Chapter 22

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In an extremely cold environment, it’s natural for people to lean against each other for warmth.
Especially when the other person is also human and in urgent need of a source of heat.
Fu Yichen’s body could provide the other person with a heat source, so he sat down beside Shen Tianyu and wanted to open the curtain to get in and scoot closer to the other person.

Su Zhan grabbed the curtain tightly, “What are you trying to do?” He sounded very surprised and defensive.

Fu Yichen: ???

“Didn’t I just mention it?” Fu Yichen blinked at him, “I’m also very cold.
You made my coat wet.”

*Cough~*” Su Zhan coughed awkwardly, feeling as if he was making a fuss for nothing.
It must’ve looked embarrassing to the man beside him, “I’m sorry.”

Fu Yichen opened the curtain and huddled in.
Probably because the lights were off, Fu Yichen didn’t notice the blush that flashed on Su Zhan’s face for a moment.
The sudden warmth from another body made Fu Yichen let out a sound from his nose, “Fortunately there are curtains in the classroom.”

Fu Yichen couldn’t help but let out a sigh.
But then he found out that Shen Tianyu’s body was tilting and moving away.
The two of them were originally sitting in a corner of the wall, but the other person kept trying to move away.
Fu Yichen couldn’t help but move towards him, squeezing him into the corner rudely, “Come closer, you’re too cold.”

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This person, just like the author’s character design, is cold on the outside and warm on the inside.
Su Zhan couldn’t help but feel warm in his heart.
In fact, it was mainly because he had fallen in the women’s toilet and his butt hurt a little, so he could only sit using only half of his butt and lean against the corner.
He had to remain calm though, no matter how embarrassed he was.

But the question is which side he should lean on.
It was a difficult decision for him to decide whether he should lean on the wall or on Xia Houming.
However, before he could decide, Fu Yichen pulled him over simply and rudely because he knew that Young Master Shen had a very thin skin.

So, the two prominent young masters sat shoulder to shoulder in the corner of the classroom.
Using a part of the curtain as a bed and the other as a pillow, they prepared to sleep for the night.

“Sleep.” Fu Yichen whispered.
Otherwise, their cold, hard and long night would be even more difficult for them.

In the darkness, Su Zhan turned his head to look at Xia Houming who had his eyes closed.
There was a bit of hesitation in his eyes.
It seemed that he had wanted to say something.
But in the end, he decided not to.

In fact, in such a warm and peaceful moment, Su Zhan had almost blurted out something.
He had wanted to tell Xia Houming the truth.
For example, this is a Mary Sue novel.
He is a tragic Second Male.
He even knows the final ending where the Male Lead is betrothed to the Female Lead.
However, he felt that this fact is too cruel for Xia Houming.
After thinking about it, he is the only one that’s stuck.
In the end, it would also affect himself.

Fu Yichen didn’t know how many times he had fallen asleep and woken up intermittently that night.
When he woke up for the last time, the sky was already bright and he was fully awakened by the numbness coming from his arm.

When he woke up, the first thing he noticed was how numb his arm became, and after that how stiff his butt felt.
No matter how thick the curtains were, he was still sitting directly on the floor.
It was such a small space that he wasn’t able to stretch.
So at that moment, he could really feel how stiff his body had become.

He wanted to move his hands and feet a little but found that Shen Tianyu was leaning on his shoulder.
Just like when they were at the holiday villa, the sleeping Shen Tianyu seemed like a different person.
Like a proud cat taking a nap.
There was no arrogant and domineering aura, but instead, he became soft and cute.

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Because his cheek was resting on Fu Yichen’s shoulders, Shen Tianyu’s mouth was slightly open.
Fu Yichen turned his head and lowered his eyes so he could clearly see the other person’s upturned eyes, long eyelashes, and high nose, followed by slightly agape lips.

Fu Yichen felt his heart stop for a few seconds.
He couldn’t help but return back to his previous guess.
Regarding whether or not Shen Tianyu was bisexual.
Fu Yichen was still brooding over his strange favorability towards himself.

Just as he was thinking about it, the head on his shoulders suddenly moved.
The curtain that was tightly wrapped around Shen Tianyu’s shoulders suddenly slid down and his shoulders were exposed.

Fu Yichen’s heart moved.
He stretched out his right hand to pull the curtain back up and wrap it for him.
He didn’t expect Young Master Shen to move his head again, moving closer to Fu Yichen’s shoulder, his lips almost touching Fu Yichen’s neck.
The air he exhaled directly sprayed on Fu Yichen’s neck.
For a while, the atmosphere became a bit subtle.

