Xiong Duoduo nodded.
Looking at the raptor demon’s bulging animal skin bag, he hesitated.
“Bro, if you want to go to the Fire Wolf Tribe to trade things, it’ll be very difficult.
They increased the price of herbs by tenfold.
To be honest, we wanted to trade for herbs with them, but we weren’t able to.”

“Oh.” The male raptor demon nodded.
“Thank you for warning me.” He wasn’t going there to trade herbs with the Fire Wolf Tribe, but to give things to that wolf, assuming that wolf was still alive.

Since the other demon didn’t say anything else after that, Xiong Duoduo felt a bit bored, so he simply found a clean spot under the overhanging rock and sat down to wait.

Xiong Yuan wiped his face, sighed, and sat down next to Duoduo in resignation.
He couldn’t help it.
Although he could ignore some instincts, the desire to hibernate was too strong.

Hearing the mention of the Wind Lion Tribe, Lu Ziran raised his sickly head to glance at Xiong Duoduo and his brother.
Looking at these two silly bears, he did his best to recall the contents of his dream and quickly remembered who they were.

Two bear demons had indeed come to the Wind Lion Tribe to trade food for herbs in his dream, but at the time, the tribe didn’t have enough herbs.
He was the only one who had extra herbs in his cave.

He hadn’t wanted to trade at first, but Rou Yuerao was interested in the panda demon’s fur, so he offered them the “friendly” price of the one herb for every five catties of fur up to a total of 10 herbs.

In the dream, the younger bear demon was angry at first, but he remembered that bear demon had come back crying to them later after being unable to trade for herbs elsewhere.
Yuerao had looked quite nice in a black-and-white fur coat.

Herbs were scared in winter, and they needed them.
As level 2 demons, these bears were fairly strong.
Thinking of this, Lu Ziran got the idea of exploiting these two bears.

His pride had been hurt in the Fire Wolf Tribe, and then he was attacked by a high-level fiend.
Fortunately, the residual fiend energy wasn’t much and he was able to finally remove it after using most of his cultivation.
However, he had fallen from the peak of level 4 to the middle of level 2.
Not only that, his internal organs and meridians were seriously injured.
He was very weak.

If he went back to the tribe like this, he might not be able to hunt for half a month.

The Wind Lion Tribe respected the strong.
As soon as others found out that he had fallen in cultivation, he wouldn’t have his current status and resources, including his cave that had the most amount of spiritual energy.
He would have to move out with Rou Yuerao.

He absolutely couldn’t let that happen.

If he used the medicinal herbs as a lure and took advantage of these two bears for a while, that could be an acceptable solution.

Lu Ziran shifted into his human form and put on his clothes.
Using the rock wall as support, he moved closer to Xiong Duoduo.
“… You’re going to the Wind Lion Tribe?”

Xiong Yuan smiled.
Guessing that he was from that tribe based on his animal form, he asked to confirm, “Are you from the Wind Lion Tribe?”

Lu Ziran nodded.
“Yes, and you need herbs?”

Xiong Duoduo’s eyes brightened.
“Yes! Brother Lion, what’s the going price for herbs in your tribe?”

Lu Ziran smiled, and then he shook his head.
He glanced at the raptor demon.
To the surprise of the other demons, his tone suddenly changed as he said, “Very expensive, but I have herbs of my own, and I’ll trade them for cheap.
Brother Raptor, are you interested?”

The raptor demon, who had been standing in the corner this entire time, inwardly scoffed.
He naturally knew that Lu Ziran was probing his attitude.

The big raptor demon coldly turned his head and stared at him with eyes that were unique to birds of prey before looking away.
He looked at Xiong Duoduo and asked him in a softened tone, “You recently came from the Fire Wolf Tribe, so do you know if… their former chief is dead?”

Xiong Duoduo froze in surprise for a moment before hesitantly saying, “I don’t think so?”

Suddenly hearing them mention that twisted gray wolf, Lu Ziran was reminded of the high-level fiend near that wolf’s cave.
It felt as if his heart stopped for half a second, and there were chills down his spine.
The blue veins on his arms were protruding, and there was fear and hate in his eyes.

The big raptor demon hesitated before asking the bear demon, “Do you know where he lives then?”

Translator Ramblings: I’m so disturbed by Lu Ziran’s thoughts.
Duoduo, don’t fall for his trap!

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