Fu Yichen had the mentality of an old person compared to all of these high school students.
Fortunately for him, Xia Houming’s cold character is just in line with his old person’s character.
So it didn’t seem strange if he doesn’t like to join in on the fun and move.
He left Qi Ya’er with that explanation and left the area.

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The day was over in a flash.
When night fell, the magical brain hole of the author flared once more.
The temperature became very cold, impossibly cold.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, the people here didn’t think of it as strange.
Having said that, all of the author’s mindless and illogical settings for the plot are for the sake of the emotional development between the Male and Female Lead.
So from a certain point of view, these settings are not completely mindless.

On such a cold day, the Female Lead was definitely going to freeze at night.
So, the Female Lead who had no place to sleep at night became the object of everyone’s attention.
However, none of the girls are willing to accept her into their tents.
Of course, in their situation, even if anyone had been willing to, they dared not open their mouths.

Shen Tianyu folded his arms and stared at Fu Yichen with a sullen face, “She’s going to be sleeping in my room.” The look in his eyes was gloomy and a little scary.

Fu Yichen stared back at Shen Tianyu with a cold face and his hands in his pockets, “She’s sleeping in my room.” His eyes held the same cold look.

The two stood opposite one another, not wanting to yield to the other person.
With the same imposing manner as each other.
Sparks flew within a two-meter radius of both of them and the audience was dumbfounded.
Obviously, the two male gods were fighting for a woman but the woman who made the two fight was left at a loss.

The two remained at a stalemate until the headteacher stood up weakly, “Speaking of which, Student Shen Tianyu, Student Xia Houming, did the both of you ask Su Susu what she wants first?”

Fu Yichen and Shen Tianyu both turned their heads to look at Su Susu at the same time, then said in unison, “Speak.”

Su Susu was at a loss on how to deal with the two people.
Everyone’s eyes were on her and she was so nervous that she was unable to form words.
But soon she found out that even if Xia Houming was looking at her with cold eyes, it contained tenderness.
While the eyes of the devilish school grass were full of threats and a domineering attitude in addition to his usual wicked look.
So, Su Susu gritted her teeth and pointed at Fu Yichen.

Fu Yichen breathed a sigh of relief, turned his head and stared at Young Master Shen.
Only to find that the other person’s face was as black as a pot.
There seemed to be a trace of resentment in his eyes for a moment, which scared Fu Yichen a bit.
But in the blink of an eye, Young Master Shen sat down on the sofa with a gloomy face and didn’t say a single word.

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The Second Female, Qi Ya’er was naturally relieved.
Xia Houming’s attitude towards her has already been made clear by him.
Naturally, she is not going to give up on chasing Shen Tianyu even if it kills her.

The owner of the villa didn’t say a word and the atmosphere of the room became awkward for a while.
The headteacher spoke up weakly again to ease the atmosphere.

“Then, Student Xiahou, where are you going to sleep? Seeing as you gave your room to Student Su Susu.”

After the headteacher had finished speaking, not only Su Susu who got the room but also, the gloomy Shen Tianyu set his sights on Fu Yichen.

Fu Yichen turned his head to look at the luxury villa the family of the richest man occasionally used for vacation.
First of all, he couldn’t live in the room of the richest man and Shen Tianyu’s parents.
Secondly, while he himself didn’t care where he slept, he was a prominent Young Master Xiahou, therefore it was impossible for him to be casual and go to the servant quarters to sleep.
However, the living room of the villa of the richest man is quite spacious, so it should be normal for him to sleep on the sofa for one night.

So Fu Yichen pointed to the sofa, which happened to be the one on which the dark-faced Shen Tianyu was sitting, “Here is fine.”

Su Zhan, who was suddenly pointed at, was startled.
He then quickly realized that it wasn’t him the other person was referring to but the sofa.
However, the living room is as big as a hall, it must be very cold when it’s empty.
The sofa obviously looked too small for a person as tall as Xia Houming.
He then thought about the matter again.
The other person had made such a big sacrifice for the Female Lead.
Immediately after thinking about it, he felt even more unhappy.
So unconsciously the look on his face became more terrifying.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Female Lead -1]

“This… how can this be fine?” Su Susu felt apologetic, “The night is very cold.”

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“Yes Student Xiahou, it’s very cold at night.” The headteacher added.

Fu Yichen held back the twitching corners of his mouth.
What else could he do? Blame the author? There is no thermostat in the living room of the richest man.

“It’s fine.” Fu Yichen said lightly, “I’m healthy.” Everyone around him knew that he had good health and was strong.
But on such a cold night, it’s not the matter of whether he was healthy or not.

Su Zhan didn’t speak, his face was still sullen, showing his anger.
The talkative headteacher spoke up weakly, “Why don’t Student Xiahou squeeze in with me?”

