Shi Yin still thought about Zhou Cheng Yuan after returning home from Zhou’s house.

There was not much mention of him in the original book.
There was no hint that he liked Shi Yin or that they had any intersection.

But now that she recalled Zhou Cheng Yuan’s reaction, it was not quite right from the beginning.

A girl who he didn’t know well, asked him to marry him, and he actually agreed.

If this matter could be explained by the fact that the marriage of the two families was helpful to the Zhou family’s family business, then what’s next??

Shi Yin looked at the photo on the hot search and remembered him saying that as long as she liked it, he didn’t mind.

When on a whim Shi Yin mischievously painted on his face, he didn’t mind even after discovering it.
He was still interested in teasing her ambiguously.

He gave a pink diamond worth hundreds of millions, as a “betrothal gift”.

He even held her in his arms so naturally, and said to her, “How can your uncle dislike Yin Yin?”


Did Zhou Cheng Yuan mean that he liked Shi Yin?


Thinking about this, Shi Yin suddenly became confused.

Alas, why didn’t the author of the original book describe this man a little more so that she could understand him a bit? 

If she knew him like other characters she wouldn’t be so confused now.

Without knowing Zhou Cheng Yuan, she always felt weird when getting along with him.
She was afraid that she would accidentally jump into a pit.

Shi Yin didn’t know yet, from the moment she plotted on Zhou Cheng Yuan, she had already taken the initiative to jump into one.

There was no need for Zhou Cheng Yuan to do it himself.

Now it could only be said that she was stupidly helping Zhou Cheng Yuan to fill in the soil after jumping into the pit.

Three days later, at eight o’clock in the morning, a black car stopped outside Shi’s house.

A man in a tailored black suit got down from the rear seat and got into a wheelchair after he got out of the car.

Zhou Cheng Yuan was pushed into the living room by Chen Meng. 

Tang Yu Lin had just brought the steaming dumplings to the dinner table.

Although the two families had agreed that they would go ahead with the marriage, after all, it was her baby daughter who got married. 

Even if Tang Yu Lin looked down on Zhou Cheng Yuan being a sick seedling, she still wanted to do her best for her daughter.

When Shi Yin came downstairs with her big red suitcase, Chen Meng hurriedly walked over and took the suitcase from her.

Shi Yin was wearing a red wedding dress with a little Chinese style and a pair of red crystal shoes with a small buckle.

The part of the dress from the neck to the chest is hollowed out.
The dress at the waist was fitted tightly, tracing her waistline. 

The soft and comfortable fabric wrapped her figure well, making the girl look slim.
And the exquisite curves were vividly displayed.

The red dress and shoes were prepared by Zhou Cheng Yuan after dinner when Shi Yin said she wanted to marry him. 

Yesterday, the dress and crystal shoes were sent to Shi’s house by Chen Meng. 

At that time, Chen Meng said to Shiyin, “Master specially asked the designer to make this dress and shoes for Miss Shi Yin.
The master hoped that Miss Shi Yin could wear them tomorrow.”

Hearing this, Shi Yin was a little surprised at the time.

She didn’t expect Zhou Cheng Yuan to be so caring.
He even asked someone to design a wedding dress and shoes for her.

Ehh?? It seemed something was wrong…

How did Zhou Cheng Yuan know her measurements and what size shoes she usually wears??

Although the original owner was also in the entertainment industry, she was a relatively new person and had not yet developed much.
The information on the Internet was still incomplete

This…can the rich know everything?!

When Shi Yin came over, as soon as she sat down, Tang Yu Lin put two pairs of chopsticks in front of her and Zhou Cheng Yuan.

“It is customary for the bride and groom to feed each other dumplings.”

“…Although we haven’t done anything big, we still have to go through the necessary process.”

After speaking Tang Yu Lin’s eyes became red.
She quickly pushed the bowl of dumplings in front of them, “Quickly, eat while it’s hot.”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

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