Everywhere she goes, she is the focus of everyone, the school flower.
Giving off an elegant and gentle feeling, standing at the door of the classroom like a fresh spring breeze while holding a lunch box.
This is probably the dream girl of every boy at their age.
Next to her, there is a tall figure with a handsome face having a hint of coldness on his features.
His sight seems to be able to penetrate all obstacles, falling on a single person and ignoring everything around him.
This is the dream boy of almost every girl. 

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Fu Yichen’s looks and temperament satisfied everyone’s fantasies, walking straight through the crowd toward Qi Ya’er.
Putting his weight on one of his legs while bending the other one, he leaned against the wall on his back with his hands in his pocket.
The aura on him could completely cover the person in front of him.

“Brother Xiahou, this is the lunch I had specially prepared for Brother Tianyu.” Qi Ya’er smiled sweetly.
It could be seen that she enjoyed the countless envious eyes that were on her.
She also didn’t feel how her behavior could hurt the people around her. 

“I’ll bring it in for him.” Fu Yichen’s cold face was rarely not stoic.
The most important thing is to show the vague pained look on Xia Houming’s face when he sees Qi Ya’er.
The expression in his eyes soon cleared up, showing a sense of intimacy as if they were siblings.

Qi Ya’er was keenly aware of the change in Xia Houming’s eyes but she was very calm.
She didn’t show the slightest change in her eyes and instead smiled even sweeter, “Thank you, Brother Xiahou.” 

“There’s no need to be polite to me Ya’er.” Xia Houming seemed to have completely let go of his feelings for her, his forbearance suddenly turned into an older brother’s tolerance and doting on a little sister. 

Qi Ya’er suddenly felt panicked, “How about I invite Brother Xiahou to dinner some other day?” Probably out of instinct, Qi Ya’er felt that she should do something to maintain the state of their previous relationship.

“Okay.” Fu Yichen readily agreed.
He was worried that he couldn’t find a suitable opportunity to invite her out.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Female -2]

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Female -1]

Fu Yichen had just turned around with the lunch box in his hand and hadn’t walked into the classroom when the system prompt sounded out.
It didn’t matter how much the favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Female drops, but the key is that the Male Lead’s behavior towards her… Fu Yichen felt another headache coming on.
He thinks that Qi Ya’er is purely a person with an unlikable physique.

But what Fu Yichen didn’t expect was that when he returned to his seat with the lunch box, the Male and Female Leads who were happily bickering and grabbing food a while back before he left, were actually… arguing?

Shen Tianyu crossed his legs, his eyes full of unhappiness as always, showing the arrogance that the grandson of the richest man in the world should have.
Su Susu on the other hand was so angry that her face turned ashen.
Her finger pointing at the tip of Shen Tianyu’s nose was shaking, “Shen Tianyu, do you have any manners? You’re sick in the head! Did I beg you to eat? What pig food? Do you have to speak about it so badly?” 

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Male Lead -2]

With the series of intermittent system prompts, Fu Yichen walked straight towards his seat.
He could feel a strong gaze falling on him but when he looked up, he could only see Shen Tianyu who was sitting at the back, staring at Su Susu. 

Facing Su Susu who was steaming in anger, Shen Tianyu rolled his eyes disdainfully, “Did I say anything wrong?” 

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Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched.
Shen Tianyu is really….special.
Putting the lunch box directly on his table, Fu Yichen’s face didn’t look very good, “Ya’er wants to give this to you.” 

Su Zhan’s eyes twitched slightly, he was very unhappy.
Seeing this person made him even more unhappy.
The sudden anger that was suppressed in his heart broke through but soon was suppressed once more. 


[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Female -2]

Fu Yichen was stunned: ??

Su Zhan considers himself a qualified actor, the anger in his heart hasn’t reached to the point where he is unable to suppress it. 

So Su Zhan continued acting with Shen Tianyu’s indifferent face, undisguised impatience showing in his eyes, “Xiahou, can you stop doing such bothersome things in the future?”

“Bothersome?” Fu Yichen raised his brows and his eyes flashed.
Anyone with eyes could see that he is angry.

