What is that thing that could make Reynard Lose his cool and be so anxious?

Collins was on his way to go get the car as he was instructed but was surprised to see Reynard fly out the window and disappeared.

”What happened to not showing off your powers? ” He scoffed. ”I don even know where he went, how do I find him now? Collins pulled his hair in frustration and sat back down. ”I will just have to wait for him. I just hope there is something left of whoever got him irked. ”

Collins was feeling restless about not knowing where his Reynard went. He was pacing around the moon with worry written clearly on his face.

Even though he knew that Reynard could take care of himself, He was undefeatable and unstoppable after all. Collins detests the idea of leaving Reynard alone.

Dennis came in to find Collins in Reynards office, He was surprised as well as happy to see him. ”What are you doing here? ”

”l am here to see you both. ”I missed you. ” Forgetting the pressing matter at hand Collins smiled and hugged Dennis. ”Life isn the same without you two. ”

Dennis suddenly noticed that something was amiss. He walked away from Collins and looked around. He saw the open glass window and turned to Collins. ”Where is Reynard? ”

”Oh, Shit! Collins tapped his head as he remembered what was happening. He went to the window and pointed outside. ”He flew off. ”

”He did what?! Dennis knew Reynard would never do something without a valid reason. ”What happened? ”

Collins narrated everything he heard earlier to Dennis. Due to the wolfs super hearing ability, Collins heard everything they discussed.

”What? ” Freya was bleeding? Dennis exclaimed. ”Oh no, this is bad. ”

He grabbed the car keys and hurried out. Dennis looked at Collins with fear in his eyes. He was afraid of what Reynard would do if anything happened to the baby.

”We need to find Reynard before he destroys everyone! ”

”Wait. ” Collins grabbed Denniss hand to stop him from leaving. ”Do you mind explaining things to me? What is going on? ”

Collins could tell from the look on Denniss face that whatever was happening will be destructive. Besides, he has never seen the form of Reynard that he saw today. Reynard even broke the rules.

”He found her! ”

Dennis closed his eyes as if to imagine what would happen if Reynard loses his long-awaited mate.

”Who? ” Collins frowned.

”His Mate! ” Dennis whispered.

”What?! Collins happily let go of Denniss hand. ”When? And Why wasn I told? ” Collins pouted childishly.

Dennis dragged the walking questionnaire called Collins and immediately headed to the underground parking lot. They got into the car and Dennis drove off.

Dennis explained everything to Collins who was left gaping as he listened on. ”Who was bold enough to mess with the mate of the Supreme One? ”

Reynard arrived at the hospital in time to see Freya being wheeled into the theater. Fear instantly rose in his heart.


He can lose her! He mustn lose her!

He called the doctor and asked what the matter was.

The doctor looked skeptical. He didn recognize him. ”Who are you? ”

Reynard was lost for words, he didn know what to say or how to introduce himself. ”Im a relative of Freya. ”

The doctor was in a daze, seeing a godlike man like Reynard stutter, the doctor was Awestruck.

Then suddenly the doctor realized why the man seemed familiar. Wasn he always on every business news and newspaper headline?

”Mr. Reynard? ” The doctor asked in surprise.

Reynard sighed in relief as the doctor seems to know him now. He didn have to introduce himself. He wasn used to talking too much anyway, so he hummed in response.

”Hmm, I am him. ”

”Its a great pleasure to have you here in our hospital. Im sorry I didn recognize you earlier. ”

”No problem. ” Reynards gaze went towards the operating room. He had no time to waste. ”That woman, I want you to save her and the baby. Save Them Both! ”

”But… Mr. Reynard. If things turned awry who should we save first? The mother Or the baby? ”

”Save the_ ” Reynard paused. How could he be selfish?

He was never a selfish person, to begin with. How would he make the choice now?

Usually, the question was always directed to the patients husband but given the situation and the fact that he was the patients only relative, present at the moment.

Reynard knew there was nothing he could do if fate decides to snatch his mate from him. He couldn waste Freyas life just because he wanted his mate.

