In the next few days after the incident of being locked up in the women’s toilet.
The two men didn’t mention the incident ever again.
It is unknown whether Fu Yichen felt that he had paid more attention to Shen Tianyu because of that matter or that what he’s feeling was an illusion.
Fu Yichen felt that for the past few days that Shen Tianyu had been deliberately hiding from him.
The first thing that came into mind was that the other person was avoiding him because of Su Susu.
Although he had no choice in the matter, the truth was he was trying to rob his good brother’s girlfriend.

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But what made Fu Yichen even more puzzled is that Shen Tianyu’s favorability for the Second Male has reached 90.
Was this the reason why he had been paying more attention to Shen Tianyu unconsciously?

But at the moment, the plot was unknowingly approaching the end.
Like a reminder, a sense of urgency followed Fu Yichen.
This is definitely a matter of life and death for him.
It won’t be wrong to say that he was in a hurry.
He didn’t want to die, he was still so young, he still had so many things to do.

Fu Yichen’s only chance of success currently relies on the fact that neither the Male nor Female Leads have more than 10 favorability points for each other.
That is to say, he had successfully broken the emotional line between them.
But this doesn’t mean that the Male and Female Lead wouldn’t be together in the future.
After all they are still boyfriend and girlfriend like the plot.
That is to say, there is still the possibility that the both of them could get engaged.
Although Fu Yichen still had some doubts about this.
Like how the Male Lead doesn’t actually like the Female Lead, but why does he still make her his girlfriend? Is it to save face? Or just to compete with the Second Male? Another thing is, what’s with the Male Lead’s favorability for the Second Male?

The system had mentioned again and again that there’s no bugs, but the favorability prompts given by the system are always completely inconsistent with what was happening in reality.
Which makes Fu Yichen doubt his own judgment, so now his only choice is to take one step at a time.

But just when Fu Yichen was trying to prevent any more emotional events between the Male and Female Leads, the plot had unexpectedly entered the final climax and the Female Lead Su Susu was kidnapped.

That morning, even after the first class had ended, Su Susu still didn’t appear.
This was impossible for a diligent and studious poor student who is attending a noble school.

Just when Fu Yichen was hesitating to call Su Susu, Shen Tianyu had received a call.
The two were in close range to one another, and Fu Yichen was glancing at him from time to time, so he noticed that Shen Tianyu’s facial expression changed.

This was the Mary Sue text’s unique mysterious aura.
The moment the Male Lead’s face sank, the entire room seemed to be filled with dark clouds and even the teacher on the podium couldn’t help but hold his breath and not let a sound come out.

“If you dare hurt her even a little bit, this young master will ruin your life!”

Fu Yichen paid attention to the gloomy Shen Tianyu who threw out some domineering words then got up and walked out of the classroom, completely ignoring the countless pairs of eyes that were looking at him.
His dark eyes seemed to show that he was ready to eat someone and even the teacher unconsciously shrank to the corner.

Fu Yichen frowned, and quickly searched for the relevant plot in his mind.
Soon he found the relevant plot and immediately got up and followed Shen Tianyu out the door.

“Tianyu,” Fu Yichen caught up with Shen Tianyu at the stairs.
“What happened?”

“Nothing happened.” Shen Tianyu spat out two words with a sullen face and didn’t mean to say anything more.
However, the cold aura around his body said it all.

Fu Yichen was more sure of his guess.
After all, it was similar to what happened in the original text.
After Shen Tianyu had learnt that Su Susu had been kidnapped, he unreasonably didn’t tell anyone about it, especially the Second Male Xia Houming.

Fu Yichen was not in a hurry.
He first sorted out the original plot in detail and then thought about the countermeasures that they could do.

Frankly, the cause of the matter was quite simple.
Ouyang Qi who had been beaten and turned into a street rat by Shen Tianyu’s revenge, teamed up with a rich second generation whose company had been bankrupted by the richest man.
After they learnt that Su Susu was the girlfriend of Shen Tianyu, they had conspired to kidnap Su Susu.
Their purpose was to retaliate against Shen Tianyu and at the same time threaten the world’s richest man.

An impulsive and mindless son of a former official, plus a brain-dead former rich second generation, along with the brainless author of Mary Sue who has no brains and logic, such combinations only had the idea to target the only grandson of the richest man.
The key is that they even succeeded with their plans.
So, after being threatened, the grandson of the richest man didn’t even bring a single bodyguard or soldier and went to rescue the Female Lead single-handedly.
Fu Yichen could only blame the author for this brainless setting.
After all, Shen Tianyu didn’t seem to be a person whose IQ is always offline.

