Fu Yichen who was pushed away was stunned on the spot.
He didn’t expect Shen Tianyu’s reaction to be this big.
Before he was able to recover, Shen Tianyu pushed him away and gave him a snort.
He sat up, pointing and shouting at Fu Yichen’s face.

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“I like you? Who are you kidding?!” Su Zhan’s mind was completely muddled at this moment.
He didn’t know what he was talking about.
But he was very sure of one thing, that even if he was killed, he wouldn’t admit it, “I suspect that you’re the one who has feelings for me.”

“What?” Fu Yichen was confused.

Su Zhan seemed like a swarm of flies that finally found their way out of a bottle, “Isn’t that true? If you didn’t have feelings for me, why did you try so hard to save me that time? If you don’t like me, why do you try to grab women from me? First it was Qi Ya’er, now Su Susu.
Do you dare to say that you’re not deliberately targeting me?”

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +4]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -5]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +6]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -4]


Fu Yichen: ???

That’s a really big fluctuation…

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“Didn’t you keep moving towards me just now? What did you mean by that action?” Su Zhan showed a look of lingering fear.
He successfully threw the pot to Fu Yichen beautifully, in a clean and neat accusation.

The corners of Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched.
It took him quite a while to squeeze out a few words, “It’s a misunderstanding, misunderstanding.”

“You really don’t have feelings for me?” Su Zhan had already thrown the pot to the other person, and he will follow through with it to the end.

Fu Yichen quickly shook his head, “It’s a misunderstanding.” In fact, Fu Yichen was still confused by Shen Tianyu at the moment, but he quickly grasped the point, “So it turns out that you do have feelings for Su Susu?”

*Cough* Su Zhan made an embarrassed expression, just like what Shen Tianyu should have after he realized his feelings for Su Susu for the first time.
He blushed, but couldn’t hide the excitement showing on his face.
It can be said that his performance was outstanding, “Probably…”

Fu Yichen was completely stunned.
At this moment, the system sounded a reminder in his mind.

[The total favorability of the Male Lead to the Second Male is 80]

The confused Fu Yichen’s eyes widened and he was completely startled.
The system called out a ghost-like sentence.

[Wei! Ya! The Male Lead has feelings for the Second Male ah! *Ying**Ying**Ying* My Male God Zhan Zhan, *Ying**Ying*…]

‘Shield.’ Not wanting to wait for the system to finish it’s howling, Fu Yichen quickly blocked it.
What the system had said was completely inconsistent with reality.
He was completely unable to judge the situation now.

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Unexpectedly, Shen Tianyu had completely overturned the pot this time.
He suddenly turned his head and stared at Fu Yichen with a look of scrutiny.
His eyes looked extremely dazzling in the dark.
His silhouette looked even more delicate and beautiful than usual, but the words that came out of his mouth made Fu Yichen speechless.

“Do you like Qi Ya’er or Su Susu?” It was said as if it was a test from Shen Tianyu.
However, it was also a test from Su Zhan.
He had also wanted to know who the other person had feelings for.

*Cough~* Fu Yichen pulled on the quilt and laid on his back.
He didn’t look into Shen Tianyu’s eyes but said lightly, “Ya’er, I have made it clear to her today that I will only treat her as a sister in the future.
As for Su Susu…” Fu Yichen put his hands behind his head and looked at the ceiling, “She’s a special girl.” Fu Yichen closed his eyes after speaking.
Opening his eyes and talking nonsense was one of the basic qualities an actor should have.
It’s nothing too special.

As a result, he didn’t hear a response from the other person for a long time.
He then opened his eyes and saw Shen Tianyu laying next to him.
The other person’s face seemed to be a bit sullen.
After a while, Fu Yichen heard a low voice coming from the person laying next to him, “Then let’s compete fairly.”

As these words were spoken, Shen Tianyu’s voice contained a hint of depression.
It was completely different from the tone he used before.
It should be because of Su Susu.
Fu Yichen couldn’t open his mouth to ask about the reason and in the end he could only close his eyes and sleep.

In fact, Su Zhan really was depressed at this time.
However, it wasn’t because of Su Susu but because of the person next to him.
Su Zhan only felt that he was a complete coward.
The person he had feelings for was beside him, but he had to try his best to cover up his feelings and rob the other person of his woman.
This situation was ridiculous.

But he knew that in the original text, the feelings of the Second Male towards the Female Lead were no less than the Male Lead’s towards the Female Lead.
So no matter what he does, Xia Houming has feelings for Su Susu.
The most important thing is that he still has to complete the plot.
Su Zhan really felt sad for this matter, couldn’t he be depressed?

