Su Zhan stared at Xia Houming who was protecting and leaving with the Female Lead.
Before leaving, the other party even spouted out two words to him, “You’re childish.”

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Su Zhan immediately felt a burst of anger that was about to come out of his body and he was speechless for a long time.
He pressed the feeling down but what followed it was an indescribable sense of discomfort, as if his chest was blocked.
He felt so depressed that he had a hard time breathing and couldn’t help but feel aggrieved. 

Su Zhan was born gay and when he realized that, he was just an adolescent.
It wasn’t because he liked someone for him to realize this, it was because of the information he found out after checking, when he discovered his own abnormalities.
After that, he had hidden everything he found out in the deepest part of his heart, trying his best to disguise himself to be like everyone else. 

He then accidentally stepped into the entertainment industry, so he had to fully arm himself and put on a mask.
In addition to that, Su Zhan was somewhat of a conservative person.
He had always felt that the entertainment industry is the messiest place.
So although he had met and come into contact with more people over the years, he seldom meets them privately.
In the entertainment industry, he didn’t dare to have any additional thoughts.

That is to say, for the first time in Su Zhan’s twenty-seven years of life, he has been tempted by someone.
What’s worse is that, he wasn’t only unable to express it but also had to grab a woman from the other person.
The most horrible thing was that the person he is tempted by is an illusionary character who might disappear when the plot ends.

Su Zhan rubbed his aching temples, feeling an incoming headache.
All kinds of chaotic and unrealistic thoughts kept on popping up in his mind, such as ‘What the hell are you doing Mary Sue? Going after the Second Male like that.’ or ‘What the hell is the plot? Might as well take advantage of the situation.
The self of this world has no reservations to begin with.’ 

Such crazy thoughts kept appearing but Su Zhan was a mature man after all.
He was well aware that this is just an illusory world of a novel, that Xia Houming isn’t real and in the end he will disappear together with the whole Mary Sue world.
Moreover, he had reasons to leave this world.
His parents, brother, agent and too many people who care about him are still in the real world, he couldn’t give up on them.

In the end, Su Zhan made a depressing decision to speed up the progress of the plot.
The first is to hope that he is able to leave early and not fall too deep.
Besides, Xia Houming has no chance with the Female Lead, so he will not fight with him for that Mary Sue.
The feeling of fighting him is too uncomfortable.

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However, what Su Zhan didn’t know was that Fu Yichen had boosted the Female Lead’s favorability for him from 35 to 46 through his ‘unreasonable actions’ and he became a divine assist to them by accident.

Fu Yichen had blatantly sent Su Susu home in full view of the people in school.
His coat around her waist was particularly eye-catching.
Su Susu had completely become the public enemy of the girls at this time, whether it was because of Young Master Shen or Young Master Xiahou.

On the same day, listening to the intermittent sound of the system’s favorability rating, Fu Yichen felt a little guilt building up in his heart.
Whether it’s because of the Male Lead or the Second Male, the Mary Sue Female Lead would still eventually become the public enemy of the girls.
Being bullied by them is also one of the author’s designs.
He could just go forward to help at a critical time and brush the Female Lead’s favorability for Second Male to 50 in one fell swoop, so this situation wasn’t too bad.

But what Fu Yichen didn’t expect was that the plot was unexpectedly fast-forwarded again, skipping a lot of the daily life of the Mary Sue Female Lead fighting the nympho group.
Developing directly to another key point of the article.

“Spring outing?” Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows and looked at the ecstatic old man standing on the podium.
He couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth.
This Mary Sue would even switch seasons at will.
Wasn’t it still summer? In a blink of an eye, it’s already time for a spring tour…

“Hahaha, that’s all.
Everyone prepare in advance and gather at the school gate tomorrow morning.” The old man was their headteacher, “Finally, thank you Shen Tianyu for lending us the lawn of his villa garden as the camping site for our class’s spring outing.” 

Sure enough, it’s exactly what happened in the original article.
It should be mentioned that this part of the plot was a very critical turning point.
If Fu Yichen wasn’t careful, his previous efforts would all be in vain.
But if he is able to use this situation properly, he might be able to brush the favorability of the Female Lead up to 60 in one fell swoop, directly breaking the Male and Female Lead’s emotional line.