After Shen Tianyu left, Fu Yichen went home directly and asked Uncle Qi, his housekeeper, to check on Ouyang Qi and the incompetent rich second generation.
In the original text, Ouyang Qi had just called to intimidate Shen Tianyu and used Su Susu’s kidnapping to stimulate him.
Otherwise, the time they set for the ransom would be over and the ticket would be torn1.
Shen Tianyu wasn’t told the exact location.
This kind of bloody plot is very common in most dramas, which means currently, Shen Tianyu still doesn’t know where the Female Lead is.

Shen Tianyu had been given a hint about Su Susu’s location through Ouyang Qi, but Xia Houming, as the Second Male, had to use his own connections to track down her location.
This is one of the reasons why Xia Houming found the Female Lead after the Male Lead.
Of course the most important tool was the protagonist halo that made the Male Lead find the Female Lead first.

In about half an hour, Uncle Qi presented Ouyang Qi and the rich second generation’s information.
After Ouyang Qi had offended Shen Tianyu, his mayor father was thrown into prison and he was kicked out of his school.
It can be said that the efficiency of the people from the Shen family was very high, but these information is not what Fu Yichen wants.

“Carefully check them again.
Where was Ouyang Qi for the past few weeks, and also where is his current location.”


“Understood, Young Master.”

The author has a lot of holes in their head.
They had only focused on writing about the two Male Leads searching for her like crazy for a whole day.
But in fact, the author completely forgot that the two Male Leads should have been people with brains and wouldn’t have done such a brainless thing.
Especially when the two of them have such strong backgrounds.
Don’t they know how to use that to their advantage?

The most embarrassing thing is that, until the two Male Leads found Su Susu, the text didn’t mention where she was tied up in.
Just a few words of ‘so dark, scary, and that bastard…’ So currently, although Fu Yichen knows the plot, he didn’t really care much about it.
He didn’t even know where the hell Su Susu was, so there was really no point.

What’s terrible is that because the Male Lead and the Second male in the original text had found the Female Lead at night, Uncle Qi couldn’t find out the specific location of Ouyang Qi until the evening.
Fu Yichen could only laugh at this.

So it wasn’t until about 9:15 that night that Fu Yichen led a group of bodyguards to the gate of an empty and barren abandoned factory in the south of the city.
In fact, Uncle Qi couldn’t tell exactly what and where exactly that factory was.

It took Fu Yichen and his party about 40 minutes to arrive at the warehouse from the Second Male’s house.
It can be seen that Ouyang Qi chose a good place, it was extremely remote and empty.
Not to mention the surroundings at night, it was probably also deserted during the day.
Except for this area, there are no other buildings around them for thousands of acres, just like an abandoned village.

The factory seemed to have been abandoned for several hundred years.
In addition to the countless abandoned warehouses scattered all over the place, the area was full of weeds.
It’s very barren and the night was very dark except for the faint moonlight.
It’s no wonder that the two Male Leads couldn’t find the Female Lead for a long time.

“Careful, Young Master.” Just when Fu Yichen was about to bring someone into the factory.
The bodyguard behind him suddenly whispered and Fu Yichen suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

According to the original plot, Shen Tianyu should be somewhere in the factory by now.
Fu Yichen clearly remembered that at the end of this kidnapping incident, Shen Tianyu blocked a shot for Su Susu.
It can be seen that he was desperate to save her life, and this shot had laid the foundation for the relationship between the two.

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This is what happened in the original plot.
If Fu Yichen doesn’t stop him, no matter if he brought people with him or not, it is very likely that this would happen according to the original plot.
This will then definitely change the Female Lead’s favorability to the Male Lead.
It might just facilitate their relationship.
Fu Yichen had already gone this far, it was impossible for him to fall short.
Moreover, he doesn’t have much time to reverse the plot because it was coming to an end, which means that he was running out of time.

But if he was the one to block the shot for the Female Lead, the result would be completely different.
Not only can it make the Female Lead completely fall in love with him.
It might also dispel the idea of the Male Lead.
After all, Shen Tianyu also knew that the reason why Su Susu had agreed to be his girlfriend was entirely because of his threat.

