Chapter 185 – Aowu.
(It wasn't me.) (3)

Still, Yuan Jue wasn't that kind of guy.
If he did, he could have easily done something to her when she was feverish.

Ruan Qiuqiu, who didn't know her first kiss had been stolen by a wolf, naively had complete faith in the wolf's character.


Ruan Qiuqiu didn't know why she was so nervous, but her speech was a bit unclear.
She touched the translucent willow leaf in her pocket.
It wouldn't get to the point where she had to crush the leaf to ask for Grandma Ruyi's help, right?

Hearing that the wolf's breathing was becoming unstable and seeing that his face was getting closer to hers, Ruan Qiuqiu couldn't help feeling nervous.

She saw Mr.
Gray Wolf open his light-colored lips, which revealed two sharp canine teeth.
Did he want to eat her?

Or was he like Grandma Ruyi, craving for fresh prey?

Ruan Qiuqiu's palms were sweaty.
She took out the transparent leaf from her left pocket.
Her eyelashes trembled.
Her hand tightened and loosened again.
In the end, she decided to h*ll with it, and threw the willow leaf far away.

If her blood was really useful, she didn't mind being bitten a few times by Yuan Jue.
He had saved her so many times.

The dim light from the fire was completely blocked by Yuan Jue's tall figure.
Ruan Qiuqiu could only see his gleaming scarlet eyes.

She clenched her hands and closed her eyes.

She felt Yuan Jue's hot and wet breath on her cheeks, but the expected pain never came.
She felt the touch of his hot forehead against hers, and her neck felt itchy from his long, slightly wet hair lying on it.

Ruan Qiuqiu slowly opened her eyes and met the wolf's scarlet pupils.

She wanted to ask why he didn't bite her, but they were too close.
She could even feel the movement of his body as he inhaled and exhaled.


After being stunned for a bit, Ruan Qiuqiu quickly recovered.

Yuan Jue's forehead was shockingly hot.
He had a fever.

He clearly showed no signs of having a fever on the way back.
Ruan Qiuqiu's shyness quickly receded.
She could feel that he was still gently holding her arm.
Using that point of contact between them, she sent spiritual energy into his body.

The fiend energy in Yuan Jue's body immediately twined around it.
Ruan Qiuqiu's vision blacked out.
The sharp pain and dizziness struck the breath out of her, and she almost fainted.

Unnoticed by Ruan Qiuqiu, there was a faint white light in the spot where the fiend energy and spiritual energy were connected, and her consciousness entered Yuan Jue's nightmare.

“Aowu… (It wasn't me…)”

She heard the familiar “aowu” sound, but it was a bit unfamiliar.
It sounded much younger than usual.
That seemed odd.
She didn't know why she was no longer in pain either.

Ruan Qiuqiu opened her eyes and instinctively replied, “Huh?” She discovered that her voice had become younger too.

She widened her eyes in surprise.
When she looked down, she was surprised to see that her hands had become smaller too.

The scene in front of her gradually grew clear.
It wasn't the cave where she and Yuan Jue lived in, but there was a similar blizzard in this new environment.

The leaves on the nearby giant trees were sparse, unlike the ones in the Fire Wolf Tribe's territory.

What was going on? Had she entered Mr.
Gray Wolf's memory just like how she had entered Grandma Ruyi's memory earlier?

Speaking of which, Yuan Jue had once been at level 5, and his forehead had touched hers…

Wait, no, that wasn't right.
When she was in Grandma Ruyi's memory, she couldn't feel the ambient temperature, and her body didn't become smaller.
But now, she could feel the snow falling on her body, and the feeling of cold was very obvious.

Was this a side effect of her spiritual energy connecting with Yuan Jue's fiend energy? What did she have to do to leave his memory?

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