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Fu Yichen was still thinking about it when he suddenly felt a line of sight on his body that came from Shen Tianyu’s direction.
When he turned his head, he found that Young Master Shen was staring at the back of the Female Lead’s head with an evil smile at the corner of his mouth.

Ever since he forcibly used the Second Female as an excuse to break up their friendship, the both of them haven’t spoken a word from beginning to end today.
Of course, Fu Yichen was also a bit disappointed.
He had originally intended to reduce the Male Lead’s favorability for the Second Male, but it unexpectedly rose to 76.
If Fu Yichen didn’t clearly know that the other person was the Male Lead of this Mary Sue novel, he would’ve mistakenly thought that Shen Tianyu was gay.

But what was more depressing for Fu Yichen is that he wasn’t sure whether he should open his mouth to reconcile with the Male Lead or not.
After all, the two of them are less that two meters apart.
Whenever he turns his head, he could see the other person.
Not being able to communicate with the other person makes the situation uncomfortable.
Especially at the end of the day, he could always vaguely feel Shen Tianyu’s sight on him from time to time.
However, when he turns his head, he could only see the other person’s side profile.
Fu Yichen somehow felt that the other person was acting a little nervous.

Taking advantage of the fact that the whole class was immersed in the joy of a spring outing, Fu Yichen sorted out what would happen in the original plot. 

For a group camping activity of about 30 people in class, they were originally going to a holiday resort.
Shen Tianyu’s family happened to have a villa near the holiday center they were going to.
The teacher had wanted to use the villa of the richest man for safety reasons, so he shamelessly asked Shen Tianyu for permission.

The Female Lead’s family was poor.
Because her mother was sick, she had spent all their family savings on her and now she had no money to prepare camping supplies such as tents.
She was also the public enemy of the girls, so no one was willing to accept her into their tents.
She had planned to spend the night in a corner but was taken to a bedroom by the sharp-mouthed Male Lead.
Something ambiguous happened naturally between the both of them.

Because of that night, the feelings between the two Leads who were in their ignorant stages, finally became clear.
It was precisely because of the unreasonable behavior of the Male Lead that the Second Female who was aware of his change of feelings, became completely jealous to the point of blackening.

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Therefore, the spring outing is definitely the key point for the emotional transformation between the Male and Female Leads.
Fu Yichen’s mind was filled with countermeasures, such as how to destroy the plot or completely attack the problem from another direction.
However, at this moment, his thoughts were interrupted by a prompt from his mobile phone. 

‘I was wrong yesterday.
How long are you going to be angry with me?’

Fu Yichen’s heart skipped a beat for no reason.
How could the grandson of the richest man in the world, Young Master Shen, admit his mistake? No, the key point is whether he apologized to the wrong person.
Shouldn’t he be apologizing to the Female Lead? Was it a mistake?

Fu Yichen remained calm.
Out of the corner of his eye, he caught the sight of the guy whose legs were crossed on top of one another.
The other person was indeed holding a mobile phone in his hand.

Before Fu Yichen could answer his message, another one came again, “Xiahou, we are friends.
I just hope you can get the best things in life.” 

Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched, it wasn’t a mistake at all.
However, the eldest young master had extended an olive branch towards him.
At this time, he shouldn’t give the person a cold butt.
Besides, he had to live in the other person’s villa during the spring outing, so Fu Yichen replied calmly.

‘You’re thinking too much, I’m not angry.’

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What Fu Yichen didn’t know was, when Su Zhan saw the words ‘not angry’, he couldn’t help jumping with joy for a moment but it was fleeting.
The next second he realized the other person could also be talking casually with him.

‘Really not angry?’

‘En.’ Fu Yichen felt that the situation was unexpectedly a bit strange and wrong. 

“Then come to my house tomorrow.
You don’t need to bring anything.” Su Zhan had an arrogant look on his face but he inexplicably felt a little wronged in his heart.
Obviously, he was the one who was picked up by the collar yesterday, so why should he be the one to take the initiative to apologize? It feels so… spineless. 

As a result, without waiting for an answer, Su Zhan who was worried that Xiahou would refuse with a cold ‘No’, hurriedly added, ‘Qi Ya’er will also be there.’

Fu Yichen curled his lips slightly, ‘Okay.’

Su Zhan felt sad and happy at the same time beneath the mask that Fu Yichen was unable to see.

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