After making up his mind, Fu Yichen turned his head and said to everyone behind him.
“Split up, but don’t act rashly when you find someone, notify me as soon as possible.”

“Young Master, what about your safety?” The bodyguards were obviously very dedicated to their jobs.

“I know my own capabilities.” Fu Yichen replied, he then went to the dark abandoned factory without sparing a single look back.

On the other side, Su Zhan was playing a one man show.
There was no lighting, photography or director.
There was no audience to look at him so he didn’t need to waste his expressions.

Su Zhan kicked a rusted iron door and heard a ‘bang’.
The door frame fell to the ground.
It was unknown how many doors he had kicked down already.
Anyways it had been around twenty minutes since he entered the factory.
Except for the abandoned warehouses, he didn’t find even a single ghost or sound.

At this moment, his phone rang and Su Zhan saw that it was the mentally retarded Ouyang Qi.

In an instant, Su Zhan’s originally impatient face turned gloomy.
His cannibalistic eyes showed his anger.
“Where is she!?” With this question and tone, it can be heard that he was deliberately restraining his anger.
One should admit that Su Zhan is a professional actor.

“Tsk tsk, Eldest Young Master Shen is really infatuated.” On the other end of the phone was Ouyang Qi’s voice, but soon he heard Su Susu’s scream.

“Don’t touch her!” Su Zhan immediately said in a deep voice, showing his anxiety.

The more Su Zhan acted like this, the more satisfied Ouyang Qi was.
His original purpose was to toss Shen Tianyu and so Su Zhan satisfied him with his reactions.

“Hahaha,” Ouyang Qi felt his ego inflate.
“Shen Tianyu, I know that you’ve arrived at the factory.
You have ten minutes to find us, otherwise… Ah bastard, go away.
Shen Tianyu wuwuwu2 Xia Houming, save me wuwuwu.”

That last sentence was obviously from Su Susu who was tied up, but the words ‘Xia Houming’ that came out of her mouth, made Su Zhan twitch at the corner of his mouth.
There was a sour feeling at the bottom of his heart.
He could only try to maintain the plot on the surface.

“You’d better let her go,” Su Zhan said fiercely.
“Otherwise, I’ll make you regret being born.” He had to admit that these middle grade syndrome lines are really written down by the author.

After Su Zhan finished speaking, he hung up the phone, rubbed his face, and recovered his emotions before continuing to search for the Female Lead without being too anxious.
As according to the nature of the plot, he would definitely find her at the critical moment.
This was the result of his numerous experiments, not because he didn’t care about Su Susu’s life and death.

On the other hand, Fu Yichen was also walking through the abandoned factories.
He doesn’t know why the factories were so big.
There’s a huge possibility that the author had no idea how large a factory that’s more than a 1000 acres was.
But there is one thing he and Su Zhan had in common, that is, the both of them weren’t too anxious in searching for Su Susu.
He would definitely find her when the time came, so he wasn’t in a hurry.

Sure enough, after more than 20 minutes, Fu Yichen, who had been searching alone in the dark, finally saw some traces of Ouyang Qi’s group.
In a relatively remote and empty factory.
Fu Yichen could see the faint light from the door and more than a dozen gangsters guarding the entrance.

If one listens carefully, they’re able to hear faint voices coming from the inside.
According to the development of the plot, Shen Tianyu should be in the factory right now, and had arrived at least 10 minutes before him.

Thinking of the description of this situation in the original text, Shen Tianyu could only grit his teeth and endure Ouyang Qi’s anger because Su Susu was there.
Fu Yichen was unexpectedly upset at the thought of it happening.

Hiding carefully in the dark, Fu Yichen quietly moved into the factory and carefully observed the structure and terrain.
He had needed to plan ahead before he could do anything.

The factory is about 300 square meters, built with bricks and tiles.
On the first floor, there were only two exits that could be seen by Fu Yichen from his point of view.
The exits were the two decayed iron gates on the left and right sides of the factory.
The distance between the two doors is around 30 meters.
Judging from the light coming from the doors and the amount of gangsters guarding the door, there was a high possibility that Ouyang Qi and the others were closer to the door on the left.
That is to say, the door on the right might be an escape route opportunity for Fu Yichen and the rest.

After making up his mind, Fu Yichen slowly retreated into the darkness and then silently walked around to the iron gate on the right.
But what gave Fu Yichen a headache was that there were four gangsters assigned by Ouyang Qi to guard the door.
That is to say, no matter what Fu Yichen did, he would have a headache trying to solve these four people without getting discovered by the other gangsters and the people inside the factory.