Reynard was in a fix.

He shut his eyes and sighed. He decided to let things go as it has been predestined.

”Save Them Both. ” He insisted.


A Guard appeared again in the ancient mansion, this time he was more anxious than ever. His hands and legs were shaking as he approached the man sitting in the room.

Sensing someones presence, Alan raised his head, his eyes were filled with joy, and he flashed a ghostly smile. ”Success? ”

With his head bowed the guard relayed the bad news. He couldn dare to look at Alan.

”Sir… Miss Susan f… Failed. ”

Alan got up abruptly, his face contorted with fury. ”She what? ”

”Sir… That woman refused to go with Miss Susan. She was stubborn and wouldn budge no matter how hard she tried to convince her. ” The guards explained in one breath. His heart was in his mouth as he relayed the news.

”Miss Susan tried to use magic to compel her, but her magic didn work on the woman. She wasn affected by magic at all. So, we tried to take her forcefully, but the woman accidentally hit her belly against the wall, and she started bleeding. We wanted to save her, but some men came and stopped us… ”

The guard paused to gauge Alans reaction to the news. Alan didn react, so he went in with the explanation.

”…. They wanted to take us captive, but we fought our way out and Miss Susan disappeared, but Andrew was taken away. ”

Alan clenched his fist as he listened on. He was burning with fury. Someone sabotaged him. ”Who were they? ”

”Sir _ I think they were guards of the Supreme one. ”

Alans eyes widened, and he turned to the guard, ”Reynard knew? ”

”It seems so, sir. ”

”Then how come there wasn any reaction from him all this while? Why didn he attempt to hide her when he knew that everyone who wanted to kill him would be out to get her? ” Alan hissed.

He underestimated Reynard again.

”Sir Alan, I don know how or since when he knew, but those guards called someone and I heard them clearly, it was Supreme one. ”

Alan sent everything on the table flying. He gnashed his teeth and growled. ”Reynard! You can escape death! ” Alans eyes became dangerously dark. He was panting as if he has done something strenuous.

”No matter how long it takes, I will find her again, and I will make sure not that I do not lose to you! ”

The guard was frightened at Alans sudden outburst. He didn know what else to do but apologize for his failure.

”I….. I am sorry sir. ”

”GET OUT! ” Alan growled.

The guard ran off gratefully. Grateful to still have his head hanging on his body.


Dennis and Collins arrived at the hospital, They found Reynard standing in the corridor. He stood still like a statue, it was hard to even tell if he was breathing. His expression was unreadable, and his eyes fixed on the operating light.

They didn ask any questions as they arrived, they just stood by him like his Loyal subordinates.

With Reynard in the middle and Dennis and Collins on either side. They represent the perfect picture of their rank.

Alpha, Beta, and Delta.

Suddenly the sky turned dark there was a light thunderstorm, and it soon started to rain heavily.

The wind whooshed loudly through the night and tree leaves were rustling, happily rejoicing the arrival of the goddess. The cries of a baby came to them from behind the closed operating room. Reynard sat down, and a soft sigh left his lips.

She was safe, she was his.

He finally found his mate.

The doctor soon came out to congratulate Reynard.

”Mr. Reynard, Congratulations. Its a healthy baby girl. ” The doctor was smiling as he explained. ”The operation was tough, The labor wasn easy. Its a good thing that she was brought in earlier because the umbilical cord was already separated from the mother and child. There wasn any source of oxygen or nutrients for the baby, yet she survived. She came out strong and healthy. ”

”Thats good, doctor, thank you, ” Dennis spoke first.

”I didn do much, ” the doctor spoke further. ”The baby has a strong will to live. She was born preterm, but shes as healthy as any full-term baby. A strong one you have there. ” The doctor was full of praise for the newborn,

Dennis and Collins couldn help looking at each other.

”Only a strong one can stand by him. ”

”Thats the spirit of a great Luna. ” They both said through the link.

As soon as the doctor left, they both turned and bowed to Reynard.

”Congratulations, Supreme one. ”

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