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July 20, 2022

Chapter 24

 Unedited, will edit once I’m off work

Fu Yichen regained his consciousness after hearing a faint sound coming from beside him.
The sound came intermittently and lingered in his ears.

In a daze, Fu Yichen thought that it was his assistant Xiao Tian who was trying to wake him up.
However, the voice was a bit unfamiliar.
After maintaining a state of deliriousness for about two to three minutes, Fu Yichen slowly woke up.
Especially after hearing the contents of the words said by the voice.

“Your Majesty… Your Majesty? It’s time to wake up, Your Majesty… Your Majesty?”

The voice sounded a bit strange.
Although the person tried to lower their voice, it still made the listener a bit uncomfortable.
It could clearly be heard that the owner of the voice was trying their best to be careful and even almost trembling with caution.

Fu Yichen slowly opened his eyes, and what came to his vision was bright yellow.
His eyes turned slightly, bright yellow bed gauze and bright yellow quilt.
He raised his hands and looked at them, bright yellow sleeves… In the end, who the hell likes yellow to such an insane level? He turned his head slightly to look outside of the bed gauze and was suddenly shocked by the pile of long hair that was next to the pillow.

Hair? Long hair! Fu Yichen sat up straight from the bed.
What could be more frightening to a man than to wake up with a bunch of long hair on their pillow? Naturally, he found out that the long hair came from his own head.

Fu Yichen was in shock for a while but soon was distracted by something even more strange.
He actually… didn’t die? What exactly was going on?

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, you’re finally awake.” At this moment, a high-pitched voice came from the other side of the bed gauze.
The voice sounded like the legendary raspy voice of a drake1, mixed with indescribable surprise and fear.
“Shall this slave help you2 change3?”

Fu Yichen felt goosebumps forming on his skin when he heard that voice.
Seeing a vague figure with a bent waist about to move closer to the bed, Fu Yichen blurted out, “Get away!” The momentum that came from him, startled even himself.

After what he experienced in the last world, Fu Yichen quickly tried to calm down.
Currently, he is in a state of confusion and he urgently needed time to calm down and figure out what was going on.

He was sure that ‘Your Majesty’ coming from that person’s mouth was referring to himself.
He had also played the role of the emperor, so Fu Yichen had a rough guess about the situation he was currently facing.
So he casually said, “Retreat”

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However, the person outside who was supposed to be the eunuch looked embarrassed and scared.
“This… Your Majesty, but the early…” The little eunuch trembled, trying to say something, but he didn’t dare to speak nor raise his head.

Fu Yichen’s face sank and a cold look swept over his face, “Huh?”

*Thump* The little eunuch knelt down on the ground and trembled, hitting his head on the ground a few times.
“Yes yes yes.
Your Majesty, please quell your anger.
This slave will retreat.” Then he got up and ran away like he saw a ghost.

Fu Yichen stared blankly at the eunuch’s reaction.
In fact, he had actually guessed that the emperor didn’t have a good temper from what he could see from the eunuch’s reaction.
Besides, as an emperor, no matter how weak he was, he should still have the majesty of an emperor.
That’s why he had made the quick judgement of the character of this emperor.
At the very least, he shouldn’t be a cowardly emperor who could be randomly bullied by others/ He didn’t expect the eunuch to react so strongly.

After being shocked initially, Fu Yichen took a deep breath to calm himself.
He had sent out the eunuch to have the opportunity to clarify the doubts present in his mind.
In order to avoid the surveillance of the hidden guards from the stories he heard, Fu Yichen laid back in bed majestically.

He then slowly turned his back to face the outside bed net, impatiently calling out in his mind. ‘System? Nympho system? Mary Sue System? Come out and explain to me about the current situation!’ His face was as steady as Mount Tai while his heart was as anxious as the wind.

However, the somewhat noisy mechanical sound that he had become accustomed to in his mind didn’t sound and he didn’t even get a response for a long time.

‘Tr*sh system?’ Fu Yichen was currently completely full of doubts.

If he had been unbounded by the system, he should have returned back to his world to be a little actor, instead of appearing in such a strange place.
But if he was unbound, why wasn’t he getting a response from the system? Besides, where was this place? Is there a difference between this place and the world of ‘The Devilish School Grass’? This shouldn’t be the real world.
How can this situation be explained?