In particular, the guy beside him hugged his left arm like a koala on a tree trunk.

After losing his mind for a while, Fu Yichen couldn’t help but laugh.
As a man, he was hugged by another man in such a manner.
Moreover, the other man was almost naked.
This situation should be weird, embarrassing, and even uncomfortable for him.

But strangely, Fu Yichen only thought that Shen Tianyu was a little cute.
Not only did he not dislike the feeling, he even let him continue to hold him.

It didn’t take long before Fu Yichen could feel the head moving on his shoulders again.
Fu Yichen lowered his eyes and saw Shen Tianyu’s eyelashes tremble slightly then slowly open.
But soon, the man froze again and his face changed into a look of pain.

*Hiss~*” When Su Zhan had woken up, the first thing he felt was that his neck was about to break.
But at this moment, a sudden voice came from the top of his head.

“What’s wrong?” The voice sounded sexy and full of magnetism.
This voice…

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Su Zhan was agitated, this voice… Xia Houming! Su Zhan turned his head to look in a conditioned reflex, but he didn’t expect to cry out an ‘Ah!’ in the next second.
His stiff neck almost broke… At that moment, a hand appeared on his head and exerted a little force to slowly move his head.

“Turn your head and move it around a bit.” It’s no wonder that he was stiff.
He had laid on his shoulder for so long.

Fu Yichen placed one hand on Su Zhan’s shoulder and the other on his head, gently helping him turn his head.

“Is it better now?” After a little movement, Fu Yichen asked seeing that his expression had returned to normal.

“Yeah.” Su Zhan had already recovered from his initial shock.
He lowered his head a little and hummed.
For some reason, he felt that Xia Houming was a bit forward, yet gentle.
Wait… Memories of last night suddenly came back into his mind.

Su Zhan froze up.
He then soon realized his own condition.
Just as he was straightening up, the curtain he had on his body fell and piled on his lap.
The worst thing was… his underwear could slightly be seen.

With a ‘swish’, Su Zhan quickly pulled up the curtain with lightning speed.
At that moment, his face was burning hot, yet he still tried to act as if nothing had happened.

But how could Fu Yichen, who was so close to him, not see Su Zhan’s reaction at that moment? He couldn’t help but laugh at him in his heart.
He then got up and stretched, moving his stiff limbs, “The school gate should be open by now.
I’m afraid you’ll be looked at by everyone if you don’t leave.”

After Fu Yichen finished speaking, he deliberately looked down at Shen Tianyu, still sitting on the ground wrapped in curtains.
He was naked and the only thing on his body other than the curtain was his underwear.

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*Cough~*” Su Zhan immediately blushed and felt that he had just been verbally molested.

“Help me get my clothes.” Su Zhan looked up at him in embarrassment.

Fu Yichen smiled and didn’t embarrass him anymore.
Mainly because he thinks that the both of them should leave quickly otherwise Shen Tianyu’s hanging clothes would be looked at by bystanders.

After Shen Tianyu got dressed, the two quickly left the school and didn’t attend the same day.
Of course, as far as they were concerned, this school was originally a place they could freely come and go.
Especially the learning tyrant Xia Houming.
He never studies and yet he is always the first in the yearly rankings.

Just as Fu Yichen expected, the next day, the school grass lost his temper with the group of nymphos and severely rectified them in front of the teachers and other students of the school, “Su Susu is this young master’s girlfriend.
In the future, if anyone decides to bully her again, get the hell out of here for me!”

Shen Tianyu’s high-profile actions were naturally expected by Fu Yichen.
Fortunately, his domineering behavior of not asking the Female Lead for her opinion just made the Female Lead, who was originally leaning towards the Second Male’s side, even more disgusted with him.
This made Fu Yichen feel relieved.

However, Fu Yichen was more worried about whether plots like the incident of being trapped in the toilet would be repeated.
After all, the real plot was destroyed by him, the powerful plot might be made up in some other ways.

But what Fu Yichen didn’t expect was that his worries were unnecessary and once again the plot had been fast-forwarded.
He didn’t know if it was influenced by him or not.
Many of the plots were skipped, but the main plot didn’t fall off.

At this time, the plot directly reached the climax of the Campus Mary Sue novel.
It can be said that after this climax, it’s basically the perfect HE for the Male and Female Lead.

The Female Lead Su Susu was kidnapped. 

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