Chapter 053: Beloved Courtier, this is the land that I(Imperial) have conquered for you 2.7


Motherfff, it’s so bitter!

Luo Ling’s profound acting of the character setting almost broke down.

This was absolutely his natural enemy.

Even if Luo Ling was beaten to death, he still wouldn’t have drank it.
It was too much of a test for his taste buds.

Before Luo Ling could recover, he only heard the other party speak again.

“The physician said that your injury is a bit serious and you need to recuperate for a month.
As long as you take your medicine on time, you will recover soon.
Don’t worry.”

Luo Ling: Indifferent_Face.jpg 

One month!

How could it be so scary?

‘Tong’er, EMERGENCY, VERY URGENT, is there any useful recovery medicine or something that can temporarily block the sense of taste? Gimme some.’ 

Luo Ling could really eat anything, but he couldn’t stand eating bitter foods.

However, only the mechanical sound of the System answered him.

‘Hello, the System you are trying to reach is offline, please don’t mind it.’

Luo Ling: ‘…’

I have a good character design.
You f*cker, you’re about to become an object of ridicule.

He took a deep breath.

Calm down.

He could win.

Luo Ling didn’t know if it was a psychological effect or it was the medicine he just drank, but his brain felt a little groggy.
His long eyelashes began to flutter, as if they wanted to droop down.

“Are you sleepy? Go to sleep.”

Murong Jiu put the bowl aside, Then, without allowing Luo Ling to refuse, Murong Jiu helped Luo Ling lie down and carefully covered him with a quilt.

When the person’s breathing settled down, Murong Jiu went out with the bowl.

As soon as he stepped out of the door and into the hall, the gentleness in Murong Jiu’s body retreated without leaving a trace.

The cold, hostile and irritable aura overflowed, scrambling forward.

“Bring over my good Imperial Uncle.”1


The guard hurriedly ran away.

Chief Eunuch Liu followed Murong Jiu and exhaled quietly.

His Majesty had returned to normal.
It was still this kind of His Majesty that made Chief Eunuch Liu feel at ease.

His Majesty just a while ago was really unusual.


Sitting on the wide dragon throne, and holding the dragon head armrest in his hand, Murong Jiu looked at the thin Idle Prince, who was kneeling on the ground, looking at him with an angry and vicious expression on his face.

His one and only uncle.

His uncle didn’t fight for the throne with his father back then, so he became an Idle Prince.

However, he was very ambitious.

It was just that his uncle had been acting as if he had known his place over the years.
Even if he begged for the Tianshan Snow Lotus Herb to lie to his nephew to use in the first two years, it was just a trivial matter.

Murong Jiu didn’t expect it.

Hostility flashed in his eyes.

Leaning on the desk, Murong Jiu’s lazily spoke.

“Imperial Uncle, you’re really good at scheming.
You have expended a lot of effort, it should be very difficult?”

The irony implied was like the air, constantly floating into Murong Xian’s ears.
It made his eyes burst with fury.

“Murong Jiu, count it as your luck.
The winner is king and the loser is a bandit.
But don’t be proud of yourself.
Since I can’t get it, don’t think that you’ll be at peace.”

The moment Murong Xian failed, he sent out the Fengtian Kingdom’s garrison map.

The Chuliu Kingdom’s morale was booming at this time.
They would definitely attack the Fengtian Kingdom.

The twisted expression in Murong Xian’s eyes could make people feel apprehensive.

Murong Jiu frowned and leaned forward, “What did you do?”

“Hahaha, Murong Jiu, Murong Jiu, what about your preparations for every possible situation? You will still have to lose to me in the end.”

Murong Xian didn’t answer Murong Jiu’s question.
Murong Xian only said words that only he understood in a carefree way.

The crazy laugh made Murong Jiu’s mood become even more irritable.

Murong Jiu picked up the inkstone on the table and threw it at the person.

“AH.” The laughter stopped abruptly and turned into a violent scream.

Murong Xian vainly covered his forehead, scarlet blood flowed down his face.

“Murong Jiu, Murong Jiu.”

Every time Murong Xian yelled, it seemed as if he was squeezing the words out of his teeth.

“You can’t win, you can’t win.
Fengtian Kingdom will be buried for this Prince, this Pr….”

“Heh… that is really some wishful thinking.”

A clear and cold voice came from the door, interrupting the frantic screaming.

Murong Jiu, who was sitting on the dragon throne, immediately got up and stared fixedly at the person who arrived.
Displeasure flashed on Murong Jiu’s face.



So I made a mistake.
The Prince in the previous chapters was apparently the Imperial Uncle.
He still has the title ‘prince’, but he’s actually the previous emperor’s brother. 

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