Unlike someone else who was depressed, Fu Yichen actually felt refreshed.
Especially after he heard about the Female Lead’s favorability points.

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[The total favorability of the Female Lead to the Second Male is 57]

Because of Fu Yichen’s deliberate actions, Su Susu’s favorability points increased from 46 to 57 overnight.
Fu Yichen was very satisfied with this result.

After washing up, Fu Yichen left the villa.
In the real world, whenever he had the time he used to run in the morning.
After running two laps around the large lawn outside the villa and coupled with the fresh morning air, the whole person’s mood relaxed.

In the original text, on the second morning of the spring outing, the Female Lead got up early and used the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the whole class.
Although it was an ordinary breakfast, these young masters and ladies who had been spoiled since childhood had never eaten it.
It was so delicious that everyone couldn’t help but admire the Female Lead.

This made the Second Female Qi Ya’er, who already held a grudge against her, even more unhappy.
New hatred and old hatred piled up.
So Qi Ya’er created a stumbling block for her and an accident occurred.
Su Susu accidentally broke an antique vase that was worth tens of millions in the villa of the richest man.

Paying compensation, not to mention tens of millions even just tens of thousands, Su Susu couldn’t afford to pay back.
So the only way to solve it was to go to jail.
Su Susu’s face turned pale with fright on the spot.
At that moment, the Male Lead Shen Tianyu would save the beauty and protect Su Susu with an extremely awkward excuse.

Although this was an extremely nonsensical excuse, Fu Yichen had to admit that this is the usual routine of a campus-type Mary Sue novel.
Shen Tianyu had asked Su Susu to be his maid to pay off her debts.
Not only did she not have to go to jail, but also waive… tens of millions.
Even if she worked as a maid to pay off the debt, even working for a lifetime, the maid would have actually made a profit.

This is actually Shen Tianyu’s blatant protection of Su Susu.
Immediately, he laid an important part of the cause for the public outrage that was due to Su Susu’s safe return to school.

Of course, how could Fu Yichen miss such an important plot? Fu Yichen calculated the time, and just when the matter developed into the most critical point, he ran back to the villa.

The moment he entered the villa hall, the tense atmosphere rushed toward him.
When he looked up, sure enough, the whole class including the headteacher were all gathered in the hall.
On the other side was Qi Ya’er with a few members of the nympho group looking at the Female Lead angrily.
At the same time, on the sofa not far away from them, Shen Tianyu also kept his face calm and said nothing.

Almost as soon as Fu Yichen stepped foot into the room, all eyes were on him.
Especially Su Susu, who seemed to see a life-saving straw with a pitiful look on her face.
It could be seen that she was more dependent on Fu Yichen rather than Shen Tianyu.

“What’s going on?” Fu Yichen walked over to them with a frown.

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“Xia Houming.” Su Susu unconsciously approached Fu Yichen.
At her most helpless moment, Xia Houming was her life-saving straw.

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male +6]

[The total favorability of the Female Lead to the Second Male is 62]

Su Zhan, who was sitting on the sofa in the distance, immediately turned gloomy when he saw this scene.
His hands were unconsciously clenched.
He slowly released them, got up and walked over.

Fu Yichen gave Su Susu a soothing glance, then looked at the others with a cold face.
Finally, his eyes fell on the headteacher, “Please speak, teacher.
What’s going on here?”

Not wanting to wait for the headteacher to speak, Shen Tianyu walked over to them impatiently, “Didn’t you hear what I had just said?”

Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows and didn’t speak.
Only to see Shen Tianyu continue to speak while pointing at the broken pieces of porcelain on the ground with a cold look on his face, “My family’s things are my family’s affairs.
When is it your turn to point fingers here?” After speaking, his eyes fell in the direction of Qi Ya’er and the group of nymphos.

How domineering.
Fu Yichen gave him a thumbs up.
Qi Ya’er couldn’t hold back her anger and stood up, “Brother Tianyu~”

Qi Ya’er’s face was livid with anger, “Do you know what you are talking about? If I’m not wrong, this vase is worth at least 10 million yuan.
There is no second one in the world.
You actually… why aren’t you asking her for compensation?”

Qi Ya’er’s eyes were red with anger and frustration, but Shen Tianyu turned a blind eye toward her.
However, when Su Susu heard that the vase was worth 10 million her face turned pale.

Shen Tianyu didn’t even look at Qi Ya’er.
He frowned and said impatiently, “I said I’ll deal with it.”

Fu Yichen only listened to the sound of the system sounding inside his mind.
All of which were the prompts of the decreasing favorability of the Second Female towards the Female Lead.
The Second Female’s favorability towards the Female Lead decreased to -30 in a blink of an eye, becoming a deep hatred.

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At that moment, Su Susu’s face had turned pale.
10 million was a number that is absolutely astronomical in her world.
So apart from mindlessly apologizing, she couldn’t do anything else.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry…”

The girl’s voice had changed, almost crying.
Fu Yichen took the opportunity to walk over to her and patted her on the shoulder to comfort her, “Don’t worry, I’ll find a way to solve it.”