“No need.” Fu Yichen refused without giving it another thought.
Not to mention Fu Yichen’s face turning black, the face of everyone else present also turned black.

However, the headteacher didn’t give up and said again weakly, “Then how about Student Xiahou and Student Shen squeeze in together?” Weren’t they friends who grew up together? Besides, they were both men, so it’s fine.

Everyone’s face turned darker immediately.
They didn’t understand what the headteacher was trying to do.
Wasn’t he able to see that the two were fighting each other just now? Offering such a bad idea.

However, there was someone who was an exception.
When Su Zhan had heard the suggestion from the headteacher, his heart skipped a beat.
Before he could react, Xia Houming agreed and Su Zhan was completely stunned.

In fact, Fu Yichen had thought about it.
The goal has already been achieved and he didn’t need to let himself freeze in the living room all night.
It wasn’t really worth risking his health for.
Besides, the Male Lead’s favorability for him has risen too strangely.
No matter how slow he is as a person, the system mentioned again and again that there were no bugs.
So he couldn’t help but think that there were other aspects and he wants to take this opportunity to test it.

So, Fu Yichen nodded to the suggestion, “That’s fine.” After Fu Yichen finished speaking, he raised his eyes to look at Shen Tianyu.
He saw that the other person’s face was still dark but his eyes were strange.
Fu Yichen didn’t look away as if he wanted to confirm something.

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As a result, Shen Tianyu didn’t respond for a very long time until the headteacher said weakly, “Student Shen, is this… is this arrangement inconvenient?” He had tried his best to ease the atmosphere.
It was really hard to serve these two young masters.

Su Zhan who was frozen in shock finally returned to his senses and in the next second, his expression was restored.
He nodded expressionlessly, “No better alternative.” They can’t let the guests of the richest family freeze.

So everyone was happy with the suggestion, and finally, everyone has a place to stay.
Of course, no one knows that Young Master Shen’s mind had collapsed.

Fu Yichen did agree with the idea due to his own plans.
But truthfully, other than the strange favorability points, Shen Tianyu’s behavior was entirely in line with the personality described in the book.
He wasn’t able to see the slightest tendency of him being another person.

Shen Tianyu’s room is very big.
Brand new, but lacking in personalization.
It looks like it has been unoccupied for many years.
But no matter how big the room is, it still only has one bed.

After Fu Yichen followed him to the room, he didn’t hear the other person say a single word along the way.
The other person didn’t even look at him, just kept his face calm and said nothing.
Fu Yichen couldn’t help but feel a bit surprised.
Did the other person blame him for not talking to him in the afternoon?

“Are you angry?” Fu Yichen quietly tugged at his own collar, pretending to ask Shen Tianyu casually.

“Huh?” Su Zhan, whose mind had wandered, suddenly returned to his senses.
When he looked up, he saw Xia Houming pulling his collar, as if he was about to take off his clothes?? At this time, he was sitting on the bedside and Xia Houming was watching him not far from the bed.

Su Zhan uncontrollably made up some discordant images in his mind.
It wasn’t until Xia Houming’s stare at him became puzzled that he recovered and swallowed unconsciously.

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“What did you just say?” This is bad.
His mind had wandered just now and he didn’t hear what the other person said.

Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows, “Are you still angry about what happened just now?” Seeing that Shen Tianyu didn’t speak, Fu Yichen continued casually, “You like her?”

“What?” Su Zhan’s eyes widened in disbelief.
This was the expression that Shen Tianyu, who had been bullying Su Susu for fun, should have.
Followed by Shen Tianyu’s disguised denial, “Ah, Xiahou, who are you kidding?”

Fu Yichen didn’t speak.
He turned and sat on the table beside him, lowering his eyes to stare at Shen Tianyu, “Are you sure you aren’t in love with that girl?”

“How is that possible!” Su Zhan immediately sneered.
But while denying it, his eyes were obviously shifty and uncertain.
Just like Shen Tianyu who fell in love with Su Susu without knowing it.
A perfect rendition.

Fu Yichen has been quietly observing Shen Tianyu’s expression.
There was really nothing abnormal and it’s completely in line with the author’s description.
So what was wrong?

Fu Yichen felt a little tangled.
But it also wasn’t the time to just sit around and do nothing.
So he got up to prepare to sleep, “Are you going to take a shower?”

“Huh?” Shower… Su Zhan found the situation completely out of his control.
It could be that because he wasn’t a big talker that his mind is very active.
So his mind is always… supplementing.

“You first!” Fortunately, Su Zhan is a 27 year-old mature man.
His rationality finally defeated his imaginative brain.
So at the critical moment, Su Zhan spat out the two words calmly.

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