Cherryl’s jewel-blue eyes trembled in bewilderment.

“Excuse me!”

She hurriedly picked up the napkin and wiped the lipstick marks on her glass’s rim.


She couldn’t return the glass she had put her lips on.

Marquis Milrose glanced up and down at her with a sudden thought.

“This girl! How dare you behave like that in front of the—-”

“She did not disrespect anyone here, so stop making a fuss,” Cade called the Marquis out when he was about to shout at her.

Her father quickly shut up as if he had been silenced with a single knife.

Then, she watched the wine being poured out into the new glass that the servant had brought.

Everyone waited for Cade’s reaction, but he couldn’t care less about it and focused on his drink, instead.

His face was devoid of emotion when he said, “How far have you talked about, Marquis?”

“…uh, that.
 I was just talking about your future and your future, Your Grace.”

That particular topic was the trigger in the first place.

She was surprised to hear her father mention marriage without asking her intentions at all but what shocked her more was the Duke’s response.

He just said that he thought of getting married.

‘A cold-blooded man who had never shed tears once in his life wanted to get married?’

Aristocratic marriages were often held in the name of their precious descendants.

Also, she found it suspicious that his remarks sounded like the future successors of his Dukedom were the least of his concerns.

“Are you saying you already have a girl in mind, Your Grace?” The Marquis’ face turned purple with anger even though he probably hadn’t said anything about Cherryl yet.

“Afterall, there is no way that the noble Grand Duke wouldn’t plan for his future.
As I said before with my wife—”

“My cup is empty.”

“Oh, yes! Yes, Your Grace! What is the servant doing? Your cup must always be filled so it doesn’t get empty!”

The servant standing at the back sprang into action.

The Marquis clicked his tongue in disapproval and snatched the wine bottle from the servant’s hands.

“Give that to me! I’ll pour the wine for you, Your Grace.”

With a sullen smile, the Marquis filled Cade’s cup before resuming the silly discussion.

At that moment, the Marquis lowered his gaze t in Cade’s empty plate.

Now that he noticed that Cade hadn’t touched any food, he asked cautiously.
“Did the food not suit your taste, Your Grace? Are there foods that you don’t like?”

The bandits, who had been eating the meat on the table like starving barbarians, had already emptied several bowls.

“It doesn’t suit my taste.” Cade emptied the remaining wine in his glass and replied vaguely.
“—but it’s better than I expected.”

A man who didn’t even pay attention to dinner wouldn’t say that at all.

However, the wild power behind that hawk-like gaze was now directed at Cherryl as if he was pointing an accusing finger at her.

Cherryl’s heart sank.


The original “Descendants of A Fallen Hero” was a devastating novel without a strand of romance.

Even though the number of reviews had reached thousands of stars, these were the following reasons why most of the reviews were so bad….

The story development shows that the female lead X and the poor male lead can’t exist together.

I’m getting frustrated.
That’s why I left.

└ re: Don’t be fooled by all these gold stars.
It’s just a novel about dying and killing each other.

└ re: The main lead is an extreme case.
His history had been twisted so much by their ancestors.

└ re: Please note that there’s no romance here at all.
It’s just a novel about someone who turned into a sociopath after having a war with the most pitiful protagonist.

└ re: Cade.
I understand the unfortunate past, but aren’t you just too cruel? I am repulsed by the murders you have committed.

└ re: There are five scenes of Cade bathing alone in the lake, and that’s worth reading.
It’s a great description.
Volume 4, 69 chapters.

The readers must be angry at the history of the protagonist’s impoverished life.

A male lead should have a handsome face and an incredible physique that drive women crazy, and Cade had painstakingly portrayed that physical flawlessness up to perfection.

In contrast to that, Cherryl had significantly suffered in her previous life.

There’s not an ounce of love and romance in here.

[ Are the characters just supposed to work hard living a shitty life until they die? If the author was going to be like this, why did that person write such a great thing so vividly?]

Cherryl was astonished by every page she turned.

“The writer must have done this on purpose.

It was a novel that she couldn’t take her eyes off despite giving it one out of five stars.

“Cade, who was adopted by the legendary Duke, was the legitimate heir to the family.
It’s just that no one knew the secret behind his birth.’

The first Blkanov was a hero and the founding father of the Blkanovs in their nation who had achieved a lot through his beastly strength.

As long as he went to war,  his troops would always have their battle cry of victory.

Thanks to this, the Duke of Blkanov had been praised for producing heroes in his bloodline for hundreds of years which also caused the royal family to fear them.

Due to the late royal family’s conspiracy, all of the Blkanov descendants were secretly purged so that even the illegitimate children of the royal family were ashamed to sit next to the current Duke of Blkanov.

On the other hand, there was only one real descendant of Blkanov, whom everyone thought  was dead.

It was Cade, the male protagonist of this unfortunate story who had grown up with wildlings at the desolate forests beyond the border.

The tragedy began when the Duke of Blkanov, a member of the royal family, had adopted Cade, whom he met by chance during the Northern Expedition.

It turned out that the fake blood had adopted the actual blood.

Cade was persecuted in that family for being adopted.

He was attacked every day without them knowing that he was a descendant of a historical hero and the rightful heir of the Blkanovs.

An irreversible fate had struck when Cade, who couldn’t stand the bullying anymore, murdered the son of the current Duke of Blkanov for pushing him around.

It was the beginning of many massacres.

The Duke’s son deserved death.

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