Reynard got up reluctantly, He didn want to leave. After waiting for so many years, He finally found his Mate, yet he couldn be with her.

He has to leave her and go away. He has to make up excuses, so he could come over to meet her again.

Wasn that wicked?

Why would the moon goddess give him a mate that hasn been born?

”Well leave now. ” Reynard got up reluctantly, straightened himself. His gaze unconsciously went to look at Freyas belly. ”How far along are you? ”

Freya smiled and rubbed her belly. Whenever the subject is about her baby, she is always delighted to talk. ”She is due in two months. ”

Reynard was elated, his body warmed up. He nodded and buttoned his suit. His Lycan was dancing.

He gets to meet her in two months.

”Thats good then, Freya, we would be coming here every day until the little one arrives. ”

”Really? Freya was moved by their kindness. Two strangers that she randomly met, cared so much for her unborn child while the childs father doesn want her.

Freya shook her head at the irony.

”Alright Freya, we will be in leaving now, take care. ”

Reynard left the house. On his way out, he called for two bodyguards and placed them around Freya to protect her.

He finally found his mate, he won let his enemies get to her.


In a beautiful ancient mansion, A man on a huge Leopard skin high chair that made him look like he was sitting on a throne. He had a magazine in his hand as he skipped lazily through the pages of the magazines.

The man looked dashing in his white custom-made shirt. He had long black hair which he tied up, behind his head. His nose was thin and long. His skin was white and smooth, his lips was thin and pink. He was perfect in all sense.

A guard came in and bowed in greeting.

”Sir Alan, we found the woman. ”

Though the man was happy, he didn move or raise his head from the magazine. ”And?

”We confirmed it sir, She is the one. ”

At this, he folds the magazine. Alan Monroe raised his head to look at the guard who wouldn dare look him in the eye. He crossed his legs elegantly and listened to the guard with keen interest.

”Call for Susan and take her to the woman, lets be sure she is the right one before moving forward with the plan. ”

”Okay Sir. ”

The guard bowed again and was preparing to leave but stopped at Alans question.

”What about him? ”

Without being told, the guard already knew who Alan was referring to. ”Sir, We have seen no movement from his side. ”

Alan nodded his head knowingly, he was thinking of ways in which he could deal with the Supreme King.

Everyone knew of the curse Lucifer placed on Reynard but only few knew of the reversion and even very few knew of the prophecy about his Mate. Alan was among those who knew and has been searching for her for a very long time. He had the help of the great witch Alice and her daughter, Susan.

Hence, he was able to find her sooner than the others.

Alan was once Reynards ally. He envied Reynard for his supernatural powers. Alan was only a wolf while Reynard was a rare specie of both demon and Lycan.Reynard was the son of a great demon and also a descendant of Nyctimus, son of king Lycaon, the wolf king. He was even given additional powers by Lucifer in addition to all of his rare and special genes.

He was a unique creation.

Alan wanted all of this but couldn get it. All he managed to get were the wings of sloth given to him by the demon himself in exchange for his soul. Hence, he made a pact with the great witch Alice. As long as he could capture Reynards nate they would make her summon the weapon to kill Reynard, then Alan would be Supreme Alpha.

”Take Susan to her as soon as possible, so well find out if she really is the right one and if she is, proceed with the plan. ”

”Yes sir, lll get on it right away. ” The guard bowed.