However, the last thing Young Master Shen needed since he was a child is looking at other people’s faces.(Pride, in this case, not really face.) So he continued to be ignorant and indifferent, “Isn’t it? How many times have I said to just give it away.” The latter part of his sentence obviously referred to the school flower, “Women are so troublesome.” 

Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched but before he could speak, the heroine became even more furious, “You are the troublesome one.
The most troublesome person in the world!” Su Susu roared and grabbed the insulated lunch box on Shen Tianyu’s table, “Other people want to eat but aren’t able to.” Then she packed her things angrily, seemingly ready to leave.

Shen Tianyu looked indifferent to her actions, even shrugging at Fu Yichen, “Look, so unreasonable.” There was a smile on the corner of his mouth after he finished talking.

What a… naïve person.
The only grandson of the richest man in the world.
Is it okay for an 18-year-old adult to act like this? Fu Yichen held back the twitching corners of his mouth and the look on his face darkened. 

In the original text, the Second Male and Male lead had several disputes.
In the early stage, it was because of the Second Female.
In the later stage, after falling in love with the Female Lead, it became because of her.
That is to say, they are rivals in love and naturally, they should have a negative favorability degree for each other.

Now is obviously an opportunity for Fu Yichen who feels that it is necessary to reduce the Male Lead’s favorability towards himself.
It feels a bit strange to have his favorability so high.

So for the first time, Fu Yichen spoke to him with a sullen face, “Shen Tianyu, you’re going too far.” The frown on his face clearly showed his disapproval of Shen Tianyu’s actions and behavior.

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The upturned corners of Su Zhan’s mouth froze and his expression slowly darkened, “What did you say?” He knew that there was such a scenario in the original text but didn’t the two of them experience something that wasn’t in the original text together? 

With that kind of experience, how could he(Xia Houming) talk to him(Su Zhan) like that just for a green tea b!tch? Su Zhan found it hard to suppress the anger in his heart.

The look on Fu Yichen’s face worsened and his aura was even colder than Su Zhan’s, “I said, you are going too far.” 

The atmosphere froze for a moment.
Su Susu, who had packed up her things, glanced at the two of them nervously, not daring to speak.
The most important thing to note is that although they weren’t arguing for her sake, she was more worried about Xia Houming.

Su Zhan, who had put a lot of effort into suppressing his anger had his thinking dulled.
He uncontrollably blurted out some ignorant words. 

“Why? Do you feel distressed?” There was an obvious sour tone but fortunately, Fu Yichen was a bit slow, so he didn’t notice it at all, “Hmph, Why do you feel so distressed for her? Are you her boyfriend? Ha~” At the end of Su Zhan’s sentence, his mouth twitched, his tone filled with scorn.

This became a direct stab at Xia Houming’s heart.
The two actors were well aware that Xia Houming has had a good impression of the school flower ever since he was a child but the school flower threw herself at Shen Tianyu.
So Xia Houming, who was already introverted, chose to bury his feelings in his heart and guard her happiness silently. 

But now, Male God Su has probably gotten his brain pierced by something.
According to the development in the original plot, they shouldn’t be in this stage yet.

Su Zhan, who was in Shen Tianyu’s shell, unconsciously swallowed.
He had made a mistake, the situation is now out of control.
But he made sure that his eyes and expression were in place.
He is now Shen Tianyu who is confronting Xiahou because of a woman.

It could be that he was trying to cover up his guilty conscience that Su Zhan’s behavior intensified.
Holding onto the lunch box on his table, “Xiahou, are you stupid? Does this kind of woman deserve what you’re doing for her?” 

Fu Yichen frowned, the plot was moving forward faster than he thought.
The Male Lead and the Second Male have completely torn each other’s faces for the sake of the school flower.
But this is fine.
Just take this situation as an opportunity to fight the Male Lead and let his favorability drop to a negative number.
Even if it only falls to 50, he would still feel more at ease.

Shen Tianyu’s voice had just fallen when Fu Yichen stood up from his seat.
In the next second, Su Zhan could only feel that his sight went dark and then he was enveloped by a strong force.
A masculine breath rushed directly to his face, directly going into his heart through his skin.

