After Shi Yin spoke those words, no one in the car dared to speak anymore.
Zhou Si Yang’s face was already indifferent and cold. 

On the highway, Zhou Si Yang speeded up the car.
Even wearing a seatbelt, Shi Yin was badly shaken. 

While knowing everything, the two people in the back seat could only glance at each other while silently enjoying the excitement of the drag racing.

For the sake of her own life, Shi Yin could only pretend to be very frightened and in a trembling voice said, “Brother Si Yang, please can you drive slower.
I am getting a little dizzy!”

Hearing it, Zhou Si Yang unhurriedly slowed down the car.
Recovering from the bad mood he softly said, “Sorry, I frightened you.”

Shi Yin pursed her pale lips, looking a bit pitiful.

You dog man! Only now are you regretting it?!

Late! Now I don’t want you!!

Because of the fast driving, they reached before the stipulated time.
The staff was still busy preparing when they arrived at the studio.

After putting on the costume, and the makeup, Shi Yin leisurely went to the toilet.

When she came out of the bathroom, she found that Zhou Si Yang was around the corner. 

It seemed like Si Yang had just finished a phone call and happened to see her.

Without thinking much, Shi Yin frankly walked over, and politely called him Brother Yang, and planned to go in.

Before she could pass, Zhou Si Yang grabbed her hand and called, “Yin Yin!”

Shi Yin was wearing a loose white shirt and a high-waisted black leather skirt. 

The shirt was slightly pulled out by Zhou Si Yang’s action, and a thin and white shoulder came into view. 

Zhou Si Yang’s voice was a bit anxious, and after his unconscious action, he quickly helped her to cover the exposed shoulder.

Shi Yin adjusted her clothes, and looking innocently at him she asked, “Brother Yang, what’s wrong?”

What Zhou Si Yang could answer, he didn’t know why he stopped her. 

At the moment, Zhou Si Yang could only find something to say, “You don’t have anything to say to me?!”

Shi Yin blinked her big eyes and seriously said, “Ohh, that, I…”

Zhou Si Yang’s eyes instantly lit up.

Then he heard Shi Yin saying, “That…My dad has agreed to my marriage with Uncle Cheng Yuan.
In a few days, he will visit your house to discuss the marriage.”

Zhou Si Yang was stunned and in a tough voice  asked, “That’s it?!”

Shi Yin thought for a while and said again, “Ahh, there is something more!”

Zhou Si Yang still held a trace of expectation and instantly asked her, “What??”

In a bit of a distressed voice, Shi Yin said, “If I married your Uncle Cheng Yuan, I will be your little aunt in the future, so I can’t call you Brother Yang anymore.
I will be the senior.”

“Then what should I call you?! Si Yang??” Shi Yin shook her head a little thoughtfully and said, “No, it sounds a little intimate.
Maybe it will make Uncle Cheng Yuan unhappy.”

“Zhou Si Yang??” Then Shi Yin began to worry again and asked, “Will it be a bad idea to shout your full name?”

“Otherwise…I can just call you, my nephew?!” Shi Yin’s eyebrows curled up, she smiled and said, “I think this is pretty good, my nephew!”

Zhou Si Yang felt his chest was blocked and he couldn’t breathe.

What a f*ck!

“Shi Yin! Come over! Get ready to shoot!” A crew member called her.

“Coming!” Shi Yin replied, then waved her hand to Zhou Si Yang and said, “Then I am going to do my work first, my nephew.”

Hearing her last word, Zhou Si Yang felt a little crazy and depressed and on the verge of vomiting blood.

When did this sweet little girl become so bad and irritating?! Wasn’t this girl always very polite and obedient?!!

Zhou Si Yang tried his best to calm down his surging mood, and then went back. 

Originally, Si Yang wasn’t in the mood to watch Shi Yin’s shoot, he didn’t want to have any more interaction with this stinky girl. 

But, as soon as he passed, he was pulled by Tang Ming Chen to look at Shi Yin’s performance

With a smile, Tang Ming Chen asked, “Now you and this sweet little sister are really only brothers and sisters, right?”

Shi Yin had already said that, and how could a face-loving Zhou Si Yang admit that he might have some other thoughts about the little girl.

So Zhou Si Yang could only reply, “Otherwise, what else!”

Tang Ming Chen hooked his lips playfully and said, “It will be easier.”

“What do you want to do with her?” Maintaining a nonchalant look, Zhou Si Yang asked.

Tang Ming Chen turned his head to Luo Yan Chuan and said, “It’s ok, only two of us are in the fight.
We will play fairly, and whoever catches up first will be the one.”

Luo Yan Chuan snorted but still replied, “A word is a deal!”

Zhou Si Yang, “?”

Zhou Si Yang instantly walked up to them and looked incredulously at them while saying, “Are you two crazy?! Want to chase Shi Yin?”

Tang Ming Chen and Luo Yan Chuan pushed Si Yang aside and stared straight at Shi Yin who was busy in the photo shoot and said,  “If you don’t chase her, it’s okay.
Why are we not allowed to chase hee?”

“No!!” Zhou Si Yang unreasonably shouted.

“Tsk tusk…” Tang Ming Chen simply patted Zhou Si Yang’s shoulder and pushed him directly into the dressing room.

He took him in front of the mirror and said, “Take a good look at yourself.
Look at what is written on your face clearly.”

Luo Yan Chuan, who had followed them, leaned against the door and pointed his finger in Zhou Si Yang’s direction, and in a little teasing voice said, “A word is a deal, you are not allowed to make a move any more!”

After speaking, the two people laughed together and went out leaving Zhou Si Yang alone in the dressing room.

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