He didn want to offend his mates mother on the same day they met.

Dennis wasn satisfied. He wanted to ask further questions. However, he couldn dare. Reynard already sent him a message through the mind link.

”How can someone be proud to live in the slums? ” Dennis grumbled.

Going farther into the neighborhood was already a great compromise on Reynards side. He was a clean freak and wouldn step into a place like this even on his deathbed. However, he came and even went inside the small house.

He even sat down!

”Wow! Dennis gasped as he counted the changes he noticed in Reynard since he met his mate.

The woman was really grateful for their help, she was smiling happily as she welcomed them into her home.

”You are such kind gentlemen. Thank You so much Mr. _ ” she raised her brow in askance as she looked at Reynard as if silently asking for his name.

”Reynard. ” His response was as short and precise.

The woman glanced towards Dennis as if asking for his name too.

Dennis is usually very smug when it comes to his name. He loved his name so much that he had once said that he would name every male child In his entire generation after himself.

”Dennis. ” He replied proudly.

”Mr. Reynard, Mr. Dennis. It was nice meeting you, I am Freya, and thank you both for your help. ”

”Its okay, Freya, you are welcome. ” Dennis replied.

”Yes, its okay. ” Reynard added.

”Really. You don understand. ” Freya wanted to explain why its such a big deal. ”No one renders help in this part of the world. So, I really appreciate your help today.

”It was an honor to serve. ” Dennis chuckled. His eyes searched the house, and he didn see anyone else aside Freya. ”Freya, I don see your husband around. Does he stay here or do you stay alone? ”

”Uhm … My husband is_ not around. ”

”Oh, I see. ” Reynard caught on her reluctance and shot Dennis another look of Stop being nosy then he gave him a signal.

No one understands Reynard better than Dennis.

Dennis laughed inwardly seeing the look on Reynards face. He knew that the man was asking for his help

Reynard wants access to come back. He wanted to stay close to his mate after he finally found her. He wants to be able to visit her frequently.

However, he only just met her today, and he couldn just kidnap Freya and keep her by his side just because he wanted his mate. Reynard knew he had to take it slow.

He has to make Freya trust him enough to move in with him before the arrival of his little mate.

Reynard knew that Freya would refuse if he offered to gift her a new house. That might even make her fear him, since the woman seem to like it there in the slums.

He couldn take her against her will, so the baby doesn get affected. He couldn insist on taking her away either because that would sound preposterous, after all they only just met.

Furthermore, he knew she wouldn agree to his demands, especially because they weren acquainted. Likewise, he wouldn want to scare her away by being domineering, neither could he compel her with his power because he didn know the effect that would have on the baby.

He was sending Dennis a message through the link. He wanted him to raise the topic before Freya, so that they could come by more often.

Not that Reynard needed her permission to come back, He only needs to pass the order, and she would be brought to him. After all, he was Reynard, The Supreme King of the supernatural creatures and CEO and President of Ray Internationals.

Reynard cared too much about his unborn mate and wouldn want to cause unnecessary trouble that could negatively affect her.

”Ahem_ ” Dennis cleared his throat. ”Freya, Mr. Reynard seemed to have taken a likeness to your unborn child and I also_ ”

Dennis stopped his words as he heard Reynards low growl. Dennis frowned and sent him a message through the link. ”I only said that to buy us some entry into the house. ”

”You can say anything else about yourself. You are not allowed to like her. ”

”Alright, ” Dennis groaned.

Reynard was being so possessive of his mate even though she hasn been born. What will he do when she finally arrives.

”Love sick! ” Dennis hissed. He didn dare to say that loud. He turned to Freya and decided to try something else to get them entry into Freyas home.

”Since, Mr. Reynard has taken a liking to your baby. He would love it if we could always come by to say hi whenever we are around. ”

”Is that okay with you? Reynard added before Dennis could go on blurting his rubbish.

”Sure, you are welcome to visit anytime. ” Freya was happy to have such gentlemen around her. ”It will be an honor to have you visit us. ”

Dennis shook his head and smiled. If only this woman knew who the baby In her womb was. ”No Freya, the honor and pleasure is ours. ”

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