Although his voice was cold, there was no lack of tenderness.
Su Susu’s eyes immediately became sour and a few tears rolled down her cheeks, “I’m sorry…”

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male +3]

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male +2]

Su Zhan had always looked gloomy.
However, seeing the interaction between Fu Yichen and Su Susu, he became even more gloomy.
The look on his face was terrible.

Fu Yichen looked at Shen Tianyu at this time and said solemnly, “I’ll pay for her.”

“What did you say?” Su Zhan gritted his teeth.
Sure enough, she was the one he liked?

In addition to the onlookers, Qi Ya’er and Su Susu were also both surprised.

“Xia Houming…” Su Susu looked at Fu Yichen in a daze.
Only feeling that he was unusually tall and reliable at that moment.

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[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male +2]

“Brother Xiahou, you… you…” Qi Ya’er was almost angered to death by Shen Tianyu’s reaction.
But now, even Xia Houming was trying to help this woman.
Her face turned blue and red in anger.

Shen Tianyu’s face turned even colder, “Don’t you understand human language? This is my family’s matter.
If I want her to pay, I will let her pay.
If I don’t want her to, I won’t.
What are you trying to do?” After he finished speaking, he glared at Fu Yichen.
It can be seen that these words were clearly for everyone present.

Fu Yichen hadn’t spoken yet, but Qi Ya’er couldn’t stand it anymore.
She stared angrily at the two people she grew up with, disregarding her ladylike image.
The two of them should have been revolving around her, but now she’s forced to have no manners and no bottom line to fight another woman for them.

“Based on what? Why her?” Qi Ya’er shouted hysterically.

At this time, Su Zhan took the lead.
He decided not to stick to some stupid maid setting and directly skipped it.

Su Zhan grabbed Su Susu’s shoulders domineeringly.
His chin raised slightly, “She’s my girlfriend!”

“What!” Everyone was shocked.
The nympho group was also frightened enough that they almost fainted.

“Brother Tianyu!” Qi Ya’er stomped her feet, then ran away crying.

Fu Yichen calmly raised his eyebrows.
The plot was fast-forwarded again.
He could see that the Female Lead was in panic and at a loss.
She looked as if she was trying to break free from Shen Tianyu’s arm, but it wasn’t working.

In the end, Fu Yichen turned away without saying a word.
This incident had ended with Su Susu being Shen Tianyu’s girlfriend.

Moreover, Su Susu was unable to explain to Fu Yichen in the end.
Shen Tianyu, the school devil, made her promise to be his girlfriend to pay back the 10 million.

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Fu Yichen wasn’t too disappointed by this development.
It was because, in this process, the Female Lead’s favorability for the Second Male had successfully risen to the 80s.
He is aware of the Female Lead’s feelings, so he doesn’t care if she becomes Shen Tianyu’s girlfriend like in the original text.

After that day, Fu Yichen didn’t go to school for several days, mentioning that there was something at home.
But any discerning person would know that it was because of Su Susu.
Naturally many people gritted their teeth in anger.
Especially Su Zhan who ground his teeth on his quilt every night.

Fu Yichen didn’t go to school, but he knew exactly what was going on in school.
Even if no one wanted to accept it, everyone still knew that Su Susu, the grassroots girl, became the girlfriend of the grandson of the richest man.
It caused endless attacks of revenge from the members of the nympho group along with Qi Ya’er’s revenge.

Although the author’s description was a bit naïve.
It was indeed quite miserable for the girl to be subjected to those tricks.
It wasn’t until another key event happened that Fu Yichen made another move.
He had to make sure that the Female Lead didn’t develop any feelings toward the Male Lead because of that crucial plot.
After all, the plot was too powerful and Fu Yichen didn’t want to take any risks.

Qi Ya’er, along with the group of nymphos, tricked Su Susu into the toilet of the sports grounds of the school.
Not only did they set up a ‘door frame bucket’ and ‘toilet haunting’ in advance, but they also locked the toilet door after she entered.

So, the wet Su Susu was trapped in a dark, cold, and remote toilet full of fear and helplessness.
Shen Tianyu had accidentally learned of the fact and ran to save her.
After going through adversity together, the relationship between the Male and Female Lead became deeper.

This was a setting in the original plot, which is also one of the main turning points in the relationship between the two.
Although the Female Lead’s heart is currently with the Second Male, Fu Yichen didn’t want to take any risk.
So before the incident, Fu Yichen made an excuse and took the Female Lead away in advance.

But what Fu Yichen didn’t expect was that by the time the incident should have happened in the original plot and when he thought he had successfully escaped a key point, he received a call from Shen Tianyu at around 10 in the evening.
It was as cold as ever outside.

The voice on the other end of the phone was trembling uncontrollably.
In addition… there was a bit of embarrassment, “Uh, Xiahou… Can you… come and pick me up?”

Fu Yichen was a bit puzzled, “Where are you?”

*Cough* It seems that it was a bit difficult to mention, but there was no other choice, “Our school’s sports grounds… the girls’ toilet.”

Fu Yichen: … What???

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