At the same time, there was a dilapidated window on the other side of the wall where the iron gate was.
Fu Yichen immediately had a black line.
The author had simply described the scene as ‘When Ouyang Qi was laughing wildly, Xia Houming came from behind him silently.
He appeared from the shadow of the machine behind him.’ He didn’t expect such a ‘silent method’ was used.

In the end, Fu Yichen really did quietly climb through the window, not only successfully avoiding the four gangsters guarding the gate, but also sneaking behind an unknown machine that was behind Ouyang Qi.

The plot has obviously started for a while now, and the first person to come into Fu Yichen’s sight is the embarrassed Shen Tianyu.
Fu Yichen didn’t know why he had searched for Shen Tianyu’s figure first through the gap, but he had to admit that the moment he saw him, his heart skipped.

He could see Shen Tianyu staring directly at Ouyang Qi with a gloomy look on his face.
Shen Tianyu’s eyes were full of anger, revealing an indescribable fierceness and the blood coming out of the corner of his mouth was particularly dazzling.
Fu Yichen’s heart jumped.
In the original text, when Shen Tianyu had found Ouyang Qi’s group, he was indeed restricted by them because of Su Susu and had suffered a bit.

Now it looks like he should have been beaten up.
Fu Yichen’s face unconsciously sank and he stared at Ouyang Qi’s back with his dull eyes flashing.
At this time, he finally understood how the story went in the plot and was able to transform it to the real scene of the kidnapping.

At this time, Su Susu was tied to a broken chair, with both her hands and feet bound.
Ouyang Qi held a knife to Su Susu’s neck with a hideous expression.
If one looks closely, it can be seen that there is a light red scar stained with blood on Su Susu’s neck.
There were also a few gangsters standing beside them.
Including the formerly rich second generation who had colluded with Ouyang Qi, and they all held weapons in their hands.

“Young Master Shen, aren’t you the only grandson of the richest man in the world?” Ouyang Qi grimaced.
“Are you scared now? How did you treat me back then?” The knife held in his shaking hands came into close contact with Su Susu’s neck.
The empty factory immediately echoed with harsh screams.

“Shut up!” Ouyang Qi immediately yelled at her.

“I said.
Don’t! Move! Her!” Shen Tianyu’s aura was imposing, even if he was the one who was tied up, he was still able to overwhelm Ouyang Qi with his aura.

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Ouyang Qi’s face immediately blushed in anger and shame.
“You…” He was a little embarrassed by his own reaction towards Shen Tianyu.
He gave a gangster a wink and the gangster immediately punched Shen Tianyu.
“What are you being so arrogant for? You are now in Laozi’s hands, don’t you understand!” Ouyang Qi said, and moved his knife, immediately Su Susu’s screams sounded again.

Fu Yichen secretly gritted his teeth, he could hear the muffled sound of Shen Tianyu getting punched just now.

At this moment, the former rich second generation backed away.
“Ouyang Qi, didn’t we agree to just teach them a lesson? You, doing this…” Obviously, he was afraid of going too far.
After all, the identity of the other party was scary.
If something happened to him, the two of them were absolutely finished.

It was of no use, however, since Ouyang Qi had long lost his mind, “You move aside for Laozi! You coward.”

“What did you say!?”

The two former second-generation official and former rich second-generation soon began to show signs of internal conflict.
Fu Yichen’s mind moved, this was a good opportunity for them.
Just at that moment, Shen Tianyu raised his head and looked over at him.
Fu Yichen immediately secretly signed to him, “Tianyu help me.”

Sure enough, the next second Shen Tianyu’s gloomy eyes flashed in understanding, then returned to normal as if nothing happened.
However, his eyes occasionally fell to Fu Yichen’s position a few times.

Fu Yichen nodded at him and slowly crept up behind Ouyang Qi until he was less than three meters away from him.
He was in a position where the light and shadows intersected.
Fu Yichen pointed at himself then pointed towards Ouyang Qi and then gestured towards Su Susu.

With the tacit understanding between the two of them, Shen Tianyu, who has always been cold-faced, suddenly sneered.
“Cui Yao, think about it clearly.
Your father’s company ended up like that because of his poor management.
The company can still make a comeback if it goes bankrupt.
But if you become a kidnapper, what do you think is going to happen to you?” What’s worse is this kidnapping also involves the grandson of the richest man, it’s estimated that going to jail is the least of their problems.