‘Speak up!’ Fu Yichen was anxious and full of doubts about his situation.
If he doesn’t have the system, how was he able to judge and know where he is supposed to go? The most important thing is, how is he going to go back?

[Ying, Ying, Ying] Just when Fu Yichen was about to get angry, the low-octave mechanical sound of the system sounded out weakly.

Fu Yichen’s eyebrows twitched, at the same time, his heart sank. ‘What’s going on? What is this place? Why are the both of us still fine? You need to explain it to me clearly!’

Fu Yichen has always kept the matter of the system and himself perishing together if the Mary Sue world collapses due to the failure of reversing the ending or making a mistake in the plot.
So what was going on with their situation right now? Fu Yichen has too many questions.

[Ying, Ying, Ying] The system sounded weaker, like a half-dead chicken. [The Mary Sue has died, the Mary Sue world has collapsed.
So the system urgently withdrew from the Mary Sue world.]

Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched.
When the previous world was distorted before his eyes, he could hear the system’s mechanical sound of ‘Mary Sue is dead, the world is about to collapse, help!’ resonating in his head.
But soon, Fu Yichen grasped the key point.

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‘So can you withdraw from the Mary Sue world? Didn’t you say that when the Mary Sue world collapsed, so would you? You lied to me!’ Fu Yichen gritted his teeth.

[Ying, Ying, Ying, the system didn’t deceive the host.
We are still in the Mary Sue world Ying, Ying, Ying]

Ignoring the system’s weird sounds of grievance, Fu Yichen was startled by what was revealed by the system. ‘We haven’t left yet?’ He clearly remembered the feeling of the space around him being distorted, was he just imagining that?

[Calm down host, this is another Mary Sue world.] The system added.

It turned out to be so.
Fu Yichen was speechless for a while.
He should have thought of that a long time ago. ‘Tell me, what’s going on? Explain it to me bit by bit.’ Now that this was his new reality, it’s important for him to calm down and figure things out.

Afterward, with the system’s long-winded explanation, Fu Yichen finally had a general idea of what happened.

The formation of the Mary Sue world comes from excessive substitution and YY of the novels by Mary Sue fans.
Like the Mary Sue Reversal System, they are all created from powerful thoughts.
What supports the Mary Sue world is naturally the novel plot that forms the world and the fictional characters.

The words of the system weren’t entirely false.
If the task of reversing the plot wasn’t completed, the Mary Sue world will collapse.
At that time, the system that exists in that world will also collapse.
So Fu Yichen who was bound to the system will also naturally be destroyed along with the system.

The direct cause of the collapse of the previous world was the death of the Female Lead.
But when the novel world had collapsed, the system had been pulled out of it and Fu Yichen who was bound to it was also pulled out along with it.

This function was actually unknown to the system before, but this extraction is only limited to shifting from one Mary Sue world to another and essentially is trapping the host and system in the novel world.
This made Fu Yichen feel both fortunate and helpless.
Fortunately, he still had hope that he wouldn’t die, but unfortunately, he was still unable to go back.
Why didn’t the system directly extract himself to the real world?

But there is one thing that makes Fu Yichen urgent.
The ability to withdraw from the Mary Sue world of the system isn’t without a cost.
Although he wasn’t sure what the price the system has to pay, after listening to its narration, Fu Yichen was able to sort the matter out.

Fu Yichen sorted out the information in a way that he could understand.
Assuming that the strong mentality of the anti-Mary Sue Alliance is a powerful energy and that energy is what formed the system after going through a strange unscientific evolution, then the system is actually a body of energy.
The system exists in the Mary Sue world that’s formed from Mary Sue novels.
It’s a body of energy that uses Fu Yichen’s soul as a carrier to reverse the ending of the Mary Sue plot.

So once there is a problem with the Mary Sue world, the energy body that exists in that world will also be threatened.
However, this energy body is able to escape from that danger and randomly enter another Mary Sue world to reverse the ending.
This is why Fu Yichen didn’t die but still continued to exist.

