The heavy snowfall still hadn’t ended, and barely any of the moonlight made it through the heavy layer of snow clouds.

However, this darkness didn’t affect Yuan Jue, who was using his demon consciousness to see.
From the moment that he put down the animal skin curtain, he fully shifted into his demon form.

For most people, it would be a bad idea to provoke a fiend that was about to break through to level 3, but if he had met this fiend in the past, he would have been able to kill it in mere seconds.

But now, his strength wasn’t as good as this ugly three-eyed fiend.
He would have to fight for his life if he wanted a chance to live.

In order to increase his chances of winning, he shifted into a wolf pup that was about one meter in length in order to lower his opponent’s vigilance.

The gray wolf pup, who was missing the lower half of one leg, quickly ran across the snow.
The faint smell of blood coming from his stump quickly caught the attention of the hungry monster that was almost three meters in length.

It had wandered into this forest area from somewhere else and encountered the blizzard.
Not having eaten in over ten days, it had already lost its ability to think clearly.

From its inherent memory, it knew that wolf demons tasted awful.
Their meat was dry, astringent, and not easy to digest.

However, it could smell that the wolf pup’s blood carried the scent of fiends.
It could smell that this wolf pup must have come from a very noble bloodline of fiends.
This wolf’s blood smelled even tastier than a sixth-level fiend that it once had the honor to meet.

This wolf pup’s heart was definitely a very good tonic.

The fiend started to salivate, and drool dripped out of its large and ugly mouth.

Eat! Eat!

It wanted to dig out the wolf pup’s heart.

The fiend had been tracking a human’s scent from two days ago.
Her scent smelled much more nourishing than other humans.
But now, it tossed that human to the back of its mind as it rushed forward.

It decided that it would dig out the wolf pup’s heart and then come back to the cave to eat that human.

Humans were extremely delicious.
It would savor her flesh and gobble down all of her bones.

Yuan Jue led the fiend away from the cave until they reached the lowest point between peaks.
He pretended to fall and miserably laid on the ground.
Gathering his limited demon energy around his damaged demon core, he prepared to land a fatal blow on the disgusting fiend.

Yuan Jue noticed that his use of demon energy and consciousness had caused even more black spots to appear on his damaged demon core.
Those black spots seem to be devouring his demon core, making him more passive with each passing second.

The fiend saw that the wolf pup had collapsed on the ground and gleefully chuckled.

Probably because the fiend thought that it would definitely be able to eat a warm heart, it wasn’t in a hurry as it walked over to the wolf pup.

When the fiend confidently stretched out one of its three paws to dig out his heart, Yuan Jue jumped up and latched onto its fragile neck.
A blood-red glow flashed through his eyes.


A dark blood-red light flashed.
Before the fiend could react, Yuan Jue, who had suddenly grown bigger, had already cut off the fiend’s head with his sharp claws.

The fiend widened its eyes.
It hadn’t recovered from the sudden attack.

Green blood flowed out the fiend’s severed neck, and the fiend’s three eyes suddenly burst.

Yuan Jue immediately tried to dodge.
However, his demon power was almost exhausted, and he couldn’t avoid getting splattered by the thick, green liquid.

Patches of the fur on his back instantly melted, and there was a strong burnt smell.

A few drops had splattered on his furry wolf face and ears.
Yuan Jue was so angry that he clawed open the fiend’s chest despite the pain.

He was already disfigured by that scar, but now it was all over.
The gap between him and gray wolf Tianluo was even bigger.

He dug out a crystal clear light blue fiend core from the disgusting fiend with his sharp claws.

He was pretty lucky.
This fiend had an intact fiend core, and it was a water type too.

His demon core was damaged, so he couldn’t absorb this himself.
But, he could give this fiend core to that human.
Although this fiend’s body was toxic and couldn’t be eaten, she would be able to trade the fiend core for a lot of meat.

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