Fu Yichen couldn’t help but praise Shen Tianyu’s countermeasure.

Sure enough, as soon as Shen Tianyu’s voice fell, the formerly rich second-generation Cui Yao was persuaded and panic soon appeared on his face.
Originally, he had been bewitched by Ouyang Qi to exchange Shen Tianyu for several hundred million with the richest man.
Sure enough, he wasn’t thinking about the danger before.

“Shut up!” Ouyang Qi anxiously yelled at Shen Tianyu, he then turned to Cui Yao “Don’t listen to his nonsense.
Isn’t it too late to stop now?”

Cui Yao’s face turned pale and Shen Tianyu took the opportunity to say, “Cui Yao, if you stop now, I won’t pursue it.
Additionally, I can even ask my grandfather to give your father a chance.”

“Is… Is this true?” Cui Yao had been convinced.
Ouyang Qi was like a dog that had no choice but to jump over a wall at this point.
“Cui Yao, are you an idiot?”

Ouyang Qi cut off the rope on Su Susu’s body as he spoke.
He then lifted her up with the knife still placed around her neck.
“Stay away, or I will kill her.” After yelling those words at Shen Tianyu, he turned his head to face Cui Yao and said, “Follow me, idiot.”

Turns out he wasn’t as mentally retarded as he had looked.
Fu Yichen took the opportunity to give Shen Tianyu a gesture.
He then heard Shen Tianyu continue to stimulate Cui Yao.
“Cui Yao, he’s just using you.
Can’t you see?”

“Shut up!” Ouyang Qi shouted, but it was too late.
The mentally retarded Cui Yao was stimulated by Shen Tianyu’s words and he suddenly rushed toward Ouyang Qi.
“You bastard! You are trying to kill me!” As he spoke, he grabbed the knife in Ouyang Qi’s hand.

Because the two of them were standing close to each other and Ouyang Qi was unprepared, Cui Yao was able to grab the knife from Ouyang Qi’s hands

At that moment, Fu Yichen gave Shen Tianyu a wink and suddenly burst out of the shadows like a cheetah that had been lurking for a while.
Ouyang Qi didn’t even know what happened.
There was a sharp pain that came from his hand that was holding a knife and the next second, the knife fell to the ground.

At the same time as Fu Yichen’s series of actions, Su Zhan, who had been suppressing himself, raised his foot and kicked the two gangsters that were next to him.
He then stepped forward and kicked away the frightened Cui Yao, quickly pulling Su Susu to himself.

The two completed their actions almost at the same time and the results were perfectly executed.
Which can be said to be full of tacit understanding towards one another.

“Go.” Fu Yichen turned his head slightly to look at Shen Tianyu who was standing behind him.
At this time, the three of them, along with Ouyang Qi, were surrounded by dozens of people.
Fu Yichen held Ouyang Qi by the neck and the latter didn’t dare to move.

“Get out of the way or I’ll strangle him to death.” Fu Yichen sneered at the crowd.
The group of people immediately unconsciously shrank back.
Ouyang Qi was also waving them away with difficulty.

So, in the end, Shen Tianyu pulled Su Susu and Fu Yichen clasped onto Ouyang Qi’s neck.
The four moved to the right iron gate that was 30 meters away, while the others followed them closely behind.

Everything was going well at first.
But then when they left the door, Su Susu suddenly stumbled as if she stumbled on weed and tugged on Fu Yichen’s clothes.

Fu Yichen’s conditioned reflex caused him to turn his head.
With this lapse in attention, Ouyang Qi escaped from his grasps.
Fu Yichen was stunned.
Could Ouyang Qi really have escaped him with his skill? Is that even logical?

But it was too late to complain about anything since dozens of gangsters had already surrounded them.
“Take her away, I’ll hold them back!” Fu Yichen said to Shen Tianyu without looking back.
He had to admit, this setting was very brainless.
He had brought so many bodyguards with him at that time.
Currently he could only laugh because they weren’t even close to finding him.

Su Zhan grabbed Su Susu’s shoulder.
More than succeeding or failing to get out of this predicament, he was more worried for Xia Houming.
But now, he could only bring away the burden and run first.
If he stays, he might cause Xia Houming more trouble.

