The holiday villa belonging to the family of the richest man was indeed nothing ordinary.
Luxurious and ethereal.
From the garden, forest, artificial lake to the sports fields, golf courses… everything was available.
It is said that the land they own was no less than a thousand acres.
Fu Yichen thought that the author hadn’t written about a villa but instead about a large park.

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They were going to spend two days and one night camping.
After arriving at their destination that morning, the first thing they needed to do was to ‘set up camp’.
The servants of the Shen family were already waiting for them at the gates early.
Their service was in place and ready.

It could be said that except for the headteacher and Su Susu, the whole class was full of pampered young masters and ladies.
However, they were still curious about the villa of the richest man in the world.

After arriving at the large lawn that will be used as their camping site in the villa, students alone or in pairs began to set up their tents excitedly.
Except for the few main characters of course.

As two characters who have a relationship with the owner of the villa, Qi Ya’er and Xia Houming naturally had their own rooms in the villa.
The other person with their own room was the cheeky headteacher.
As the other person is a teacher, Shen Tianyu also arranged a room for him.

Seeing Su Susu sitting alone on the grassy slope in the distance, Fu Yichen could feel a pitiful feeling surrounding her from a distance of dozens of meters.
He walked over to her.

What Fu Yichen didn’t know was, as soon as he took a step, two pairs of eyes stared at him.
One was Shen Tianyu’s alert gaze and the other was Qi Ya’er’s jealous one.

“Why are you sitting here all alone?” Fu Yichen sat beside Su Susu’s naturally short body.
His legs folded, his body leaning slightly backwards with his hands on both sides of his body.
His eyes didn’t look at Su Susu, but instead stared at the distance casually.

Su Susu with an aggrieved look on her face, immediately lit up and her heartbeat increased, “Xia Hou… Xia Houming?”

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male +1]

Fu Yichen gave her a soft ‘En’ His cold voice sounded extraordinarily gentle.

Su Susu felt warmed and unconsciously lowered her guard, “I have nothing to prepare, so I am sitting here and resting.
You…?” Su Susu looked a little nervous.

From a distance, the picture of the two of them sitting together looked strangely harmonious, so someone couldn’t hold back their breath.

Fu Yichen played Xia Houming’s cool and handsome personality until the end, so he said without doubt and concern, “Come to my room tonight.”

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“Ah?” Su Susu was stunned, but at the same time her face burned.

“You can sleep in my room, I’ll find another way.” Fu Yichen didn’t look at her face, mentioning it lightly.

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male +1]

Fu Yichen originally planned to get up and leave after acting cool.
This was completely in line with Xia Houming’s cool and cold character.
What he didn’t expect was that as soon as he finished speaking, there was a sudden voice behind him.
Seemingly holding back their anger, “She is going to sleep in my room.”

Fu Yichen immediately frowned.
But before he could turn around, he found that the other person suddenly squeezed in beside him.
To be more specific, between him and the Female Lead.

Before Fu Yichen had sat down, he and Su Susu were apart by almost at a distance of a person.
The main reason was because of Xia Houming’s gentlemanly demeanor and that the relationship between them wasn’t too close.
As a result, Shen Tianyu could squeeze in between them.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Female Lead -1]

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Male Lead -1]

[The favorability of the Second Female towards the Female Lead -3]

“Su Susu is going to sleep in my room.” Su Zhan squeezed into the middle of the two and sat down.
The words spoken by him were not a suggestion but instead in the tone of an order.

Fu Yichen turned his head and saw Young Master Shen who had squeezed in between the two of them.
The look on the other person’s face was without the slightest bit of any unnatural look, impoliteness or shame.
But Su Susu on the other hand was so angry that her face turned ashen.

Fu Yichen carefully sorted out the information provided by the original text before he went for the spring outing.
The arrangement of their rooms in the original text was quite reasonable.
Shen Tianyu had his own room as the grandson of the richest person, his parent’s rooms can’t be moved.
So there were only three rooms left.
Xia Houming and Qi Ya’er each had one room, and the headteacher had a room.
So there was no room to spare.
The other students had their own tents.
So Su Susu, who didn’t bring a tent, shivered when the temperature at night suddenly dropped.

It was precisely because he knew that there was such an incident in the original plot that Fu Yichen gave up his room to her before the Male Lead could.
This matter originally happened at night, so he didn’t expect that Young Master Shen would come to intervene.
Fu Yichen was made speechless by the acceleration of the plot.

At this time, Su Susu, who was livid by Shen Tianyu’s unreasonable and domineering personality, stood up from where she was sitting on the ground and said, “Shen Tianyu, what do you think you are doing?”

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Shen Tianyu looked at her calmly, “Stupid girl, do you think that I wasn’t aware that you didn’t bring a tent? The night is very cold, are you trying to freeze to death?”

The way the devilish school grass showed his care was quite childish and awkward.
Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched as he heard the other person’s words.
Su Susu immediately blushed and felt ashamed, “Even if I freeze to death, it has nothing to do with you!” She then shook her head and ran away.

