Inside a black Maserati SUV car sat a handsome looking man with golden curled hair. He was wearing a white shirt and a black custom-made suit. He appeared like a king with his long legs casually crossed and his head resting backward. He had his eyes closed, but one could tell that he was conscious of his surrounding.

Beside him sat another handsome looking man with raven black hair. His beauty however, was nothing compared to the man with golden hair.

He was sitting beside the handsome man just like a good subordinate would sit by his beloved king. His eyes were glued to the laptop screen as he worked earnestly.

He was wearing a navy blue colored suit and a sweet bubbly smile sat glued to his face as he worked. He would often glance sideways as if expecting the man beside him to say something to him.

However, the answer never came because the other man didn even look at him.

Suddenly the car came to an abrupt stop, jerking the two men forward. The man with black hair spoke up first.

”What happened George? Why did you stop? ”

”Sir Dennis, There seem to have been an accident up ahead. ”

Listening to the drivers explanation, Dennis nodded in understanding. ”Okay. ”

He stole another glance at the king-like man and this time, he spoke.

”If you have something to say, out with it. Stop stealing glances at me. ”

Though the man sounded calm, his compelling voice sounded just like a Kings. His voice could bring even the strongest men to their knees.

”Stealing glances? At you? Dennis exclaimed. ”Of course not. ”

”Weren you? ” The man ignored Dennis and continued speaking. ”If I didn know better, Id say you are in love with me. ”

”What? In love with you? Dennis shook his head and waved his hand. ”Oh no, Reynard? No way! My fate wouldn be so bad to fall in love with you. ”

Of course, he wouldn dare say the last part out loud.

”Why can you love me? ” Reynard asked, still with his eyes closed.

”Well_ Uh_ I thought you never believed in love? Dennis immediately changed the topic. ”Did you actually believe Goddess Selenes words? Dennis stared intently at Reynard. ”I mean, Its been so long, and you haven met or felt your mate. ”

At the mention of his mate, Raynards eyes swiftly opened. His amber orbs were filled with unexplainable emotion. His nose slightly raised upwards to sniff something in the air.

”What happened? ” Dennis was stunned to see Reynards reaction.

”Shes close! ” Reynard got out of the car in a flash.

”Who? ” Dennis asked, following him.

”Mate! ”

”Huh? Dennis gasped in shock.

”I smell her! ”

Reynard shifted into a big golden brown lycan and ran towards the road as the smell got stronger.

Leaving the car behind, Reynard rushed off to find his mate.

”Reynard wait! ” Dennis called after him.

Ignoring Dennis, Reynard kept running towards the crowd. The smell got stronger as he approached the crowd. He followed the scent and kept moving, He passed the crowd and walked farther away. He went into an alley and stopped. Dennis caught up with him in his gray colored wolf.

Thanks to Reynards ability as a lycan he was able to smell her and because he was gifted love as a result of his lycan blood; Reynard decided to search for his mate with his lycan. The wolf would be able to detect his mate faster than his demon.

”What happened? ” Dennis asked as soon as he caught up with him.

”The scent stops here. ” Reynard looked around and sniffed the air.

Dennis took a better look at the alley. ”But there is no one here. ”

”Shes here! ” Reynard snarled.

He was sure that she is somewhere around that place. He tried to use his powers to search for her but nothing worked. His demon eyes couldn see her too.

He just couldn find her.

Reynard shifted back to his human. He inserts his hands in his pocket and puffed out his frustration.

Where is she?

Suddenly the smell of peony with citrus filled the air again. Reynard sniffed the air and walked a little further. Dennis followed behind him; his eyes scanning the area thoroughly.

Both men walked stealthily as if they were afraid of scaring the girl or lady away. They walked down the alley, but found no one there.

”What is wrong? ” Dennis saw that Reynard was standing with his hands in his pocket, He gave off a dominant aura. He looked sexy and exceedingly handsome with his posture.

With his Kingly aura, Reynard stood in the middle of the alley, hands in his pocket as his eyes scanned the area. Reynard was gifted with the power to see things beyond, but even after trying so many times he couldn see who his mate was? Or how she looked nor could he tell where she was.

”The scent stops right here. ” Reynard repeated. He stood vigilant and looked around.

The mate bond is a unique and inevitable bond for the wolf clan, every wolf and lycan was destined to have a mate. Except if cursed or somewhat delayed, the wolf finds his mate after his first shift.

However, due to his long stay without a mate for so many years, Reynards wolf was finding it hard to control himself after finally smelling his mate.

Probably due to his demonic powers, Reynard was able to restrain his wolf without effort. However, For some strange reason even his demon seemed enthusiastic about meeting their mate.

The demon also wanted to emerge.

Reynard looked around the alley for anyones presence, but found none.

”I see no one here. ” Still looking around, Dennis asked, ”Could you have smelled wrong? ”

Reynards wolf and demon both growled at Dennis for doubting them. How could he say the son of Prince of hell, Ramiel, and a descendant of Nyctimus could be wrong in smelling his mate?

That was an insult to them both!

”She is right here! ” Reynard growled.

Right at this moment, a plump middle-aged woman walked out from an empty store down the alley.

Reynard closed his eyes and sniffed the air again as the scent suddenly got stronger. He could hear the heartbeat of the woman approaching but what seemed odd was that there was another strange scent alongside his mates scent.

He waited and tried to figure it out.

Reynard could feel the pull, He felt compellingly pulled to her. His wolf was getting overly impatient.

Seeing that the approaching footsteps belong to a middle-aged woman, Denniss eye widened in shock. ”No, it couldn be, right?

A handsome, sexy and strong man like Reynard wouldn be fated to mate with a middle-aged woman, right?

Lucifer would never be so cruel to him, right?

Reynards usually calm and clear eyes suddenly turned a shade darker and his emotions seemed to be in turmoil.

He lost control of himself and let out a low growl. He seemed to be controlled by some external force as he struggled to keep his emotion in check.

When the woman passed by Reynard, He held her hand and made her stop right in front of him, he pulled her closer and leaned forward.

”Is he about to kiss her? Oh no, so gross! ”

While Dennis was expecting Reynard to suddenly kiss the middle-aged woman, He suddenly leaned forward and slowly bent over to caress the womans belly. ”Mate. ”

”She is pregnant? Dennis shook his head in shock. The baby she is carrying is his Mate? No freaking way! ” Dennis gasped. ”Reynard is mated to an unborn child? After waiting for so long. ”

How Cruel!

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