Fu Yichen quickly got rid of the few gangsters who had gathered together around him.
At the same time aimed a punch and kick towards Ouyang Qi, avenging Shen Tianyu.
He then ran in the direction where Shen Tianyu and Su Susu left towards.
As he left, he heard Ouyang Qi’s roar mixed with pain.
“Catch them for Laozu!”

Fu Yichen caught up with Shen Tianyu without needing to run too far, mainly because Su Susu couldn’t run very fast.
So soon, the little gangsters equipped with knives and sticks also caught up to them.
Fu Yichen could only hold them back for a bit.
The opponent had the advantage in numbers, so he couldn’t completely protect the two of them.
So Shen Tianyu had to reluctantly join the battlefield.
Only Su Susu was being protected in the middle by the two of them.
Screaming in the middle while holding them back.

The two people ran while fighting, but the problem was that they had no weapons and still had to protect the burden Su Susu at all times.
Under such circumstances, Fu Yichen was finally stabbed in the shoulder.
His bright red blood quickly flowed down his arm and dripped towards the ground, the sight of it was extremely dazzling.

“Xiahou!” Shen Tianyu’s eyes turned red instantly.
The anger in his eyes was even more prevalent than when Su Susu was bullied just now.
Su Susu also looked terrified.
“Xia Houming, your hand… there’s a lot of blood.”

Fu Yichen raised his leg and kicked the person who was trying to come up to him and covered his bleeding left arm with his hand, “Come on.” Was there even time for them to waste just talking like this?

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Su Zhan gritted his teeth, then grabbed Su Susu and followed behind Fu Yichen.
His movements when handling Su Susu was definitely not gentle.

Fu Yichen endured the pain coming from his arm and led the two of them to run wildly in the dark.
Constantly shuttling through the old factories until they completely threw off their tail.
Then he gritted his teeth and got into a relatively small room inside one of the abandoned factories.

At this time, Fu Yichen’s arm was dyed red with blood.
He leaned against the wall, trying to steady his breathing.
He didn’t expect Shen Tianyu to come up to him just after he leaned on his back and touched his arm.
“How’s your injury?”

In the dark, the dim moonlight came through the gaps from the broken windows.
Fu Yichen only felt that Shen Tianyu’s face looked extremely gloomy.
Especially the dim light coming from his eyes, which unexpectedly made Fu Yichen’s heart tremble.
He could clearly feel Shen Tianyu’s hands shaking as he lifted his arm.

“It’s fine.” Fu Yichen gritted his teeth and whispered.
Meanwhile, Su Susu stood aside and cried endlessly while looking at his blood-stained arm.

Su Zhan just stared at Fu Yichen’s wound without raising his head to look at Fu Yichen’s expression.
In fact, it was quite similar to the situation last time.
Except that this time, after Fu Yichen got injured, he fought and ran all the way.
His clothes were stained red with blood and it made his whole person look very scary.

“Bear with it.
I’ll wrap you up.” Su Zhan gritted his teeth, his body uncontrollably trembling.
He was extremely frightened by this scene, especially the smell of blood.
Which made him even forget that he was initially going to complete the plot and return to the real world.

Fu Yichen endured the pain and frowned.
In fact, there was such a scene in the original plot, but it didn’t mean that Fu Yichen took the knife to the arm on purpose.

However, Shen Tianyu’s reaction really surprised Fu Yichen.
Seeing him care so much about him, the more guilty he felt.
Looking at Shen Tianyu’s shaking hands, he carefully removed the bloodly sleeves and then panicked, trying to find something that could stop the bleeding.
The appearance of Shen Tianyu acting like a headless fly was not what a mighty Young Master Shen should look like.

Fu Yichen grabbed his shoulder to force him to calm down.
“Just use my sleeves to tie it up first.” Anyways it was just painful, he wasn’t going to die from the pain.

Only then did Su Zhan regain his senses.
He then couldn’t help but press Fu Yichen against the wall and directly tear off one of his sleeves and tied them to Fu Yichen as a makeshift bandage.
He caught sight of Su Susu who was standing beside him out of the corner of his eyes and immediately said coldly, “What are you standing there for? Go out and guard the entrance!”

Su Susu was stunned for a moment by that order that didn’t contain the slightest bit of emotion.
She then gritted her teeth and ran to the door to guard.

