Chapter 1.1 – Devilish School Grass Wants to Chase Me

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Leaving the airport at ten o’clock and then taking an hour to go from the airport to Huatian Hotel.
Fu Yichen could still be able to sleep comfortably and then participate in the audition at nine o’clock the next morning.
Of course, this was the original plan provided that he didn’t get blocked by fans at the airport for two hours.

Fu Yichen took off his sunglasses and threw his bag on the bed.
He then turned to his assistant standing behind him, “Go and take a rest.
I’ll handle the other matters.”

An apologetic look flashed on his assistant, Xiao Tian’s face.
He couldn’t hide the exhaustion on his face, “Then Brother Chen, you should also rest early.”

After a two-hour-long flight, they were stuck at the airport for more than two hours.
Then it took another hour for them to reach their hotel from the airport and now it’s a few minutes after one o’clock in the morning.
Not to mention a little girl, even a tall and fit man like Fu Yichen was unable to hide his exhaustion. 

After Xiao Tian left, Fu Yichen took a simple shower and fell on his bed.
His slender limbs almost filled the bed with the charm and strength of a grown-up man.
However, at this time Fu Yichen was unable to hide the tiredness and annoyance on his face which made him feel a little downhearted. 

It was hard for him to sleep in the middle of the night.
Fu Yichen rolled over, laid on his back, and suddenly let out a sigh of relief.

Physical fatigue was the other reason for his exhaustion, his main reason was that he was mentally drained.
To be honest, the overwhelming crowd of fans almost drowned him and he was trapped in that crowd for more than two hours, unable to move. 

Of course, if it was his own fans then he wouldn’t be that exhausted.
He happened to be on the same flight as a popular senior.
That popular senior that had no intersection with him can be said to be a role model for their generation and was simply a benchmark for all their peers.
Their popularity could be seen from tonight’s scene.

Before graduation, Fu Yichen had already started acting and was in the industry for about four to five years.
In the past few years, he had received no less than a hundred plays.
As long as he has the chance to play, he wouldn’t pass it.
Unfortunately, the role he plays normally is either a sidekick or a supporting role.
His acting was always on the edge1, so his reception has been lukewarm for the past five years. 

It’s not because Fu Yichen was unable to act.
On the contrary, Fu Yichen has great skin.
His height of 1.85 meters allows him to perfectly display his tall and well-proportioned figure.
His handsome face and gestures show the calmness and admirable demeanor of a grown-up man. 

Such external conditions were absolutely excellent in the entertainment industry, not to mention that he was a diligent person.
Even if he were to play a supporting role, he would give his best to play his role but unfortunately, he still has not met his Bole2.

Brother Xu, Fu Yichen’s former agent once said that Fu Yichen definitely had a talent for acting.
If he was given the chance, he would definitely become a hit and a blockbuster.
But the problem is that Fu Yichen was too rigid and straight, unyielding and stubborn.
Sticking onto his principles. 

In the big dye vat of the entertainment industry3, there are many mixes of fishes and dragons4. His character isn’t suitable for a place like the entertainment industry and opportunities for artists were their top priority5.

Fu Yichen admits that what Brother Xu said was right but he doesn’t agree with him.
He insists on his own unyielding principles.
So he will still have to persevere even if his reception is lukewarm.
But occasionally in the dead of the night, he will quietly smoke a cigarette or make an inaudible sigh, just like his current situation. 

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Who doesn’t have their own dreams? 

There are only a few people who can insist on realizing their dreams.

Fu Yichen tidied up his mood, turned on his side, and grabbed his cell phone that was placed by the bedside.
His tired body was now extremely active and he was unable to sleep.
So he simply swiped Weibo and browsed Tieba6. 

For an actor who is seriously lacking in resources, sometimes opportunities could be stumbled upon in these places.
With the rapid development of the internet, online literature has developed into an unprecedented position, especially online novels which are greatly sought after and loved by young people.

Various themes such as fantasy, time travel, rebirth, ancient times, futuristic…

Some that Fu Yichen had never even heard of.
However, drama adaptations have pushed all of these to the highest point and more and more popular novels are being adapted into TV series and put on screen. 

Be it online dramas, TV dramas, or even movies and animations, more and more novels were being adapted and put on screen.
In this process, not only has it brought in new blood and new prospects into the film and television industry, it has also allowed online texts to gain an unprecedented development.
This was actually a win-win process, even giving a large number of artists the opportunities to stand out.

This is the reason why Fu Yichen pays attention to these things.
Of course, he has also read some online novels.

During his years on campus, there were millions of novels with ten millions of words.
He would turn off the lights and hide in the quilt every night to read.
But it has been years since then and he hadn’t had the time for many years. 

Currently, online novels were not as good as previous literary works.
Not only are the qualities a mix of good and bad, some even spread negative energy with their bad views which is why Fu Yichen was no longer willing to waste his time on it.

On the other hand, in the face of increasingly younger and wider audiences of online readers, many novel websites have lowered the thresholds for authors which directly leads to authors whose ability is unstable, so the works released are naturally a mix of fish and dragons7.

As he was scrolling through his phone, a post suddenly caught Fu Yichen’s eyes.
It was a post with an eye-catching title, ‘Mary Sue should all die!’.
He could feel the strong resentment across the screen and the post showed that the number of reads had already reached more than 250,000 and the number of replies reached as much as 100,000.

Fu Yichen raised his brows and clicked on the post with some curiosity.
It could clearly be seen that it was a rant post and the object of the ranting was one of the popular types of online texts, Mary Sue romance novels. 

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Fu Yichen flipped through it casually and he saw words such as ‘Mary Sue authors are mentally retarded’, ‘brainless’ and ‘broken three views’.
Following this post, Fu Yichen found a post with a very simple and rude name,

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