silvery white… blue… Fu Yichen shuddered just thinking about it.

This really sounded like the description of a monster.
When the Female Lead saw him in the original text, wasn’t she daydreaming to the point of a nosebleed? The most beautiful man in the world? Fu Yichen couldn’t wait to turn into FaHai3 and get rid of him.

The daily life of an emperor is nothing more than going to morning court, eating a meal, going through memorials, strolling through the imperial garden and the harem… The locations that he’s limited to are the Golden Palace, the imperial dining room and the imperial study that appears all throughout the entire time-travelling text.

Fu Yichen can only say that if the author didn’t use an alternate history, she4 would’ve been sprayed5 to death by those who read.

Fu Yichen soon discovered that even if he wanted to skip work by sleeping, he couldn’t avoid the emperor’s daily routine.
Morning court, in which he has to experience what it’s like to be a tyrant.

From the time when the little eunuch woke Fu Yichen up, to him dressing and washing, about an hour had already passed.
Fu Yichen thought that the morning court should have been cancelled because he wasn’t there, but it wasn’t.

“Your Majesty, look.
The ministers are still waiting in the palace.” De Fu reminded him at the risk of being scolded.
He was afraid that the emperor would lose his temper again.

Fu Yichen had to admit that the characters written by the author of a Mary Sue were probably all made up to be similar in behavior to herself.
They didn’t understand the rules and spoke in a dialect.
Of course, this manner is just right and made it easier for Fu Yichen to understand.

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Truthfully speaking, does that mean those groups of people just stood in the golden hall for more than an hour just to wait for the emperor to wake up? However, Fu Yichen had no sympathy for them.
After analyzing all of the settings of this Mary Sue world, he had no sympathy towards anyone from this world.

“Long live the Emperor! Tens and tens of thousands of years to the Emperor!”

After Fu Yichen lifted his dragon robe and sat on the dragon chair, hundreds of civil and military officials knelt down one after another, kneeling in the hall and outside of it.

In fact, not all of the officials went to work early in the morning, except for when there are important memorials or celebrations.
It should be common sense for everyone if they think about it.
So this is another big plot hole from the author.
Fu Yichen took a deep breath, trying to get used to this brain-dead author’s settings.
After all, there were much more pitiful things than this to think about.

Admittedly, if it wasn’t for Fu Yichen’s calm mind and qualities of a professional actor, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to show this kind of aura.
At this time, Fu Yichen took advantage of the situation to search for the Male Lead.
The enchanting prince, Leng Qianshang.

His silver-white hip-length hair should be very conspicuous in the crowd.
But after searching around, he couldn’t find him? Sure enough, his character is in line with the original story, a black bellied person. ‘Under the guise of being indulgent, he succeeded in letting the emperor let down his guard against him.’

“Rise.” Fu Yichen’s chin was slightly raised.
A cold aura spread around him from top to bottom.
The civil and military officials who were kneeling on the ground immediately trembled in fear.
This is also a daily occurrence in the life of the tyrant emperor.

Then at this time, as usual, De Fu stood up and brought down his whisk, “If there is no problem, the court will be dismissed~”

Unsurprisingly, there was no response from the people for a long time, and even the people who raised their heads didn’t dare to speak.
So De Fu spoke up again, “Retreat~”

Fu Yichen stood up from his dragon chair with a cold face, turned around and left with a flick of his sleeves.
This was followed by the sounds of people kneeling, and accompanied by deafening shouts.

“Respectfully sending off Your Majesty! Wishing Your Majesty tens and tens of thousands of years!”

Fu Yichen rolled his eyes without a trace.
So hundreds of people stood there for a few hours just to kowtow to the emperor and say a few words…

Fu Yichen immediately followed the little eunuch who led the way to the so-called imperial dining room.
When he was about to enjoy the legendary imperial meal, he suddenly found out that the eunuch and maids who were serving him, including De Fu, had retreated far away without him noticing.

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Then suddenly there was a flash in front of his eyes and a person suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the empty room.
Was this really an ancient martial arts world and not a fantasy world? With such a high-end operation, Fu Yichen immediately shook without a trace.
At this time, he was holding a bowl of soup in his hand.
He was glad that it didn’t spill.

Fortunately, Fu Yichen’s concentration was excellent and he was calm.
The man knelt down on one knee in front of him, clasped his fists and lowered his head, “This subordinate deserves death, the plan failed.”

Fu Yichen’s brows twitched.
Naturally he wouldn’t stupidly ask what the plan was.
“Waste!” His momentum was instantly gloomy and violent.
At the same time, with a bang, the soup bowl in his hand was smashed and splattered.
According to the original settings, the tyrant emperor would probably smash the bowl of soup directly at the person kneeling on the ground.
But Fu Yichen smashed it towards the ground humanely.

“Your Majesty, quell your anger.
This subordinate deserves death.” The person kneeling on the ground immediately lowered his head, “Rumors from the palace state that Yao Li was stabbed to death on the spot for committing adultery.”

Fu Yichen quickly searched for the plot calmly.
This was still the beginning of the plot.
Leng Qianshang used the guise of indulgence to lower the emperor’s suspicions.
The suspicious and cruel Xuanyuan Canye had always been suspicious of him, so he always had people planted around him and this Yao Li was one of them.
She was placed in the past on the pretext of wanting to bestow him with a beautiful woman.

Adultery was just an excuse for Leng Qianshang to get rid of her.
Therefore, the brutal tyrant emperor was naturally furious, but he was unable to grasp his handle.

“Go and get your punishment!” Fu Yichen said coldly.

“Thank you, Your Majesty, for not killing.” After the man on the ground banged his head on the ground twice, he disappeared again in the blink of an eye.

Afterwards, the little eunuch who was guarding outside, quickly came into the room, got down on his knees and collected the broken bowls tremblingly.

Fu Yichen held back the twitching corners of his mouth.
But at this moment, a long-lost favorability prompt suddenly came from the tr*sh system that he had been blocking.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -1]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -4]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -2]

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[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -3]

The sound of the loss of favorability kept on ringing in his head.
Fu Yichen was caught off guard and was stunned.
What happened?

[The total favorability of the Male Lead to the Second Male is -15]

Fu Yichen: …

I have a really bad memory span.
If there are any inconsistencies that need fixing, please inform me.
I have some notes written in a small notebook. 


a specific dialect.
Like there are multiple dialects for chinese.
I can speak in a fujian dialect but not in mandarin.
There’s a difference.
Idk why.
I’m just horrible in mandarin.


Meaning the emperor will only pamper her even if he has a harem of three thousand women


FaHai is a monk from the legend of the white snake.
In some iterations it’s said he was a good guy, in some he was bad.
Idk there are so many versions of the legend of the white snake so I’m not really clear about this.
Just know that he’s a monk.


well the raws used the female version of Tā 她



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