She still had her water ability, and there was firewood in the cave.
They would be able to get by with the animal skins and food that she brought.
If they were frugal with the food by only having one meal a day, endured a bit of hunger, and drank more water, they would be able to stretch out the provisions for ten to fifteen days.

Once she rested for a bit and felt better, she could go out to hunt or trade the salt for food.

However, the amount of herbs she had brought definitely wouldn’t be enough.
She had to figure out a way to get more.

But right now, the most urgent task was to treat the wolf’s injuries.
After that, she would cook and eat something to warm up her stomach and bolster her strength.

It wasn’t just the wolf that seemed to be on his last breath.
She felt like she was going to collapse too.
Her vision was gradually getting blurrier.
Ruan Qiuqiu raised her hand and forcefully bit her arm.
She used pain to keep herself conscious as she stumbled back into the cave.

While the wolf was on his deathbed and Ruan Qiuqiu was doing her best to figure out how to survive, the Wind Lion Tribe rang with cheers and laughter.

It wasn’t just because they had gotten 300 catties of salt from the Fire Wolf Tribe and resolved the crisis over lack of salt.

It was also because their tribe’s most powerful and handsome warrior of the younger generation, Lu Ziran, had returned with several fat prey.

Hearing that Lu Ziran had returned from hunting, Rou Yuerao immediately went out with the lion demons to greet him.

In the empty space at the Wind Lion Tribe’s entrance, there was a pile of several huge prey.

“You impressive fellow, hunting a two-horned thunder beast.
Looking at its body, it must be a few hundred catties.
That’s enough for all of the demons in the tribe to eat as much as they want for one meal.”

A lion demon of somewhat advanced age was happily looking at the two-horned thunder beast that had a length of nearly three meters.
He rubbed his hands together in excitement.

“Yeah, you guys even caught a fat oligocene deer.
They’re very hard to catch.” Another lion demon was also smiling as he said, “With so much food, I wonder if the chief will let us have a feast.”

Hearing these words, a handsome lion demon, who was standing in the middle of the hunting team, said, “Uncle Li, only half a month of winter has passed.
Even though we hunted a lot of prey this time, we still need to be frugal with our food.”

The lion demon said those words leisurely.
There was a smiling intent on his handsome facial features.
His movements were suave, and he was wearing a pure black animal skin coat, which made the lion demon look all the more valiant.

This was the lion demon that would become a demon king in the future – Lu Ziran.

“Haha, we’re just joking around.
You’re taking it too seriously!”

The middle-aged lion demon, Uncle Li, gave Lu Ziran a friendly punch while smiling.
He pointed at the two carefully processed ermine skins that Lu Ziran was holding and winked.
“Which female demon are you planning to give these two ermine skins to?”

“What do you mean by demon? He’s giving them to that female human, right?!”

It wasn’t clear who had said those words in the group of lion demons, but everyone laughed at those words.

Standing in a group of very amicable female demons, Rou Yuerao quietly blushed.

She remembered Lu Ziran telling her he would find a few beautiful ermine skins for her if he got the chance when he went out hunting this time.

She still remembered how he had looked at her with gentle gaze as he said, “Only the color of ermines can match up to Yuerao’s beauty.”

So of course, Lu Ziran would be giving these two ermine skins to her.

Right after Rou Yuerao smiled at this thought, she heard a nearby female demon, who she had a pretty good relationship with, jokingly say, “Lu Ziran, it’s not easy to catch ermines and you’re going to give both of them Yuerao.
You really treat Yuerao very specially!”

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