Fu Yichen was like a tiger rushing toward its food.
He grabbed Shen Tianyu right in front of him with lightning speed.
His eyes were cold, showing his unprecedented anger.

“Whether it’s worth it or not, it’s not you who has the final say.” Fu Yichen’s voice didn’t contain a trace of warmth.
His eyes were cold, completely showing his anger as what he cherished was being trampled on by others.
Even Su Susu who was standing on the side was too frightened to open her mouth.

Su Zhan unconsciously held his breath, feeling his heart beating fast.
Such a strong and powerful male breath rushed directly to the deepest parts of his heart.
Just like the type he had secretly fantasized about over the years as a pure zero.
It was simply… too manly and handsome.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +1] 

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[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +3] 

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +1] 

‘???’ A series of favorability prompts bombed Fu Yichen, breaking his original idea of trying to reduce favorability points with a fight.
What made him collapse is, at this time, shouldn’t the favorability be reduced? Why is it still increasing?

‘Spicy chicken(la ji, homonym for trash) system! What’s going on!?’ Fu Yichen was gnashing his teeth in anger on the inside.
On the outside, he still showed the appropriate amount of anger Xia Houming should show.

[This… this… Does the Male God like the Second Male? Male God?  Ey- ey- ey this isn’t right, ey?]

The system seems to be stuck and Fu Yichen is dumbfounded.
Is there something wrong with the Male Lead’s brain? He’s sick in the head.

In fact, Fu Yichen isn’t the only person who needs to work hard to act.
Su Zhan’s gay heart is about to burst from the continuous handsome and manly attacks from the person grabbing his shirt. 

Su Zhan was still sitting down.
He raised his head and stared at the face that was less than five centimeters away from his face, secretly telling himself to hold back.
He tried his best to control his facial expressions and with a sarcastic look on his face, he controlled his hand that was almost shaking in nervousness and slowly grabbed Xia Houming’s wrist, throwing it away from him domineeringly.

“You actually want to hit me for that kind of woman?” Shen Tianyu’s tone was full of irony and anger.

Without waiting for Fu Yichen to react, Shen Tianyu suddenly stood up aggressively, “For that kind of woman, what are you trying to turn our years of friendship into?” He grabbed Fu Yichen angrily.
As soon as he did that, he bumped into the table, making the lunch box on the table fall.
It fell at Fu Yichen’s feet. 

“Ah!” Su Zhan had forgotten the ignorant Female Lead was still standing next to them, so the soup just splashed onto Su Susu’s skirt.

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Male Lead -2] 

Fu Yichen, ‘Wonderful opportunity.
The Male Lead can continue to unreasonably make trouble and the Female Protagonist will hate him.’

Su Zhan, ‘Well, my image is completely ruined.
But it’s hard to turn the situation around.
He can only continue to act, damn it.’ 

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Fu Yichen turned to Su Susu, “Are you okay?” 

Su Susu looked at Fu Yichen with a face full of grievance, “My skirt is dirty.” 

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male +1] 

Su Zhan who was left behind stared at the Female Lead with a dark look in his eyes. ‘You green tea b!tch, your whole family is full of green tea!’

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Female Lead -2] 

Fu Yichen’s eyes flashed without anyone noticing, then he took off his jacket and wrapped it around Su Susu’s waist.
He covered the dirty area around her skirt, completely disregarding the fact that his own clothing might also get dirty. 

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Female Lead -1]

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male +3] 

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Female Lead -1]

“How childish.” Fu Yichen finally gave two words to Young Master Shen. 

After speaking, he decisively turned around and escorted the heroine away, accompanied by the sound of the changing favorability in his mind between the Male Lead and the Female Lead and the changing favorability of the Female lead towards the Second Male. 

Su Zhan, who was left behind, was so angry that he wanted to hit the wall.

The author has something to say:

Su Zhan: Believe me, this childish ghost who creates trouble without any reason isn’t me.
I’m not that kind of person.

Fu Yichen: This Male Lead is poisonous. 

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