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June 22, 2022


Chapter 20


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Cold, damp, dark, deathly silence… along with the smell of a dirty toilet.
Su Zhan was soaked all over, standing at a corner of the wall with his eyes blank and water dripping from his clothes.
Su Zhan wanted to look up at the sky in silence.
He is in the women’s toilet.
That’s right, he’s currently trapped in the women’s toilet.
He, a superstar who has attracted a lot of attention his whole life, is now stuck in the women’s toilet.

Su Zhan wanted to grit his teeth but found that his teeth were chattering uncontrollably.
Everything was going smoothly.
Although there were a few twists and turns, the plot was twisted more than once.
However with his wit, he could always bend it back in the end.
Before he had come here, everything seemed like it was back on track according to the normal plot progress.

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But he never imagined that something would happen in such a key link. ‘The Male Lead unexpectedly finds out that the Female Lead was tricked into being trapped in the school and rushed over desperately.
The hero was able to save the beauty and the relationship between the Male and Female Lead qualitatively improved.’ It was such a simple and important part of the plot.

Su Zhan didn’t expect that when he rushed in, he didn’t see the Female Lead, but instead was trapped.
The most embarrassing thing was that all the tricks that were inflicted on the Female Lead were instead done to him.
Su Zhan prides himself on being a well-mannered person and would never swear.
But now, he really… wants to swear at people.

Su Zhan gritted his teeth, standing stiffly at the corner with his soaked clothes clinging to his body.
He was in pain, such a slippery and hard toilet floor.
He had slipped and fell, hitting his butt.
The pain made him burst into tears.

Of course, the most terrible thing right now is that he can’t get out! Just like the brain-disabled Female Lead’s situation written by the brain-disabled author.
After being tricked into the toilet, the door was tied up with ropes from the outside.
There would be no one on the sports field at night and now even the uncle watching over the stadium had disappeared.
The place was empty, dark and quiet.
Even calling for help from the heavens was useless.
Su Zhan was made speechless by this brain-dead author.

In fact, the group of nymphos in the original text had found an excuse to deceive Su Susu into the sports field far away from the main campus after everything had been set up.
After she entered the toilet, a few squatting members of the nympho group immediately tied the door from the outside and quickly left.

After learning about it by ‘accident’, Su Zhan had rushed over initially, but unexpectedly the door was still open at that time.
Su Zhan had thought that he was late.
But he didn’t expect to be showered by a bucket of cold water not long after he entered.
The electricity then went out and the door was locked.
The two big idiots who were squatting were probably blind.
They didn’t see that it was him who entered and not the Female Lead… Simply brainless.

Su Zhan reflected on his situation.
In the original text, the Male Lead found out that the nympho group had tricked and trapped the Female Lead in school.
But he didn’t know the exact location, so he had searched for the Female Lead for a long time.
However, Su Zhan knew the plot from the beginning.
He knew where the Female Lead was, so he had rushed over straight in one breath.
So was it because he had rushed over too early that he had missed the Female Lead?

Su Zhan initially planned to wait until the heroine was tricked to come, but there was no sound from the outside for more than half an hour.
He himself was about to freeze to death.

So after hesitating again and again, Su Zhan finally called Xia Houming for help.
Losing face in front of him was better than the headline ‘The grandson of the richest man was frozen to death in the women’s toilet of Xingyao.’ the next day.

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Therefore, when Fu Yichen rushed to the empty women’s toilet of the school sports ground, he saw Shen Tianyu in a state of complete embarrassment, wet from head to toe with a face that showed…he had nothing to live for.

The nympho group had cut the electrical wires, so it was cold and dark.
The floor was flooded with foamy water and the room was filled with the smell of washing powder.
Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched.
He remembered that in the original text, the Female Lead was doused by a large bucket of water that was put on top of the door frame, then washing powder was sprinkled on the floor.
The Female Lead fell flat on her butt.
Fu Yichen could feel the pain just by imagining the situation.

Therefore, the appearance of Young Master Shen who had experienced the whole thing was self-explanatory.
Fu Yichen actually had the urge to laugh, but he was unconsciously feeling a bit of guilt.
Yes, it seems to be his fault.

*Cough~* Shen…”

“Don’t talk.” As soon as Fu Yichen opened his mouth, Su Zhan quickly stopped him.
He lost his face, nothing else was important.
He just wanted to be alone right now.
Any words from anyone at this time will only make him even more uncomfortable.
Especially from the person next to him.

Fu Yichen opened and closed his mouth awkwardly.
He then touched his nose sheepishly, not knowing how to comfort him.
He could only follow him silently.

He could see Shen Tianyu slowly walking towards the door step by step.
Fu Yichen noticed that Shen Tianyu’s walking posture was a bit strange.
The foamy water on the ground was a bit slippery.
As soon as Shen Tianyu walked a few steps, he almost slipped.

Fu Yichen quickly rushed up to support him, “Slow down, the floor is slippery.”

Su Zhan didn’t have the courage to look directly at the person beside him.
He took a deep breath and said, “Thank you.”, then pulled his arm out of the other person’s grasp.
He has already lost face from being locked in the women’s toilet.
At least allow him to retain the last bit of his dignity and let him walk out on his own.

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However, like a slap on the face, Su Zhan didn’t take more than two steps before unsteadily slipping once more.
His body that was already uncontrollably stiff and the floor covered in foamy water worked together in adding more shame to his current situation.  His heart was desperately hoping that he wouldn’t land on his butt once more.

Fortunately, Fu Yichen hurriedly grabbed him and stopped asking him for his opinion on the matter.
He simply helped him out directly and Young Master Shen gave up on struggling.

It wasn’t until he stepped on the dry corridor floor outside the toilet that Fu Yichen let go of Shen Tianyu.
At this time, there was no one else in the corridor and Su Zhan’s embarrassment could be felt in the air.

“Tianyu, you…” Fu Yichen thought about what he should say, “Why are you here so late?” Although he had already guessed it in his heart, looking at the other person’s angry face, Fu Yichen must play innocent to the end.

“Don’t ask.” Su Zhan had no face to look at Fu Yichen from the beginning to the end.
He just squeezed out two words through gritted teeth.

It can be seen that Shen Tianyu, who has always been invincible, is very embarrassed at this moment.
So Fu Yichen felt even more guilty.

At this moment, a sudden gust of cold wind blew and Su Zhan immediately shuddered.
His face became even more gloomy and he silently swore at the nympho group in his heart.

Fu Yichen’s heart moved.
He quickly took off his jacket and said, “Take off your wet clothes.”

What he didn’t expect was Shen Tianyu freezing at first, then quickly turning his face away and saying, “No, thank you.” Shen Tianyu raised his legs and left.

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Fu Yichen hurriedly chased after him and forcibly put his coat on him, “*Cough~* Don’t be quick to refuse, your body is important.”

Hearing these words, Su Zhan couldn’t wait to find a hole in the ground and bury himself.
But the man behind him had put a coat on him and it felt as if the person was hugging him from behind.
A warm feeling instantly spread throughout his body.
Unexpectedly, Su Zhan gave up on struggling.

There were no words spoken between the two of them along the way.
The two kept walking from the sports field to the school gates.
Su Zhan endured the chill and the unspeakable pain from his behind and hurried away.
Fu Yichen followed behind him closely.

However, the two of them underestimated the brain-dead settings that the author made in order to create more opportunities for the Male and Female Leads.

At 10:30 in the evening, the school gate was locked.
The guards were all off work and there were no other exits.
They couldn’t get out at all.
Wasn’t this too absurd?

At that moment, feeling the cold wind, Su Zhan’s heart collapsed.

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