Su Zhan touched his nose in embarrassment.
He turned his head to find Xia Houming, looking at him with a look of scrutiny on his face.
His heart skipped a beat.
As if to cover up his feelings, he said, “This stinking girl is really unreasonable.”

‘Aren’t you the unreasonable one?’ Fu Yichen resisted the urge to hold his forehead, “Why did you come here?”

“Are you still mad at me?” Shen Tianyu didn’t answer his question.

Honestly speaking, Fu Yichen felt a bit strange.
He couldn’t understand why the Male Lead was with him instead of the Female Lead.
Instead of the Female Lead, the domineering Male Lead wants to stay with the Second Male.

So, Fu Yichen turned his head expressionlessly, “No.”

“Then why didn’t you talk to me today?”

Fu Yichen obviously underestimated the persistence of a certain Male Lead and was a little surprised.
So he turned back and stared straight into his eyes, “What did you say?” What can two men have to say to each other?

After Su Susu ran away, Su Zhan didn’t have the chance to move his body.
So the two of them were still very close.
Thus, when Fu Yichen suddenly turned his head, Su Zhan was startled.
Even retreating to the side as a conditioned reflex.

The expressionless Xia Houming, with a bit of coldness in his eyes, stared at Su Zhan’s face.
The distance between their faces was no more than five centimeters.
Su Zhan could even clearly see the other person’s adam’s apple.
The other person was emitting male hormones with a faint scent of a cool fragrance.

Strangely and uncontrollably, Su Zhan’s eyes fell on Xia Houming’s sexy thin lips.
Even the other person’s lip line was so tough and charming… In fact, in his 27 years of life, Su Zhan had never sent out his first kiss.
Everyone else thought that he had a serious cleanliness addiction.
Su Zhan’s heartbeat increased and his cheeks burned, his mind uncontrollably crashed.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +1]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +1]

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Fu Yichen’s eyebrows jumped wildly.
From what he could see, the person in front of him looked normal and there was nothing wrong with him.
But before he could observe the other person more carefully, Shen Tianyu suddenly turned his head away quickly, “It’s great if you’re not angry.” Then before Fu Yichen could speak, Shen Tianyu quickly stood up, “Let’s head over there.”

Then he left… really left.

Fu Yichen: ……

Fu Yichen looked at the person fleeing in a daze.
He disappeared from his sight in the blink of an eye, looking as if he was in a hurry to leave…

‘What did he even come here for? Why does the Male Lead look a bit strange? Could this be the reason why his favorability towards me was a bit abnormal?’

Fu Yichen could be said to be very confused at this moment.

‘I’m going to ask you one last time, are you sure there are no bugs?’ Fu Yichen decided to have a detailed discussion with the system about the characters and the Male Lead.

[Ying, Ying, Ying.
Host, you are finally talking to me again.
Ying, Ying, Ying.] The system that could finally see the light of day, burst into tears.

‘If you were a bit more useful, I wouldn’t have needed to block you.’ Fu Yichen was ruthless, ‘The key point is, you’re not only useless, but also very noisy.’

[Ying, Ying, Ying.
The host is going too far.]

‘Stop talking nonsense.’ Being bound by a system like this, Fu Yichen felt an oncoming headache.

[The system will say it once more, there are no bugs in the Mary Sue Reversal System.
There are no bugs!]

‘Is it possible that when this world was created, the characters gain their independence and develop in their own ways? That is, can the characters act differently from the setting in the original text?’ This was Fu Yichen’s guess.

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[Everything that’s in the Mary Sue world comes from a Mary Sue book.
In other words, they are all characters created by the author of the Mary Sue book and can’t have their own independence.]

‘Then, can you tell me what is wrong with the favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male?’

[Ying, Ying, Ying.
The system doesn’t know.]

‘Block.’ Really useless, couldn’t even help even a little bit.
The key problem couldn’t be solved either.

“Brother Xiahou.”

At this moment, an elegant sounding voice suddenly sounded from beside him.
He turned and saw Qi Ya’er walking towards him.

“Ya’er?” Fu Yichen blinked and replied.

“What did you guys talk about?” Qi Ya’er sat down beside Fu Yichen, hesitantly asking, “Did you and Brother Tianyu fight?”

Fu Yichen raised his brows.
Honestly speaking, as an actor, he could notice the deliberate look in the girl’s eyes, “Why does Ya’er ask about this?”

“I heard that the day before yesterday, the two of you, for my sake…” The deliberate pause was a bit embarrassing.

Fu Yichen suddenly felt that it wouldn’t work if he prevented the Second Female from turning black.
She was originally black in the first place.
So Fu Yichen smiled at her, “You’re thinking too much.”

Fu Yichen decided to leave the matter aside.
Changing the situation to ‘I used to mistake the feeling of friendship with love when I was young and ignorant.
Now I realize that you will always be a good sister to me’.

However, on the other side of the lawn, Su Zhan who had finally calmed down his beating heart after walking for a long time, pretended to unintentionally turn his head.
He just so happened to see the Second Female sitting next to the person he was going to look at.
Immediately his anger flared.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Female -1]

Fu Yichen: …… The male lead is quite poisonous.

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