However, the extraction must have cost the system to sacrifice a part of its energy.
In layman’s terms, the system’s ability for world extraction is limited.
If he doesn’t continue to work hard to complete his task and truly leave the Mary Sue world, once the energy is exhausted and the system is gone.
Then what would happen to Fu Yichen who is the system’s host? Could he have another ending? The answer was pretty obvious.

So in the final analysis, it’s still the same goal.
Only when the Mary Sue ending of the novel is changed, then can he truly leave the book world.
That is to say, Fu Yichen will never get out of the book world without completing his task.
The only difference this time is that he knows he can enter from one novel to another.

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Fu Yichen just felt as if he was cursed.
He was trapped in a novel and couldn’t get out.
The only way to lift the curse is to change the ending.

Fu Yichen finally let out a long sigh and slowly turned over to face the top of his bed. ‘I’ll give you a different name.’ Anyways, the time they will spend together isn’t very short.
No matter what happens, they would probably be the closest… let’s just say… partners.

[Ah? Really?] The system’s tone changed from its previous sadness. [Male God Host! Male God!]

Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched, is the only word the system knows to use to praise people ‘Male God’?

‘Nympho, idiot, mentally ret*rded, tr*sh, choose any one of the names you like.’

[!!!Ying, Ying, Ying, the host is too much.]

‘Then let’s just go with tr*sh.’ Fu Yichen said in a conclusive tone.

[Ying, Ying, Ying, the system isn’t garbage]

Fu Yichen didn’t care to reply anymore, after digesting the information, his heart was tired.
The only thing that he’s optimistic about is the fact that he had gotten another opportunity to practice his acting skills.
Maybe once he goes out of the Mary Sue world, his acting skills will explode and he would film a blockbuster.

The system had assured him that from the time he was bound to the system and transported into the Mary Sue novel.
The time in the real world stopped for him.
That is to say, he doesn’t need to worry about the fact that he is in a vegetative state for a few years after successfully completing a mission and going out of the Mary Sue world.
He will return back to the starting point.

This is also a factor that makes Fu Yichen optimistic about his own situation.
But right now, he just wants to get a good night’s sleep.
Although it is just said to be acting, he is acting with his life on the line.

[Please accept the plot information host.
Please accept the plot information host.

‘Wait until I wake up.’ Now that this has become his new reality, he should enjoy it.

[Host, host…]

‘Shut up tr*sh.’ Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched, this name really was suitable for the system.

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[Ying, Ying, Ying, the host is scolding me.]

Fu Yichen didn’t bother to pay attention to the system anymore, so he directly blocked it.
He couldn’t sleep after closing his eyes.
He should be relieved that he didn’t die after the previous world, but for some reason, his heart feels heavy.
Especially when he closes his eyes, he could see Shen Tianyu’s eyes flashing in his mind.

‘Tr*sh, when we left, what will happen to that world?’ Fu Yichen asked suddenly.

The system that was released from its ban was excited, [The Mary Sue had died, so the world naturally collapsed.
The Mary Sue is the core existence of the Mary Sue world, host.]

Fu Yichen sighed again, and after a long while, he said leisurely. ‘Tr*sh, what is my identity in this world?’ He felt that the name ‘tr*sh’ came out of his mouth pretty smoothly.

[The system isn’t tr*sh.] The system was indignant in stating that, but it was obvious that Fu Yichen didn’t care nor wanted to listen. [The host is the Second Male, the tyrant, Xuanyuan Canye.]

Fu Yichen’s eyebrows twitched wildly.
This character… ‘I like it.’ Xuanyuan Canye? Not to mention the common surname that authors of Mary Sue love, just the word Canye4… Would a normal person use this word as a name? And still, use it as the emperor’s name? Tsk tsk, the pit in the brain of the author is really getting bigger and bigger.

The corner of Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched and he decided to block the system once more and close his eyes to sleep.
At least he should have a good night’s sleep before accepting the ancient Mary Sue storyline.

My apologies for the chapter not being edited.
It’s my fault.
I had posted the draft to group at like 1:30 am in the morning, so my editors and PRs couldn’t edit it.
Well it did take me a while to finish translating cuz my mom needed me for work and I could only translate in the middle of the night at like 11pm. 


male duck






Can: Oppressive/Cruel, Ye: Night

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