Chapter 1.10 – The Devilish School Grass Wants To Chase Me

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The brain hole of the Mary Sue author is very magical.
Fu Yichen didn’t have to go far for him to run into a hospital.
He hurriedly rushed into the hospital with Shen Tianyu on his back.

The cut from the knife was five centimeters long but fortunately, the wound wasn’t deep and it didn’t hurt the bones.
He had also reached the hospital in time so there weren’t any serious repercussions.
As long as the wound was sutured, there wouldn’t be any serious problems.
Fu Yichen couldn’t help but breathe out a sigh of relief.

Seeing Shen Tianyu’s body trembling with pain, the knuckles of his hand that was unconsciously pulling on his cuffs turned white but still putting on a serious look on his face, Fu Yichen inexplicably felt that Young Master Shen was a little interesting.
He had probably not realized that his actions had betrayed him.
Fu Yichen couldn’t help laughing at him in his heart.
He felt that the young master had been spoiled by his family and loved his own face(pride).
It’s a person’s instinct to be afraid of pain, so there is nothing to hide.

Fu Yichen didn’t mention anything but his body had moved his hand to Shen Tianyu’s back calmly, gently placing a palm on his shoulder to comfort him.
Fu Yichen has always been an attentive person, taking into account the people around him, even if they are inconspicuous.
His carefulness and warmth often performed a great contrast to his rugged and tall appearance.
However, it also makes people around him believe that sooner or later he would become a blockbuster.

It wasn’t until everything was settled that Fu Yichen carefully helped Shen Tianyu to lie down on the hospital bed.
Shen Tianyu said ‘thank you’ with his pale white lips.
At this time, his right arm had no feeling in it and was numb because of the anesthesia.

Fu Yichen smiled for the first time at Shen Tianyu, “Is there a need to say thank you between the two of us?”

Shen Tianyu’s eyes flickered as he looked at Fu Yichen calmly.
His sight quickly moved away from him as if nothing had happened and asked him a little guiltily, “Are you okay?” 

Pulling on his blood-stained clothes, Fu Yichen shrugged, “I’m fine.”

Su Zhan immediately put a sullen look on Shen Tianyu’s face, “That Ouyang Qi, I didn’t expect him to be so bold.” 

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Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows and then said in a relaxed tone, “It’s roughly a lesson on one’s own shortcomings.” 

Su Zhan’s heart jumped once more.
This person, even the way he speaks… makes his heart throb.
It almost coincides with his type, “I’ll let him learn the consequences.” Su Zhan put on an anxious look on Young Master Shen’s face.

Fu Yichen snorted, got up, took a cup of hot water from the water dispenser, and waited for it to cool down before sitting back down, “You should rest first.” Experiencing something like this and still being conscious, it’s great that the other person could still speak. 

It stands to reason that there should be a lot of bodyguards around or tailing behind Shen Tianyu.
Going even deeper, Shen Tianyu’s richest-man-grandfather should have known as soon as his grandson entered the hospital.
However, all of these reasonable circumstances were killed off by the ‘reasonable’ logic of the Mary Sue Author.
It’s been so long and there weren’t any moves from any side.
No one takes the title of the grandson of the world’s richest man seriously.

Su Zhan really couldn’t hold a serious look on his face anymore.
He really didn’t want to rant about his injury, this brain-dead arrangement.
However, what about the plot? In today’s play, he wasn’t very attentive.
If he’s not careful, he might have forgotten his lines.

At this moment, Su Zhan looked up and saw Xia Houming wearing back the coat that he had put on him before, “Do you have something that you need to do?” 

“No.” Fu Yichen said lightly and then pointed to his shirt that had a sleeve missing, “So that I don’t look so strange.” He smiled at Shen Tianyu.

A person who doesn’t laugh often will look extra charming once they laugh.
Of course, provided that the person is good-looking.
Immediately, Su Zhan felt as if his eyes were dazzled by the scene in front of him.
He turned his head to the side unnaturally.
In fact, as far as Fu Yichen’s figure and momentum are concerned in his current situation, even with his bloody shirt that’s missing a sleeve, he actually looks very handsome.

In a hospital room, two men, in a quiet ward, with no sound.
It was as if time had frozen.
The two of them were a bit embarrassed.
Of course, the fact was that the both of them could only be embarrassed in their hearts.
They didn’t show the slightest bit of embarrassment on their faces.

Fu Yichen simply got up and brought over the cup of water that he had picked up, “Drink some water and rest.” Fu Yichen put one hand on Shen Tianyu’s shoulder and helped him sit up and supported half of his body with his arms, while the other hand fed the cup of water to his mouth.

Su Zhan’s heart was beating wildly for some reason but he didn’t show any strangeness on his face, “My left hand is fine.”

*Cough~* Fu Yichen was embarrassed that he had forgotten about it but was still holding onto the cup, “So that you don’t affect the wound.”

Su Zhan had to bite the bullet and open his mouth to drink.
There was no need to worry about affecting the wound or anything.
In fact, the anesthesia hadn’t dissipated and he still couldn’t feel anything.
His left hand was still fine.

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After making the other person drink a glass of water, Fu Yichen gently put him back down and calmly said, “Go to sleep first.
Don’t wait until the anesthesia dissipates to fall asleep.” And he himself sat down beside the bed to guard the bedside.

“Yeah.” Su Zhan inexplicably felt warm in his heart and couldn’t hold back his emotions, so he quickly closed his eyes. 

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +1] 

Shen Tianyu had just fallen asleep and the system prompt sounded again.
Fu Yichen had a headache when he heard the sound and just brought it up with the system, ‘Please tell me clearly, what is going on with the favorability points?’