Fu Yichen was completely stunned by Shen Tianyu’s actions.
To be honest, from the previous interaction, he couldn’t see any trace of Shen Tianyu’s liking towards Su Susu, but towards himself… Fu Yichen would rather believe that the Male Lead is in love with himself and not with Su Susu.

Thinking of this, Fu Yichen’s heart trembled.
At this moment, Shen Tianyu tied a knot on his bandaged arm and Fu Yichen gasped in pain.

“What’s wrong?” Su Zhan immediately raised his head with a worried look on his face.

Fu Yichen was stunned for a moment when their eyes met.
He didn’t know what was wrong with himself.
The next moment, Fu Yichen suddenly turned around and pressed Shen Tianyu to the wall and used his intact right hand to completely trap Shen Tianyu between himself and the wall.

Fu Yichen stared darkly at Shen Tianyu’s eyes and once again he saw Shen Tianyu who was as stiff as a hamster that’s pretending to be dead.
“Shen Tianyu, I’ll ask you once again.” Fu Yichen could clearly see the other person’s round eyes.
He blinked at him, “Do you… like me?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Shen Tianyu’s eyes suddenly widened and his body became even more stiff.
Fu Yichen unconsciously leaned closer.
When his lips were about to touch Shen Tianyu’s, he found that Shen Tianyu’s Adam’s apple rolled and he could feel his heart beat faster.

In fact, Su Zhan was so scared that his heart almost jumped out of his body.
He didn’t expect Xia Houming to suddenly slam him to the wall.
The other person was so domineering and full of aggressiveness.
Especially when he watched the other person’s lips approach closer and closer… There were only two choices in Su Zhan’s mind, whether to accept or deny.
But all of his thoughts unconsciously fell on Xia Houming’s lips that were getting closer.

Truthfully, Su Zhan has never been kissed before.
Additionally, it’s also coming from someone that he likes… It’s amazing that he was still able to get distracted even at this point.

When Fu Yichen saw that Shen Tianyu’s pupils were getting more and more unfocused, he felt that the other person was so cute.
So he could help but move closer.
At that moment when their lips touched, Su Susu’s panicked voice suddenly came from the door, “Coming! They are coming here!”

After regaining his senses, Su Zhan reflexively pushed Fu Yichen away.
He didn’t even have the time to appreciate the feeling of having his first kiss taken, if it was even considered a kiss.
Fu Yichen, who was pushed away, felt a pull on his wound and took a breath of cold air.

“Are you okay?” Su Zhan asked in a hurry.

“It’s fine.” Fu Yichen said with a dark face.
It wasn’t really the right time for them to be doing such a thing, and there’s also the fact that there was no phone signal in this abandoned place.
His bodyguards are still unable to find him even after all this time.

“Quickly leave.” Fu Yichen ran in front and Shen Tianyu dragged Su Susu behind him.

Even if they had moved in advance, it was still too late.
As soon as Fu Yichen went out, he could see Ouyang Qi leading a group of gangsters and rushing towards them.
And if he looked even closer, he could see that Ouyang Qi actually held a gun in his hand.
A gun… did the author’s logic get eaten by dogs?

With the sound of a ‘bang!’, Fu Yichen felt a bullet whizz past his ear and the hair on his body involuntarily stood up.
He broke out in cold sweat.
There’s no need to confirm if it was a real gun or not.

“Be careful.” Fu Yichen turned to face the two standing behind him.
He slowed down and moved behind them.
Then he turned around to face Ouyang Qi and said angrily, “Ouyang Qi, are you crazy? Do you want to die!?”

What’s there for Laozu to be afraid of now?” After going this far, does he even have a way out? It would be better to kill the other person and die together before that.
Ouyang Qi fired another shot while chasing after them.
This time aiming at Su Susu who was being dragged by Shen Tianyu.

Fu Yichen didn’t know what possessed him.
When this scene happened in front of his eyes, the first thing that came to his mind was the scene from the original plot. ‘While the three of them were escaping, Ouyang Qi fired a shot at Su Susu.
Shen Tianyu, who had noticed it, pushed Su Susu away desperately and blocked the shot for her.’ While he was being rescued in the hospital, they learnt that the bullet was only less than two centimeters away from his heart or something along those lines.
Anyways, Shen Tianyu saved Su Susu regardless of his own life.

In the blink of an eye, Fu Yichen pulled Su Susu towards himself, just barely dodging the bullet.
But what Fu Yichen didn’t expect was for Ouyang Qi to not only not stop, but fire another bullet at Shen Tianyu.
At this moment, Fu Yichen could only feel that the author’s brain was truly sick.
Not to mention where a person could obtain a gun, what’s the matter with the unlimited bullets for that gun?