”Reynard your end is near. ”


~~~Ray Internationals~~~

Reynard was sitting in his cabin. He was going through some proposals that was sent to his computer. He looked sexy in his black custom-made suit.

His golden hair shone brightly as the sun reflected on it. His alluring, amber eyes stared intently at computer as he worked.

Though, it seemed like Reynard was busy, his mind was busy thinking about Freya. He wanted to go to her. He wanted to feel her bump. His wolf was restless and itching to go to her.

”Good morning Sir, ” Barbara came into the room, holding some files. She is Reynards secretary.

”Sir, the Meeting is to begin in five minutes and everyone is waiting in the conference room. ”

Without tearing his gaze off the computer, Reynard hummed. ”Hm. ”

Ray Internationals was a gigantic Forty-five floors, skyscraper. Its workers comprises of demons, humans, and werewolves. Each of them knew the code of conduct and works in harmony.

Because the existence of most supernatural beings are unknown to the world, it became a compulsory rules for everyone to keep their powers hidden. They can only use their powers when theres an emergency. They aren allowed to show they other selves before humans.

They couldn risk exposing their existence to the human race.

Whoever breaks the rules would be prosecuted according to the supernatural laws. With this in mind, everyone worked together in harmony.

To the Werewolves Reynard was their Supreme Alpha King and to the demons he was their Prince, but they refer to him as the Supreme one.

Reynard maintained this peace and order for over five hundred years. Though things appears peaceful, Reynard knew a lot of people are against the rules and are planning to kill him.

However, none of them would be bold enough to fight because he was the strongest of both species here on earth added to the fact that he was blessed to be undefeatable by Lucifer.

They all knew that he couldn be conquered, hence they have all been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the one who could put an end to him which is why Reynard had to prioritize Freyas protection.

The moment Reynard arrived in the meeting room everyone became quiet and concentrated only on him.

He took his seat and snapped his fingers to signal the commencement of the meeting. He took note of everything and as soon as he was done, he stood up and walked out, with Dennis following behind him like a shadow.

He was his Beta after all.

When Reynard returned to his cabin, he was surprised to find his Delta, Collins Jones in there. Reynard never shows his feelings to anyone, so he just went to his seat; pretending like he didn see him.

”Supreme one, ” Collins bowed.

Reynard waved his hand in response. He sat on his chair and faced Collins. ”What is the emergency?

”Nothing. There is no emergency. ” Collins shook his head.

He could be fierce and ferocious when facing the enemies but when its Reynard, he becomes meek.

”Then why are you here? ” Reynards voice held no emotion.

”l only came to be with you. I missed you. ”

”You left the business in Australia just because you missed me? ”

”Yes Reynard, I….. ”

Without stopping his fingers from typing on the computer, Reynard looked at Collins and nodded. ”Alright, welcome back. ”

Collins smiled heartily and he finally released his breath. He had been holding his breath since he arrived; He was afraid that Reynard would send him back to Australia.

Hearing Reynard agreeing to allow him stay, Collins exhaled in relief. He felt like jumping on Reynard and rain kisses and hugs on him, but he knew he would be killed mercilessly, if he did.

Reynard hates close contacts, the only person known to have been able to break through that barrier was, Lydia Louis.

The CEO and head designer at LL Jewels also The only woman Reynard has ever had physical relationship with.

Reynards phone started ringing, He checked the ID to see that it was Charles calling. The guard he placed at Freyas house to watch over her.

Reynard answered the call with his usual calm expression and tone. ”What happened? ”

”Sir, A woman was here to see madam Freya. ”

”So? ” Reynard was still calm as he asked.

”I thought she was her family and allowed her in, but it seems she wasn _ ”

”Tell me exactly what has happened! ” Reynard could feel that something has gone wrong over there.

”Sir, madam Freya got into an argument with the woman and_ and_ ”

”And?! Reynard was anxious. He wanted to find out what happened to Freya and his mate.

”… And Madam Freya suddenly started ble…bleeding. ”

”She What? ” Reynard lost every composure.

” blee… bleeding sir. I am really sorry sir, I didn know the woman wasnt her.. ”

Before the guard could complete his words, Reynard disconnected and turned to Collins. ”Get the car!

”Alright, ” Collins knew not to ask questions at the moment. He could see Reynards eyes turning red and that wasn a good sign.

Reynard never goes into rage, but if he does the result is destruction. And if Reynard could lose his composure over something, which has never happened before, that thing sure must be extremely important.

Collins tried to think of the person precious enough to make Reynard lose his cool.

What is that thing?

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