Su Zhan’s misery directly led to him being unable to sleep.
Of course, the main reason for his insomnia was because of the person sleeping beside him.
He couldn’t help but think about all kinds of messy things in his mind.
The man beside him suddenly moved and then a hand reached out to him.

Su Zhan was startled at first, but then he could only pretend to sleep with his eyes shut tight.
He soon realized that the hand just went around his body and helped him pull up the quilt.
At that moment, Su Zhan suddenly felt a sour feeling in his nose and a sudden impulse came upon him.
He wanted to pour out all his grievances and unwillingness in one go.
Fortunately, the person next to him turned over, continued to sleep and didn’t notice his abnormal behaviour.
Su Zhan suddenly thought to himself that if he could meet such a person in reality, he would probably abandon everything and give it a try.

Fu Yichen, who was in a daze, didn’t think that his instinctive behaviour would give Su Zhan such a feeling.
He was just taking care of the people around him as a habit.

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As soon as Fu Yichen woke up the next day, he heard the system screaming in his mind.
[Let me out host, let me out…]

‘What kind of ghost1 are you calling for?’

[The host is finally awake] The mechanical voice of the system raised.
[Host, quickly let me out.
I want to see my Male God Zhan Zhan…]

Fu Yichen felt an oncoming headache, ‘What Male God Zhan Zhan? He’s just using the face of your Male God…’ He didn’t know what all the excitement was about.

[That’s still the face of my Male God.
Quickly let me see!] Fu Yichen only felt that his system needs to be recycled.
Otherwise, it would start to develop human emotions and hobbies.

Fu Yichen disliked the system’s ranting, so he simply unblocked it and let it see enough.
What he didn’t expect was for the system to let out a favorability reminder at this moment. 

[The total favorability of the Male Lead to the Second Male is 84]

What happened after I fell asleep last night?’ Fu Yichen sat up in shock.
He then turned his head to look at Shen Tianyu, finding that the person beside him was actually sound asleep.

The sleeping Shen Tianyu looked a little less aloof.
To be precise, it’s Su Zhan who is different from Shen Tianyu.
Yet, it’s also different from the Su Zhan in reality, that face that gives off a high sense of alienation to those not close to him.
Such a sleeping face gave Fu Yichen a somewhat docile feeling, like a sleeping cat.
Exuding an inexplicable temptation that no one can resist.

[Male God Zhan Zhan *Ying**Ying**Ying*, so handsome *Ying**Ying**Ying*. Kiss him, Host kiss…]

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Fu Yichen was staring at that sleeping face intently when suddenly the system came out with this sentence, which made him agitated, ‘Kiss your sister!’. At this time however, Fu Yichen realized that he had unconsciously approached Shen Tianyu’s face.

But what’s even worse is that Shen Tianyu, who he had been staring at for a long time, suddenly opened his eyes.
His eyelashes trembled and slowly moved.
Finally a pair of misty eyes met Fu Yichen and then his eyes focused little by little.
His eyes then widened and his body stiffened like a little hamster pretending to be dead.
Exactly like when he was tested last night, not daring to move a single inch.

Fu Yichen was a little embarrassed at first because the other person suddenly opened his eyes.
He couldn’t help raising the corner of his lips in an instant.
This kind of Shen Tianyu was so funny, so Fu Yichen gave him a smile.

Su Zhan, who was greatly frightened when he woke up, finally regained his senses.
As a result, he saw the person on top of him suddenly smile so charmingly that he thought he was dreaming.
Fortunately, he was always on high alert in front of this person.
So even when he was extremely nervous, he forced his brain to run and come up with some miscellaneous thoughts on what to do next, ‘Turn and knock him over?’ ‘Scare him to death?’ or ‘Kick the other person out of the bed?’

However, in the end, Su Zhan just stammered out a sentence, “What are you doing?”

Fu Yichen smiled again, turned around neatly and said while putting on his clothes, “Waking you up.”

Su Zhan let out a sigh of relief.
But in the next second his eyes met Fu Yichen’s naked and strong back, generous shoulders, healthy complexion, enviable lines and a strong waist… Su Zhan unconsciously swallowed, feeling as if his whole body was on fire.

So, when Fu Yichen had finished putting on his clothes, he turned his head to see Young Master Shen pull up the quilt, turn his back to him in a neat manner and wrap himself tightly with the quilt.

“You can wake up first,” came a muffled voice from the quilt, “I still want to sleep for a while.” At the end, he added in a dazed voice, “Sleepy…”

Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows, “Okay.” Turning around, he got out of bed.
Today is an important day.
Almost half of the important points of the spring outing plot will happen today, so he couldn’t miss it.

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