But no matter how angry he was, Fu Yichen’s body had already responded before his brain could even think.

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Because of the distance between him and Shen Tianyu, Fu Yichen could only jump over and push him away.
So, without surprise, Fu Yichen was shot, just close to the heart.
At that moment, Fu Yichen’s mind blanked for a few seconds.
The bullet that the Male Lead was supposed to block for the Female Lead, ended up being blocked by him for the Male Lead.

“Bang!” Fu Yichen uncontrollably fell to the ground.

“Ah! Xia Houming!” There came Su Susu’s terrified cry.

“Xiahou!” There came Shen Tianyu’s furious roar.

Fu Yichen, who fell in a pool of blood, was delirious.
He saw Shen Tianyu rushing towards him madly with unprecedented panic on his face.
The next second, the severe pain coming from his chest brought Fu Yichen’s consciousness back.

“Xiahou… Xiahou you… how are you? Xiahou…” Shen Tianyu’s voice uncontrollably trembled.
Fu Yichen saw him kneeling down next to him in a panic.
It was distressing for him to look at how panicked Shen Tianyu was.

“I…” Fu Yichen wanted to open his mouth to comfort him and tell him that he wouldn’t die/ But at this moment, Fu Yichen suddenly noticed Ouyang Qi, who had lost his mind, aim his gun at Su Susu.

“All of you go die and be buried with Laozu!”

“Be careful!” Fu Yichen tried his best to remind Shen Tianyu.
In fact, as long as Shen Tianyu turned around, he could save Su Susu.

But what Fu Yichen didn’t expect was for Shen Tianyu’s eyes to be focused on himself the whole time.
His eyes seemed to be unable to hold anything else other than himself.
Shen Tianyu didn’t even pay attention to his own life and death, he could only repeat the words, “Xiahou, Xiahou…”

“Ugh~” Fu Yichen could only hear Su Susu’s groan, before seeing Su Susu collapse in disbelief while clutching her blood-stained chest.

The plot got derailed.
Alarm bells started ringing in Fu Yichen’s head.
He clearly remembered the system saying that the general plot shouldn’t be changed.

[Warning! Warning!]

At this moment, the system in Fu Yichen’s head rapidly issued warning tones which sounded like alarm bells.
Before they had set off for this rescue mission, Fu Yichen had warned the system to not make a sound so as to not distract him at a critical moment.

[Warning! Warning! Mary Sue is dead! Mary Sue is dead!]

‘What’s going on?’ Fu Yichen didn’t have time to worry about the pain coming from his body.
The answer to his question was still a flustered system prompt.

[Warning! Warning! The Mary Sue world is falling apart! Ah! Help!]

Fu Yichen couldn’t get a proper reply from the system at all.
At this time, he vaguely saw a group of bodyguards rushing to press Ouyang Qi to the ground.
In the meantime, Shen Tianyu’s eyes never left Fu Yichen’s body during the whole process.

“Xiahou, hold on, Xiahou!” Su Zhan looked at the person lying in a pool of blood in panic, disbelief, regret, anger and fear… All his emotions were intertwined and he completely lost his ability to think.
All he could do was put his hands on Fu Yichen’s bleeding chest.

Fu Yichen clasped Shen Tianyu’s trembling hands with difficulty.
At this moment, a sense of sadness came from his heart.
Looking at such a Shen Tianyu made him feel very sad.
Thinking of meeting such a great friend, whether real or fake, was also a wonderful experience.

At this moment, all within Fu Yichen’s line of sight began to distort like a swirling vortex.
At the same time, the system’s reminder of the world collapsing kept ringing in his mind.

[Warning, Warning! Mary Sue is dead! The Mary Sue world is falling apart!]

“Tianyu~” After Fu Yichen spat out these two words with difficulty, Shen Tianyu’s face began to also swirl around like the rest of the surroundings.
But the look in those tearful eyes seemed to be an inerasable mark, imprinting itself in Fu Yichen’s heart.

“Xia Houming, you aren’t allowed to die!”

In the next second, Fu Yichen fell into darkness.

Did you guys enjoy this chapter? I know I had mixed feelings for it. 

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Tearing a ticket means to kill the kidnapped person once the time is up


crying sounds

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