[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -1] 

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[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -2] 

[Total favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male is 50]

Before Fu Yichen could even touch Shen Tianyu’s pants, the system spat out some favorability prompts.
He paused, obviously Shen Tianyu didn’t want nor like his help.
However, isn’t his favorability towards other people a bit too random?

Fu Yichen had just paused a few tenths of a second and Shen Tianyu’s left hand was already clasped on his wrist, “I’m not used to other people doing this kind of thing for me.”

Shen Tianyu was talking very slowly, revealing no room for doubt.
Fu Yichen was stunned for a while and then laughed.
He could see the hidden embarrassment in Young Master Shen’s eyes, “I hadn’t thought about that.
Call me if you need me.” 

Just as Xia Houming’s back disappeared behind the door, Su Zhan’s tense body immediately collapsed.
He didn’t have the time to worry about any embarrassment or humiliation, he was in a hurry.

Standing outside the door, Fu Yichen felt that the previous scene in the room was a bit funny.
Of course, he blames himself for not noticing early.
After around five minutes, Fu Yichen estimated that the person inside the room should have already solved his problem and adjusted his mood.
So he turned and walked back in.

When Fu Yichen went in, Shen Tianyu had already finished and was laying back on the bed.
The urinal was stuffed under the bed in a hard-to-see position and the lid was screwed on tightly.
Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows and sat back on the edge of the bed as if nothing had happened just now.

At this moment, a beautiful nurse came in with a needle and medicine.
However, after entering and seeing the two of them, her eyes lit up and she glanced back and forth between the two of them with a blush on her face, unable to move her eyes away.

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Fu Yichen speechlessly stood up and moved away from the bed.
The hole in the author’s brain is so extra that he could probably guess what is going on.
It’s time to apply medicine to the Male Protagonist’s body.

Sure enough, he was right. 

“Hello, please state your name.” The nurse didn’t forget to go through the standard procedure but Young Master Shen was obviously impatient.
His face darkened before her voice fell and he didn’t mean to answer her question at all.

Fu Yichen touched his nose and walked towards Shen Tianyu, “Shen Tianyu, do you want an infusion?” He could see the infusion bottle in the nurse’s tray.

The nurse who was embarrassed by Shen Tianyu’s silence from her gawking immediately burst into laughter and nodded, “Yes, yes, give him some anti-inflammatory medicine first.” The nurse said and handed Fu Yichen a small pack of medicine, “This is what should be eaten right now.” She then handed him a pack of plaster, “This is plaster to reduce swelling and internal blood clots for external usage.” 

“Okay, thank you.” Although Fu Yichen’s voice sounded cold and there was no smile on his face, the nurse could feel that he was a very warm person.

Shen Tianyu’s right arm had just gotten stitched up and his left hand was used for the infusion, so Fu Yichen had to help him apply the medicine.
Fu Yichen looked at Shen Tianyu who was laying on the bed and thought of the Female Protagonist applying medicine for the Male Protagonist in the original text.
The description used was full of the shyness and nervousness of a simple little girl who saw a boy’s body for the first time, it was inexplicably exciting.
However, as a bystander, Fu Yichen thinks that the Heroine was acting like a hooligan. 

Of course, their situation wasn’t the same as the both of them were men.
So Fu Yichen didn’t even ask for Shen Tianyu’s opinion and planned to directly apply medicine on him.
Before applying the medicine, Fu Yichen thoughtfully asked, “Which position is more comfortable for you?”

Shen Tianyu was hit on 3 areas, twice on the back and once on the left arm.
Fu Yichen had just wanted to ask whether he preferred to lay on his side or sit up straight. 

However, Su Zhan, who was doing a psychological construction of his mind because of nervousness, suddenly heard this sentence and his mind went blank.

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“Which position is more comfortable?”

“Which position is more comfortable?”

For a few seconds, these words echoed inside Su Zhan’s mind.
He then regained his senses but had already imagined scenes that weren’t suitable for children.
The more he thought about it, the more blank his mind became.
His heartbeat accelerated. 

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +3] 

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +2] 

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +4]

Fu Yichen saw the person on the bed staring at the ceiling with a stiff face.
However, his eyes seemed to be empty as if the person had lost their soul.
He could then hear the favorability prompt of the system rise more and more.
In the blink of an eye, it soared directly from 50 to 60.