[The Male God, the Male God is injured, the Male god…] The system was obviously acting like a nympho again.

Fu Yichen didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.
In the original plot, the heroine was the one who sent Shen Tianyu to the hospital.
As there were no contactable family members for Shen Tianyu and she was the one who brought him to the hospital, she was asked by the doctor to stay and take care of him.

In the process, Su Susu saw the other side of Shen Tianyu.
He had lost too much blood and had passed out.
There was nothing on his body that could be used to contact his family members, so the heroine had no choice but to stay in the hospital to take care of him overnight.

It was precisely because of this that the relationship between the two of them became better.
Fu Yichen stared thoughtfully at Shen Tianyu’s gradually calm face and the feeling in his heart became subtle.
Could it be that the reason why his favorability soared was because of what he did instead of the female lead?

But no matter how high it reaches, it shouldn’t exceed 50, which is unscientific, unless it’s a system bug.

‘Are you sure his favorability points are okay?’ Fu Yichen questioned again with uncertainty, ‘If there is a bug, you should tell me in time or you might kill me, understand?’

[The Mary Sue Reversal System has no bugs.
The Mary Sue Reversal System is a perfect system.
The Mary Sue…]

‘Don’t be so long-winded in your speech, just focus on the key points.’ Fu Yichen was very puzzled.
The system is like an anti-Mary Sue little girl who is a nympho fan of Su Zhan but its mechanical voice is still male, it’s bizarre.

[*Ying**Ying*Ying* There are no bugs, no problem with favorability.]

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Fu Yichen was speechless but he still couldn’t figure it out.
Of course, what made him even more speechless is that the people from the side of the richest person in the world still haven’t arrived in front of their young master, so there is no one else in the huge hospital ward.

After more than half an hour of high physical exertion, a fight and losing a lot of blood, Su Zhan tried his best to calm down his chaotic heart.
He fell asleep not long after lying down until the heart-piercing pain in his arm woke him up. 

Fu Yichen had been sitting on the edge of the bed, bored for an hour until he heard movement coming from the person on the bed.
He leaned over to take a closer look at him, “What’s wrong?” 

Su Zhan met Xia Houming’s eyes as soon as he opened his eyes, he wasn’t fully awake yet.
He was obviously a little dull but fortunately, his pale face didn’t give him away and the pain from his arm quickly woke him up.
So Fu Yichen didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

Fu Yichen quickly noticed the pain on his face and immediately reacted, “Is the anesthesia gone?”

Su Zhan gritted his teeth, the pain made his body all tense up.
What’s more concerning is, Why does he have a strong urge to urinate?

“Be patient.” Fu Yichen understands that the young master has never faced any hardship up until now, unlike him who had broken his hand once while filming and still insisted on going to the hospital after filming.
His assistant didn’t notice anything beforehand.

Shen Tianyu stopped making noise and closed his eyes but Fu Yichen could see that the face of the man on the bed was getting worse and worse.
The face that was originally pale, was now even more abnormally white and was getting more and more distorted.
Until the person on the bed finally stretched out his left hand as if he wanted to get up from the bed. 

Fu Yichen hurriedly leaned over to help him up, “Is it that painful?”

Su Zhan gritted his teeth and didn’t speak but he soon couldn’t hold back.

“I’ll go call a doctor.” Seeing that his face was getting worse and worse, Fu Yichen turned around and was about to leave.
He just hoped that the author’s brain wasn’t too loose and that it wasn’t only the both of them left in the hospital.

But Fu Yichen was grabbed by his hand as soon as he turned around.
When he turned his head back, he saw Shen Tianyu’s stiff face, “No, I just want to go to the toilet.” 

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Having put on his slippers, he seemed to want to get out of bed.
For a second before his butt left the bed, his face became extremely ugly.

Fu Yichen was startled, “Are you in a hurry?”

Su Zhan wanted to find a crack on the ground that he could jump into but he really was in a hurry.
More importantly, he didn’t know where the toilet was, so he didn’t dare to move.
He could only squeeze out a word, “Yeah.”

Fu Yichen was also stunned for a while.
It wasn’t that the other party was a child that could be given a cup to solve on the spot.
However, in the next second, Fu Yichen had a flash of inspiration, “Wait a minute.” 

If the author had any common sense, generally there should be a urinal under the bed for the convenience of patients who can’t get out of bed or walk.
Although the author has a hole in their brain, this kind of thing should naturally exist in the world of Mary Sue.

Sure enough, when Fu Yichen had bent down and looked under the bed, there really was a white plastic urinal there.

“Here, use this.” Fu Yichen very thoughtfully handed the urinal to Shen Tianyu.
Even helping him position it in a convenient position.

Su Zhan stared at the object in front of him in a stunned manner.
At this time, he was sitting on the edge of the bed with his feet on the ground.
The thing happened to be placed in an awkward position by the other person.
As long as he took out his thing, he could release it.

Su Zhan swallowed unconsciously.
Such a shameful thing… He doesn’t seem to be able to do it.
But at this time, the other person unconsciously said, “Is it inconvenient for you?” 

“No.” Su Zhan resisted the urge to urinate as he blurted his words out.
He thought about a question in his mind.
As a man, if he now asks the man in front of him who was holding the urinal for him to go out or turn around, will it be… strange?

Fu Yichen blinked, seeing that the other man was obviously very anxious to urinate that he couldn’t stand up.
However, the other person didn’t move.
Could it be that he was embarrassed by his help? The Young Master is really thin-skinned. 

So Fu Yichen felt very refreshed, “I’ll help you.” They were both men, there wasn’t anything embarrassing about helping a fellow man so to speak.

Su Zhan looked at the hand that was reaching out to his pants with a horrified look in his eyes. 

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