Marriage was decided just three days later.

Tang Yu Lin wanted to say something but was stopped by Shi Ming Yuan.

Shi Yin knew what her mother wanted to say, she must have felt that the wedding was too hasty, and wanted to postpone it later.

But she may not have noticed that Zhou Jin Feng had already made concessions.
If he was asked again, the old man might get unhappy.

Moreover, although this marriage was good for the Zhou family, it was certainly not the same as the Shi family.
This marriage was a turning point, determining the life and death of the Shi family.

Therefore, Shi Ming Yuan had to ensure the marriage would go smoothly so that the cooperation between the two could go well and the company could be saved.

Because of this, Shi Ming Yuan naturally couldn’t let his wife meddle with it.

Five people ate lunch while thinking about the marriage in their own minds.

Later, Zhou Jin Feng and Shi Ming Yuan started talking about the company’s affairs. 

Shi Yin, a small star who could not understand business things, casually found an excuse and slipped from there. 

She went to play alone in the Zhou family’s backyard.

The Zhou family’s backyard was Ming-Qing style with a long corridor.
After passing through the corridor, there was a mahogany swing on the side. 

Shi Yin walked over and slowly sat on the swing and gently swung.
At the same time, she recalled the plot of the novel in her mind.

Because she changed her partner, everything now related to her was separated from the plot of the original book.

The future development must be very different from the development of the original plot.
After all, now she had become the hero’s little aunt.

But there must be some things that would not change.

For example, the white moonlight who was entangled with the male protagonist.

Shi Yin squinted his eyes slightly, and thought, “I am not interested in Zhou Si Yang.
Just leave it for you.”

One who was divorced and couldn’t stand the hardship came back to find her ex-boyfriend, and one who was married but betrayed the marriage to hook up with his ex-girlfriend. 

In fact, they were quite a good match.

Shi Yin was fascinated by her thought and did not find anyone coming into the backyard. 

She gently shook the swing, thinking of her friends from her past life, and couldn’t help but miss them a little.

Zhou Cheng Yuan asked Chen Meng to push him near the swing.

Shi Yin was facing away from the corridor, so Zhou Cheng Yuan went behind Shi Yin and gently pushed the swing.

Shi Yin didn’t notice the strangeness at first.

After a while, Zhou Cheng Yuan asked in a low voice from behind her, “What are you thinking about?”

“Ohh…” Shi Yin sighed, and replied in a little disappointed tone, “I miss my family and home.”

Zhou Cheng Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly and slowly chuckled, “You are starting to feel homesick before getting married?”

Shi Yin frowned slightly and suddenly recovered.
As soon as she turned her head, she saw a thin and handsome face. 

Zhou Cheng Yuan happened to look at her with a slight smile in his eyes.

Shi Yin blinked and quickly called out, “Uncle Cheng Yuan!”

Zhou Cheng Yuan didn’t speak but only listened to Shi Yin groaning embarrassedly.

Shi Yin said, “How are you talking about me?”

Zhou Cheng Yuan frankly said, “I am asking honestly.”

Shi Yin squatted her mouth.
Indeed, Zhou Cheng Yuan had directly asked her just now.

Shi Yin was thankful that what he asked just now was not “Do you like Zhou Si Yang or Zhou Cheng Yuan?” or “Do you really want to marry Zhou Cheng Yuan?”

Otherwise, she would have shown her stuff.

“Humph.” Shi Yin softly hummed and turned her head away.

“I still like to swing so much.” Zhou Cheng Yuan sighed.

Shi Yin smiled, and replied, “It’s fun.”

She even invited him, “Do you want to try it? It’s really fun.”

Shi Yin was polite at first, but after all, she said she liked him, so she had to pretend to be in love.

Besides, there were only a few big men who like to swing, and Zhou Cheng Yuan would definitely not agree.

“Ahh!” Shi Yin pretended to suddenly remember something, and said with regret, “I just forgot that you are still in a wheelchair.
It should not be convenient for you…”

Before Shi Yin had finished her sentence, she heard Zhou Cheng Yuan say, “It’s not a problem.
I can try and swing with you.”

Shi Yin, “???”

Did she get it wrong?!

Brother, you are in a wheelchair! I have just casually asked, can’t you take it casually? Why are you still being serious about it??

After Zhou Cheng Yuan finished speaking, he steered the advanced wheelchair around the swing and stopped in front of Shi Yin.

He put his foot down, stepped on the ground, and pressed his hand on the handrail as if he wanted to stand up.

Just as Chen Meng, who had been standing aside, was about to walk over, Shi Yin hurriedly got up from the swing and carefully supported him.

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