Fu Yichen unconsciously swallowed but felt his heart skip a beat.
The current development is too strange and the increase in favorability of the Male Protagonist is very abnormal and scary.

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“Are you alright?” Fu Yichen asked tentatively. 

Su Zhan suddenly shook his head and in the next second his wandering mind came back.
He glanced at Xia Houming who was standing next to his bed and frowned, “I’m fine.
It suddenly hurt badly just now.
Ouyang Qi, this bastard, I’ll make him regret his actions today.”

Fu Yichen blinked, thinking to himself that the bodyguards of both of their families would arrive soon.
So after applying medicine on Shen Tianyu, he was going to leave.
His original intention was to have a close relationship with the Male Protagonist so he could have a reason to appear when the Male and Female Protagonist meet each other.
However, the favorability rating of 60 was simply beyond his expectations and was even a bit strange.
So he felt that it was time to step back a bit.

“Sit up, so that you don’t press on the wound.” Fu Yichen took the initiative to help the other person sit up.
Then he directly lifted the other person’s clothes and applied ointment to the two bruised areas on the other person’s back.
It was probably a little painful as when Fu Yichen’s hand touched his back, Shen Tianyu’s body trembled. 

“Bear with it for a bit.” 

“En.” Su Zhan lowered his head.
Not only could he feel his body aching, he could also feel that he was heating up. 

Just when Fu Yichen finished applying medicine and helped Shen Tianyu lie down, he heard footsteps coming near them from the corridor outside, hurried and messy.
Soon, Fu Yichen could see a middle-aged uncle with a gloomy face enter the ward.
He led four or five men in black inside.
The moment he saw Shen Tianyu, his gloomy face immediately became anxious and worried.

The middle-aged uncle hurried to the hospital bed but when he walked past Fu Yichen, he didn’t forget to bow, “Thank you Master Xiahou for your help.
The master will definitely come visit your family another day.”

The master in the middle-aged uncle’s mouth naturally referred to the richest man in the world.
The word ‘visit’ is used to express their gratitude towards Fu Yichen and also to attach importance to Xia Houming’s identity. 

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Fu Yichen smiled lightly, “You’re welcome Uncle Wei, Tianyu and I are friends after all.”

Uncle Wei, the housekeeper of Shen Tianyu’s family, was very satisfied with Fu Yichen’s response.
After thanking him, he hurried towards the bed of the dark-faced Shen Tianyu. 

“Young Master, are you alright? Could you show me where the injury is?” Uncle Wei looked both anxious and nervous.
Especially when looking at Shen Tianyu’s current appearance.
He wished that all of the pain and injuries of the person on the bed could just disappear and be transferred to himself.

The five men in black stood respectfully at the head of the bed and there were many more outside.
Fu Yichen saw Shen Tianyu’s cold face, the other person was obviously dissatisfied with the performance of these people.
What could the bodyguards do? What kind of bodyguards could only come when the danger was gone?

“You can rest assured, Young Master, I will take care of the problem.” Seeing Shen Tianyu’s cold face who didn’t want to acknowledge him, Uncle Wei hurriedly expressed his duty.

He didn’t expect Shen Tianyu to give him a cold stare right after he finished speaking, “Meddlesome!” 

“Young Master…”

“I will handle this matter myself.
No one is allowed to interfere!” Before Uncle Wei could finish speaking, Shen Tianyu spat out these words with a sullen face.

When the other person was handed over to the richest man’s housekeeper, Fu Yichen bid them goodbye and went home.
When he left the hospital, A-Yuan and the housekeeper Uncle Qi were already waiting for him with clothes that he could change into.
Fu Yichen was very satisfied with this sort of service.

It took ten days for Shen Tianyu’s injury to recover.
During this period, Fu Yichen made two phone calls to him.
Considering that the favorability had risen a bit weirdly, Fu Yichen had cancelled his plans to visit the richest man’s house until they met again in the classroom a month later.

What surprised Fu Yichen was the fact that the Female Lead’s favorability towards the Male lead went from -25 to 10.
This unexpected situation stunned him, he didn’t know what had happened when he wasn’t paying attention.
Were his actions not enough to affect the plot?

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